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Forced proximity natural attraction Moving in with her brother isn't what free spirited Grace McKnight imagined doing at age thirty But under the circumstances it's for the best The complicating factor? Kyle Clark her brother's business partner—aka the most infuriatingly buttoned up person Grace has ever met Living with Kyle causes as much friction as Grace expected And plenty she didn't She and Kyle have in common than she thought Now instead of pressing his buttons she'd rather undo them Only getting closer to Kyle means discovering his darkest secrets and convincing him—and herself—those secrets won't tear them apart

10 thoughts on “Too Close to Resist

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    While I liked some parts of this I ran up against two things that tanked it for me The first and biggest is Kyle's self hate I dislike that as a trope to start with but Kyle took it way beyond reason I don't find that attractive and don't understand the appeal It's one thing to be broken and need help or repair or trust or whatever But this self hate thing is often simply an illusion a lie the character tells himherself in order to deny themselves good things—like a satisfying romantic relationship When it is backed by so little support or truth it just feels like author manipulation to draw the story out and keep the couple apart longerThe second was less intrusive but related Grace has a smaller version of the same thing going on in that she magnifies her insecurities even as she downplays them so she doesn't have to seek help She's one step away from a complete basket case and I can't decide if she's overplaying it by exaggerating to herself or if she's underplaying it to avoid dealing with it The author seems to want it both ways so that Grace can be compellingly weak whatever the situation is I also don't find that attractive which is a shame because Grace is otherwise the kind of character I could really fall forAdd a plot that telegraphed coming conflicts with subtitles and a megaphone and you have a story I was mildly interested in being drowned out by things I can't stand Which is a shame because I can't help feeling like I'd have liked Grace if I could stand to be around that story while getting to know her

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    Grace is the victim of an abuser and moves in with her brother to get away from her parents' hovering Her brother's business partner Kyle Clark with an eually terrifying past is not the kind of person she should be attracted to He's way too controlled and she wears her hair in multiple colors clearly way out there than he is comfortable with But each is intrigued with the otherThe problem is well for both of them their pasts continue to interfere with what should have been a fun relationship growing with each page I was frustrated with the seemingly endless references to their back stories and the nasty people who inhabited their dreams their fears and then who showed up Had the story been shorter I would have liked it

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    Awww this one was so sweet I always love a tightly wound hero paired with a free spirit heroineI also really enjoy Ms Helm's voice There's a sneaky humor you can't always see coming

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    Good story about 2 broken people who find there way to each other

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    I loved Grace and Kyle's story Two doing people trying to find their way after tragedies

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    I absolutely loved this book It was my first by Nicole Helm but it certainly won't be my last Grace is an artist She dresses and acts the part right down to the colorful streaks in her hair My son's an artist so boy did I relate She moves in with her brother as a safety measure from a violent man in her past that was just released from jail Her brother's business partner Kyle also lives in the house He's a very uptight straight laced guy who obviously disapproves of Grace They do have one thing in common though violent pasts Suddenly they find themselves attracted to each other Kyle however knows that there is also violence in him and it may repulse Grace Can they each overcome their violent histories in order to be together?Looking forward to the seuel to this Very Very much

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    Grace and Kyle were so appealing and real I loved each of them apart but together they were amazing Their relationship was engaging emotional and heartwarming after the darkness of their pasts I was turning pages like crazy completely compelled to root for their happiness This isn't a romantic suspense but it had some suspenseful elements that were very well writtenI actually bought this book in paperback because I loved the cover By the time I came to the end I realized the story inside lived up to the cover in every way

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    It's just me or the book really bores me to death It keeps telling about the past life of the heroin and the hero on and on again you can find the same old stories almost on each chapter There's no deep conversations even when both of them talk heart to heart because all the topics are the same Let me repeat THE SAME

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    This is a well written story with a uniue plot The addition of Grace’s budding career as an artist makes her an engaging character and Kyle overcoming his own fears by returning to the town he hates makes him appealing as well RT Book Reviews 4 stars

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    The heroine was very childish