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When a priceless Rembrandt disappears and a Remington sculpture is used as a deadly weapon Ginevera Prettifield the assistant director of Santa Fe's Waldheimer Museum wants some answers But a self respecting part Sioux feminist with a crush on her boss can't just sit there and ask uestions And before she knows it Gin has painted herself into a corner with a killer

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    For a New Mexican this was a lot of fun to read I knew all those places and it was comfortable to be there So for those who are not very familiar with Santa Fe or even New Mexico this should be a great experience The mystery is well set up and told and difficult to figure out before it ends So many suspects and what of the murder? Was it to cover up the theft? Did a conversation overheard by chance yield a clue to the murder or murders and the theft? It gets hard to keep track of everyone and everything that goes on adding mystery to mystery but that's a lot like real life Not everything is connected to the major event but many things are and it's the sorting out that makes this amateur sleuth stand out And then there are the reasons why she is so compelled to get to the bottom of these crimes

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    I didn't enjoy this I found it too silly