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Gin Prettifield who is part Indian knows northern New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo Mountains But she's never had to deal with an enraged bear or with the mangled body of a dying manBut when she leads a forest ranger to the scene they come upon a mystery in this land of enchanted mesas and mountainsCan the dead walk? Is a murder by an act of magic daring Gin to unearth a crime?Only the Indians who have witnessed many curious comings and goings on their ancient earth understand the gathering confrontation between good and evil terror and love a confrontation that can only end in the chill finality of death

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    This book is perfect to read while your plane is taxing up the runway and you can't use your ipod Distracting enough to let the person next to you know you don't want to engage in chit chat but easy enough to put down so that you can listen to Wolfmother once you're airborne