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The largest most comprehensive and most entertaining reference of its kind The Dictionary of Clichés features than four thousand uniue clichés and common expressions Author Christine Ammer explores the phrases and terms that enliven our language and uncovers expressions that have long been considered dead With each entry she includes a thorough definition origin of the term and an insightful exampleSome of the clichés brought into the limelight include• Blood is thicker than water• Monkey see monkey do• Brass tacks• Burn the midnight oil• Change of heart• Moral fiber• By the bookWhether clichés get under your skin or make you happy as a clam The Dictionary of Clichés goes the extra mile to provide an essential resource for students teachers writers and anyone with a keen interest in language And that’s food for thought

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    Believe it or not another potential source for etegami greetings Plays on words are popular with etegamists I purchased three books for my reference collection this one a book of proverbs and a book of idioms Besides being fun to look through it gives me a chance to compare how they are put together I already have a gripe with this one The Dictionary of Cliches because its indexing leaves something to be desired The words and phrases are alphabetically arranged by the first significant word Every once in a while the author throws in a cross reference but not many The back of the book index is also arranged alphabetically by the first significant word in effect just a list of the entries in the order they appear in the book Not helpful What would have been helpful is a keyword index For example the phrase 'eat crow' appears in the 'E' section of the book and in the index but there's no cross reference or index entry for 'crow' The entries have historical notes which helps