MOBI The Enchanted Candle: Crafting and Casting Magickal Light: ↠ ↠

In The Enchanted Candle practitioner's will learn the significance of candle types and which ones to choose for yourself where to find altar tools and how to create the right sacred workspace Included are practical color guidelines; detailed information on magickal oils their descriptions and uses; explanations of the best astrological times to perform a particular spell and an explanation of why candle magic works The 50 seals to safely inscribe accompanied with a description the right color candle to use the right God or Goddess to petition for aide and the appropriate anointing oil The Enchanted Candle also includes New formulas The oils section includes anointments for each magickal candle so your appeals to the Gods will be heard A list of resources supply shops and a glossary of terms Includes a foreword by Lexa Rosean author of St Martin's Supermarket Goddess Series For the last twenty years Wicca has been the fastest growing religion in North America with 3 to 5 million followers

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    I really like the seals Lady Rhea created for this book This book makes candle magic easy and fun to do I never thought of using glitter or herbs to put the seal right on the candle Makes the candles look really prettyThe first half of the book is the basics like colors oils carving explanation of how fire transform and releases the physical to the astral which is where we manifest from It unites the physical with the mental thoughts and ideas The second half of the book is full of spells for all sorts of various things

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    Great resource book to have in your magickal collection If you are curious about candle magick learning the basics like colours and such to the advanced applications with sigils etc then this book is right up your alley Definitely a worthy read if candle magick lights your fancy