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The complete collection of The Bounty Hunter series one The Bounty Hunter stories follow Burke a veteran of the lost war for Earth and Cass an AI that embodies a suit of power armor and a starshipThis collection includes all five novellas of the first series and two bonus storiesRevenge The first in the series Burke is betrayed by his partner Adam and is left for dead on a remote world He struggles to survive while relying on Cass an AI that came with his recently purchased power armorRedemption Set roughly one year after the events of Revenge Cass is helping Burke rebuild his old life This story deals with many of the details on bounty hunting and how the human civilization operates in spaceVampire Burke and Cass are given a difficult contract to hunt down one of the most elusive breeds of alien in the galaxy Dubbed vampires for their shapeshifting capabilities the aliens are surrounded by many false truths and conspiracy theoriesInto The Swarm Set directly after the events of Vampire Cass and Burke are given the job of returning to the abandoned and infested planet Earth to retrieve a vital piece of hardwareReckoning The series finale sees Burke and Cass in a seemingly favorable position they have saved up enough money for an advanced new starship and are awaiting its delivery Unknown to them someone Burke wronged in the past has tracked him down to exact some vengeance of their ownTwo extra stories are also included in this collectionMarines Against the Swarm A short story based in the same universe as the Bounty Hunter series Jack is a marine fighting a losing battle on Earth's surface during the heart of the alien invasionThe Monster Slayer Origins The first novella in a new fantasy series by Joseph Anderson

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    The short stories did a good job of slowly building a narrative around the central character The earlier stories were choppy but they got a lot better at the end