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What happens when your whole family is scarier than any nightmare and you have no desire to be anything like them? Do you stay and go along with the family plans or do you rebel and have them possibly turn their viciousness on you?Jennifer Johnston experiences first hand why whispers are spoken in the dark about her species’ being evil when she was just a century old What should have been another family dinner spent arguing over why she didn’t want to keep the bloodlines “pure” by being married off to her older brother turned into a nightmare and left her with than tortured memoriesJackson Dawls and Taylor Durham had been pack mates best friends and the other’s mate for as long as they could remember They were a deadly species all their own but even they feared the Mystics and their overly cruel and barbaric ways but unforeseen circumstances bring them face to face with not one but a few Will there lives be in danger or is something great and unexpected awaiting them?They also have to stay under the radar of the human society that is set out to destroy those they believe to be “Tarnished” and a danger to mankind When the three meet long ago secrets are brought to the light Secrets no one but Jennifer knew Not only do they have to learn to get along with each other because they are fated someone is also stalking Jennifer and preforming sinister acts without her being any the wiser Jennifer must seek guidance from old acuaintances and form alliances with those she never thought she would She is met with riddles and startling revelations that she never would have imagined possibleWill they accept their fates and work together or will old fears destroy their lives? Will Jennifer be able to reclaim what was taken from her right from under her nose?

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    Years ago when my husband and I were young and had time for such things we used to enjoy something called Good WineBad Movie night It was exactly as the name implies We would take turns picking out a good bottle of wine and a bad movie The idea being the better the wine was the worse the movie could be We had a lot of fun on such nights You couldn't take the drack we were watching seriously serious B grade sci fi was a favourite but when paired with high uality alcohol you would have been laughing at it too It was funIf Dark Indiscretions was a movie it would have been a prime contender to pair with an excellent Côtes de Bordeaux It's bad I mean really bad The only reason I'm not giving this a one star is because it's so bad it trips over into the 'so super bad it's funny' category and since I'm the sort who enjoys staying awake to watch the cheesy late night fantasy fair I actually got a kick out of thisI cringed at the writing The dialogue just about killed me The plotting was a disaster The editing was MIA The character development was nonexistent The sex was brutally blunt brusue even The POVs and tenses were erratic at best But it was like a train wreck I just couldn't look away from Not once did I consider putting it down and not finishing it I was too busy being amused at it's horridnessI highlighted a number of examples that I had intended to include here but I think at this point it might just seem cruel Instead I'll link to my highlights I hope that even works And despite my assertion that the book is a rolling disaster I'd still recommend it to people like me who enjoy a good cheese fest on occasion maybe a little WTFery thrown in on the side This is the book for you

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    Fun and Fast Paced Urban FantasyParanormal RomanceDark Indiscretions is a fun read containing a fresh take on the world of supernatural beings Although it contains some dark themes it is also full of humour feisty females alpha males and characters whom the reader grows to love despite their many flaws Due to the inclusion of some hot love making including mm scenes the book is an adult readIn Dark Indiscretions supernatural beings co exist with human kind Jennifer Johnston the heroine is a Mystic a Vampyra Shapeshifting Witch Jennifer is not typical of her race who take pleasure in sadistic behaviour and who are regarded as evil by other supernatural beings Instead she has a conscience and does her utmost to resist the pull of the evil that nevertheless resides within her Despite this she is capable of great evil if the need arisesJennifer’s battle to go against the wishes of her family and not engage in an incestuous relationship sets the scene for the events in this novel Even when she believes that she has escaped the evil that is her family she finds herself being stalked unrelentlessly by an unknown enemy This happens at the same time that she discovers that instead of one fated mate she is ‘blessed’ with two who happen to be Dylias werewolves Not only that but her mates Jackson and Taylor have themselves been mated for a long time and are deeply committed to each other Who is staking Jennifer and how can she escape from her past which still haunts her? Also will Jackson and Taylor find room for Jennifer and how will they cope with being mated to a Mystic a race they despise?There is much violence danger and suspense in the novel as Jennifer discovers the identity of her stalker and with the aid of Jackson Taylor and others seek to destroy him before he destroys someone very dear to her However he is not going down without a fight Jennifer and her mates must seek the help of others to succeed and we are introduced to a number of other characters as the tale plays out There is also plenty of snarky humour and a number of smoking hot lovemaking scenes notably between Jackson and Taylor which I lovedI enjoyed the character of Jennifer the heroine Although strong she does struggle with the potential for evil that resides within her and also experiences trauma from past events Krista the other Mystic we are introduced to his novel finds it far difficult to curb her race’s natural instincts and it will be interesting to see how the author takes her story forward It is Jackson and Taylor who stole the show for me however as they are just so yummy I enjoyed their reaction when they found out that Jennifer was their mate and I hope the author will explore the dynamics of how their existing relationship accommodates Jennifer a little in the next instalmentI found Dark Indiscretions to be a promising start to a new series I liked how the author had taken the vampire myth and put her own spin on it and I am looking forward to reading Monsters Unleashed the forthcoming novel I recommend this series to readers of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal RomanceA copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review

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    Dark Indiscretions by Shakuita Johnson is a must read for all lovers of Paranormal Romance with a healthy dose of erotica thrown in for good measure It is also a different twist on the world of supernatural creatures Although uite dark and bloodthirsty there are plenty of humorous scenes to lighten the load with feisty females horny alpha males and various characters whom this reader enjoyed despite their many flaws The heroine is a Mystic a vampire and shape shifting witch all rolled into one sex package But Jennifer is not your typical everyday Mystic who enjoy inflicting pain she has a conscience and strives to resist the irresistible pull to her dark side Sometimes she fails This is a must read for PNR lovers with a thrilling pace full of juicy gory action and juicy sex tooFIVE STARS for this paranormal romance and highly recommended

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    Ok so truth be told I wasn't sure of this one at first It was a little confusing at the beginning You definitely have to be open to anything Once the story really started to pick up and everyone met the others it was really a great story It was different in a good way Can't wait for the second one

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    Book – Dark Indiscretions #1Author – Shakuita JohnsonStar rating – ★★★★☆Plot – good uniueCharacters – good variety could use explorationMovie Potential – ★★★★☆ – a lot of swearing and sexEase of reading – very easy to readCover – ✔Suitable Title – ✔Would I read it again – ✔ I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK BY THE AUTHOR IN RETURN FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Let me start by saying that I really enjoyed this book The concept of Mystics and all the other ‘creatures’ is a really interesting concept I like that instead of using ‘werewolf’ ‘witches’ and other common terms the author has decided to branch out a create new formulae for these creatures giving them new histories powers personalities and names I think it shows the author has taken a lot of time and spent a lot of time on research putting this new ‘world’ togetherThere are however a few things that you should be aware of One there should be a huge WARNING tag on this because there is a truck load of swearing and explicit sex The F bomb drops about every sentence so if you’re sensitive to that be warnedThe story is clever and intriguing; it’s rather simply done but it is easy to follow and kept my attention right the way from start to finish I read this book in two nights; half one night and half the nextJenny our MC is a Mystic which is sort of like a witch but with interesting background Mystics are known as brutal and violent and Jenny has her own dark past that no one truly understands Throughout the story we are fed little snippets of her past when it is relevant to the story which really works for me We’re introduced to her daughter Krista who has her own secrets The basic plot is that Jenny must confront her past which leads Krista and Jenny to the two men that are their mates Krista has two mates as does Jenny but the difficulty is in the fact that Jenny’s two mates are already mated to each other so the transition isn’t exactly smoothI do have a few small issues however The story starts a little jumpy We’re introduced to Jack and Tay first and they’re in a club one minute and then the next they’re suddenly at home in their bedroom bathroom It’s slightly confusing because we have no hint that they’ve even gone anywhere One minute they’re giving each other ‘the look’ that says they want sex and then the next they’re already in the middle of it and there’s talk of a bathroom At first I thought of the club bathroom but it just didn’t read right and then later it shows them going straight to bed so it takes a little attention than another story to figure out where everyone is and what they are really doingAlso there is a mention of 14 people fitting into a vehicle late on in the story However by my count there are 16 Jenny Jack Tay Nathan Taz Kain the twins Nathan’s mum and dad his two brothers one sister Billy Bain and BrianThere’s also a plot gap that makes me wonder We’re told that Jennifer can teleport just pages after she wakes up to discover herself surrounded by a crime scene She panics at the crime scene about how to get out of the house without causing a scene from the blood on her She also admits earlier that she’s cleaned up many crimes by her daughter Why when she finds herself in this situation doesn’t she clean up her own mess and teleport back home? It would be a simple solution but it also wouldn’t involve calling her daughter and getting her and her mates involved which wouldn’t lead to Jennifer discovering her mates too It seems a bit of a plot gap because it would make sense to use the teleporting or admit that she’s so stressed out she can barely function so that would make teleporting dangeroussomething she doesn’t think aboutOne last thing was that there are ‘word meanings’ at the end of the story I think it would have been better to have this at the beginning so that when the new strange words entered the story we would better understand what they meant Sometimes the explanation of what they are is a little later than we need it to be and not as explicit as it could beOverall I really liked the book and the characters I look forward to reading Book 2 soon and seeing how the story and the characters progress

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    This is a story about creatures where not a single one of them is good They are bad and worse Mystic's are the worse and Jenny is a Mystic But she is not like the rest of the mystics because she doesn't want to be evil Her daughter is closer to the natural mystic but Jenny worked hard to show her daughter that evil is a choice But Jenny is being stocked by something sinister and yet all Jenny wants to do is find her soul mate only to find out she has two And there a creature that is not Mystic but what will she do when her daughters life's at stake May Contain SPOILERSI was given this book for my opinion First I was impressed with the originality of the plot and story line That being said I was very disappointed An original story at least of what I have read could have been developed much further I was intrigued with the mate thing including homosexuality Wish I had some warning there was going to be some 3 somes in this book but otherwise I don't care What is sad is that I think the sex scenes were thorough then the rest of the book and the sex scenes had the right amount of detail This story was highly under done I felt like I was reading the 2nd or 3rd draft of the story not the finished draft There were grammatical mistakes like Here should have been Her I know it is difficult to self publish but it seems like someone should have read over it And there where not enough details of the surroundings and going on's of the story I feel like only the head of the story was made and not the rest of the body And the transitions were terrible They were way to rough Rough may be a style but this was written like a thought process which you can't do if your jumping character to character I think there is nothing wrong from seeing from multiple characters views but it would change in the middle of the paragraph from Taylors and Jackson I get they share minds but seriously could have done better I will admit the clarity of the transitions go better towards the end The flashbacks were decent They could have used another draft but they worked I didn't have to think about what I was seeing I would have liked to learn about the creatures themselves Like bring in the Mystics special abilities and why they believe in inbreeding And explain the cat characters because I can't see there transformations And these stereotypes that were brought up? Those needed to be thickened I also don't understand the point of the humans Either lighten it so it sets up the next book or lay it down heaver making it prominent This book could have easily add a 100 pages by just developing the story I have no problem with books in simple writing because we need them but the author did not I feel fully explain how she sees the story playing out She understands it but I feel like I only looked at the skeleton of the story not the whole body I hope she does another addition of this story by delving into greater detail and applies it to her next book I'm not trying to insult I swear But I have a Bachelors in English so I know some of what I'm taking about I see a lot of potential for this story and the author And I'm highly curious about Jenny's baby and what powers it may posses

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    The author gave this book to a few people including myself for free in exchange for an honest review without spoilers Now that the full disclosure has been given off to the reviewThis book has literally NO FLUFF It is straight to the point which in turn does not allow for full character development It should be added however that you should have some background knowledge into the mythological characters ie wolves witches vampires etc but you need to know that for example werewolves have a uick temper There is a section at the end of the book that defines all of the characteristics of the characters and definitions of unfamiliar terms which was nice though I still have some difficulty understanding the main character as her background story did not seem fully developedThis book also introduces some characters that don't get fully developed I am a few chapters into the 2nd book and it does start to tie these characters in together I would have liked a better flow for things Some things were choppy jumping back and forth between characters and also centuries it is possible that my kindle did not correctly define a change of persontime and some of the grammar was off for example 1600s verbal interactions was not full of swearing like today's culture as well as slang The background story was a neat plot which I did enjoy As an avid reader of most major mythical adult series I thought some things were just thrown in for the sake of having it in the book ie swearing and sex scenes but again the plot was straight forward without twists it just keeps moving instead of stagnating with boring background There is a thin line between too much and not enough I would have definitely liked development of the characters personalities especially when they become matedI would rate this 35 stars

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    Dark Indiscretions by Shakuita Johnson Dark Indiscretions by Shakuita Johnson we meet Jenny who is a Mystic and she strives not to be like her family who would have her married off to her brother so they keep bloodlines pure No she wants nothing to do with her family One day though she snaps and kills her entire family not without causeJenny has a daughter Krista who does not yet have complete control over her powers but who is trying Krista loves her mom and looks after her One night shortly after Krista meets her Nyhiya mate she gets a call from her mother who is panicked Jenny tells Krista that she needs her to come get her because they need to clean up a mess Jenny woke up to a blood filled room The two people she went home with were slaughtered She did not remember doing it but after thinking about it for awhile she realizes someone else did it but she doesn’t know whyKrista enlists the help of her two Nyhiya one who is Alpha of a pack of wolves Tazand his Betas Jackson and Taylor to figure out who is behind it When Jenny Krista and her mates go over to Jackson and Taylor’s Jenny finds her NyhiyaEveryone has to learn to get over stereotypes and work together to find out what is going on and find the person targeting JennyDark Indiscretions by Shakuita Johnson has MM MFM scenes and is not for the faint of heart This was my first experience with MM but it did not bother me or detract from the storyline that I was readingThe story had a nice flow to it Just enough back story to connect everything together The author did a nice job with the book30 StarsI won this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaway In no way has this influenced my rating or opinion of this book

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    A copy of this book was gifted by the Author in exchange of an honest reviewThis story completely took me by surprise is not your every day paranormal read it will sit very well with urban story lovers it had so much content I really appreciate the author for writing with such fluidity and efficacy I really enjoyed the way the characters were portrayed and how the author from the very first page went straight to the point right from the start it was action packed Dark Indiscretions was an entertaining story it was a different style to your usual paranormal read in this story we see that the human race and the paranormal co excist but Jennifer our heroine a Vampyra Shapeshifting Witch is not typical of her race those of her kind are normally behaving in a sadistic way even other species regard them as dangerous but she is different from the rest of her race and she seems to be conscious of her actions and therefore is a constant battle trying to fight her instincts apart from fighting her inner desires she also has to constantly fight the wishes of her family and this sets the precedent for the events that will follow There are some sensitive subjects including rape incest strong sexual content and some mm scenes however the author in my opinion carried them out very well and they were delivered in an appropriate manner and in line with the story line As with some seuels sometimes you tend to feel the ending feels a bit rushed you can see there are so many pages left and you are not going to get some of the issues resolved so I am patiently waiting for the seuel

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    35 stars liked it I was given this book by PRATR for an honest review I enjoyed this I did but I was in two minds about the 4 fangs for a reason that I'll explain in a mo What I liked about it was the SPEED that this book moves at it gets going right from the first page and then runs and runs and you gotta run with it to keep up Set only over a few days except the bits in 1625 we meet Jennifer a Mystic Mystics have a nasty reputation but Jennifer isn't uite like the rest of them We meet Jackson and Taylor who are Dylia wolf We also meet Krista Jennifer's daughter and her mates Taz also a Dylia and Nathan a Hyjia cat shifter some MM scenes some MFM and some MMF scenes all well written but not as explicit as some I've read the plot as I said moves at speed it also contains some difficult subject matter rape incest kidnapping and torture all dealt with well but be warned this is not your usual fluffy vampireshifter romance these characters are all deadly and they make no bones about it in a review by the author she states she didn't want that and she delivers her promisewhat I didn't like about it was the SPEED at which this book moves I know I know I said I liked that but I also didn't you when someone has something to say and they just need to get it out almost all in one sentence?? well to me it seemed a little like that Rushedif you like dark characters with some meat on their bones with no airs and graces about who and importantly WHAT they are this is for you