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The twisted life of an all American football hero and the woman he stalked and murdered When Jeannie Butkowski vanished her family had no doubt about who was responsible for her disappearance Eight months later the woman's charred remains were found in a dry creek bed in rural Virginia a bullet lodged in the skull Police never even uestioned Pernell Jefferson star player for the Cleveland Browns It would take the determination of a savvy sheriff to bring him to justice Photo insert

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    Just Another Low Life AbuserThis book begins with an intriguing statement by Pernell Jefferson about anabolic steroid use and abuse and how he has come to realize what a monster steroids had made of himDon't believe a word of itI was looking forward to an indepth breakthrough personal account of how Jefferson''s abuse of these products lead him down a dark and twisting path culminating in violence and murderNope Pernell Jefferson is nothing than a vile and common domestic abuser who had than a little help from his friends star struck cops who have enough misogyny to match Jefferson and raise himTwo of Jefferson's victims called and visited police one with both her parents to no availAnd if any one out there thinks misogyny does not still exist in our police forces you've got another think comingCarrie Butkowski Jeannie Butkowski's mother put her grief to work becoming active in three separate victim groups And that's what it's going to take Because most of the time you're fighting a boy's club that think rape and beatings is merely play acting on the woman's part Funny when she winds up dead Suddenly everything changes Pernell had nothing but charm and anger But boy could be get those cops to fall in lineSadly women tooAs for his anabolic sob storyBS He was slapping women around before he ever shoved a needle into his fatty tissue The book is a uick read delivering the basic facts and giving good insight into the person Pernell If you are a lover of true crime I would recommendAs for you cops out there especially you leaders Up your damn game This read casts a despicable light on your interactions with women who have been abused with your willingness to believe your brothers especially if God forbid they are athletes and this is not just a problem in the SouthLadies If it effing hurts it is not love Join up Run for office Join the police force This doesn't stop until we stop it Because the brothers are not going to stop it for usEver

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    I'm very impressed with this authorI usually try to leave a review on books i read that really capture my interest in True Crime I must say this one was a doozy on sucking me into the story I started it around 3am this morning and just now finished it at 925on tonight I did have several hours of away timebut it kept calling me to read lol Usually I'm not a sports fan but the premise of the book was definitely what caught my interest Mr Browning has done excellent research if you would like to call it that He definitely got to the crux of the story very early in and it's so interesting to follow the investigation backwards It really isI'm looking forward to finding of his books to readTry it You might be like me and get super sucked in Fantastic read

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    Still denied being a killer in the endIf you're going to write a book about your life and tell all the horrific details about it then be a real man and admit you are a murderer You are not truly sorry if you can't give the family the truth You are a selfish narcissist manipulative lying monster I wish they would give you the needle

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    First this is a good read Second I kind of disturb by the racism in this book including the victim father And also by a stereotype that a white woman showed him correct way to speak showed him how to dress right And the whole seen when Denise called Parnell and mimicking jive talk in 1990's is completely ignorant The fact the author would even put that in a book is beyond belief

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    Interesting bookThis book details the sad story of a young woman who got involved with the wrong person and ended up paying for that decision with her life This story is truly a cautionary tale I highly recommend this book to other true crime readers

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    Amazing storyStarted reading this book and could not put it down I'm glad we have laws to stop these kinds of things now Wish we did then I agree with the mother in regards to that man stay in for life

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    Great readThis book really let you know the victims and also the murderer How a seemingly normal person could be such a monster

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    Great ReadInteresting book about a crime that took place The author did a great job keeping the reader engaged What a sad tale

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    Going in I didn't know that it was a local NC story and that someone I knew would be mentioned in the text It's a very interesting story that mixes sports true crime and sociology

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    this was a good book detailed and well written