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Howard Perkins is a divorced thirty nine year old public relations agent working in New York City As he approaches the age of forty he begins to panic over the fact that his youth is waning He concludes that his panic is not uniue as he observes his friends who are also thirty something engaging in uncharacteristic behaviors Howard calls those behaviors 'the thirty something snap' Howard is determined to not fall prey to the temptations that relentlessly make their way into his thoughts It's not easy though because his friends especially his male friends are also being tempted and continually invite Howard to join them in their indulgences What Howard truly wants is love He blames himself for losing love earlier in his life but despite his fears that he might make the same mistakes he made in the past he desperately wants a relationship An assignment at the public relations agency leads to a series of events that reconnects Howard with his old band mates In two weeks time a network of new and old friends is formed and Howard is exposed to the whims of those around him Driven by the desire to experience some unfulfilled fantasies from their youth the cast of thirty something characters find themselves in a nudist resort at a New York City peep show hitchhiking across Europe signing up for a Fantasy Rock And Roll Camp and even falling in love

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    Like some other other reviewers saidI too loved the charactersSince it takes place in New York the cast of characters reminded me of a good Woody Allen movie Helgasson is a gifted storyteller and The Thirty Something Snap deals with mid life crisis romance and comedy There are some very funny scenesThe dialogue is mature and fits the plot perfectlyThe story also has adventure to it where one can vicariously come along and enjoy the ride and postpone growing older for at least a little while

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    I LOVE the characters They are so genuine and the scenarios that Alan Helgasson wrote in The Thirty Something Snap are so very real The dialogue is a joy to read And I like that fact that it is written from the first person perspective It makes me feel like a part of the story This is such a wonderful romantic comedy It should be made into a movie I enjoyed laughing and the romantic tension is the best Plus this story spans generations and gives a great perspective on life

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    Even though I'm not thirty something any I could relate to a lot of the things the characters are going through in this book Maybe there's a fifty something snap? Anyway this was a fun read and since I'm always a sucker for the chick flicks I enjoyed the love story part of this book also