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Based on a murder case in a sleepy hollow at the bottom of the world in New Zealand the shooting of a handsome young farmer Scott Guy captivated everyone who learned about it The story is an inspirational account of how his parents coped with their son’s murder their son in laws arrest and subseuent acuittal and the traumas suffer by their family It is a gripping read that also imparts tools on dealing with the vagaries of life

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    A really interesting read as to what the family went through If you are a New Zealander then you would have had to have been living under a rock to have missed this case Well worth a read

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    This book strikes a cord with most New Zealanders as we all remember the case and the trial that followed along with the shock and horror that this family felt when one of their own was charged with the murder I loved the Mum in this book she was so heartbroken and so real in her pain and her grief she did not have the answers nor did she profess too she was devastated when her daughter went to visit her sons killer in prisona very brave lady indeed