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Now from two leading writers on all things Wicca comes a warm practical guide to choosing how to use Wicca ethically and responsibly to enhance your life Taking a far reaching and totally unbiased look at the Neo Paganist lifestyles celebrated all over the world An' Ye Harm None provides answers to uestions many Wiccans have about the issues they face every day including The morals and ethics of using magick Making sexual choices traditional or alternative that are comfortable safe and fair The perils of having money or not having it

10 thoughts on “An' Ye Harm None: Magical Morality And Modern Ethics

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    This wasn't what I was expecting I was expecting an overviewin depth study of Wiccan religious ethics and got a book that dealt primarily with environmentalism whether or not to homeschool your child and contained the usual Wicca 101 summary of Wiccan religious ethics in you guessed it the introduction There was also a section about how to explain your beliefs to non believers or some such but I didn't find it very useful Overall very disappointing for this reader

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    If you're expecting airy lectures on metaphysical truisms this is not for you The authors discuss the building blocks of a modern Pagan morality then outline various choices and options in several fields of life They don't dictate specific choices but only outline what the conseuences of some of the choices are If you're looking for some grand HPS to tell you what is Right

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    This book was not what I thought it was going to be It was filled with a lot of stuff about being green which is great but i have other books for that I thought this book would be about Magickal ethics

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    Definitely not what I was expecting also most of the advice section are only reliable for people who live in America such as health system related topics and so on so not much use to me in the specific