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Scott King swore off rock stardom after his band King Phoenix crashed and burned Now in his forties Scott lives a uiet life as a music producer and session guitarist But in a box hidden in his wardrobe lie the relics of the past he left behind—a past filled with drugs booze and broken hearts For sixteen years Scott has had no contact with his former bandmates so when he’s asked to play at a benefit gig for King Phoenix’s old sound man his world turns upside down A King Phoenix reunion means a run in with Scott’s ex Ash Walker—and sixteen years ago believing Ash wanted to leave the band Scott OD’d and almost died Since then Scott has ruthlessly suppressed his feelings As a result he's completely unprepared for the impact of seeing Ash again or for dealing with his emotions about the band’s demise He definitely didn’t expect Ash to want to start up where they left off Now Scott has to decide between his safe existence and the twenty year old love song that could cost him his sobriety—and his heart

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    4 starsReview completed September 30 2013Metal Heart starts off with a prologue which is set in 2011 Scott King 41 is a well known music producer and the former lead guitarist of King Phoenix The band split up sixteen years ago and since then Scott preferred to live a rather secluded life together with his sister and his niece in rural Berry Australia However when Scott gets a phone call from his former boyfriend and love of his life Ash Walker who is also the former lead singer of King Phoenix asking him to join their band for a benefit gig he can't decline the reuest Their former sound man 'Slapper' is dying and they want to raise money for his wife and kidsIt's hard for Scott to meet his band members again because the circumstances of their break up were dramatic Scott view spoileralmost died when he overdosed after he found out that Ash had solo plans hide spoiler

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    This was a pretty nice read even though there were some things that bothered me One of those things was the lack of communication between these men I have seen some divided reviews on this one Some were pissed at Scott others at Ash To be honest both MC's pissed me off and I think they both made some shitty mistakesOther than that this was an enjoyable read with medium steam The book starts in the present then flashes back to 16 years ago Halfway into the book it goes back to the present The first part is in Scott's pov and the second in both It didn't wow me but it sure wasn't bad either35 stars from me ;

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    Second chance romance is a favorite trope of mine but sadly there aren't enough books about it in the genre I don't know how I missed this book but I'm so glad I read itThe first half is a little slow and wordy too much stuff about the band and other details I also think that the ending was a little abrupt and an epilogue would have been great All this did not diminish my enjoyment though I was totally invested in the story and the characters and the second half gut punched me with FEELS Amazing dialogue too I'd definitely like to read from this authorRecommended

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    40 StarsWowzer That was one wild angst filled ride and I looooved it Generally I don't like romance books that deal with addiction It's like a big fat wet blanket way too heavy and uncomfortable for my liking Having said that I enjoyed this book Scott and Ash were loveable for their imperfections But honestly I was beyond hurt and disappointed in Ash for view spoilernot coming to the hospital when Scott OD'ed hide spoiler

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    45Another book I was very surprised by and man it’s awesome when that happens Metal Heart brought out all kinds of emotions in me if you follow me on twitter and Goodreads then you already know this There is something very charming about the story and refreshing about the characters that I just fell in love with Plus its rockstars and they're always all kinds of kickassThe book is broken down in two parts the 1990s and 2011 the books present time In 1990 Scott King is looking for a band to make it big with so he can uit his day job and go on to superstardom When a friend tells him about a band one man short and gives him their demo Scott knows he's found his band With the smooth sultry voice of the singer giving him feels below the belt and with a name like King Phoenix it’s like a match made in heaven When Scott finally meets the band they hit it off right away but it’s the singer Ash that has Scott in a twist Ash is sexiness personified and Scott is close to losing his shit over the sexy singer but he's got the music to get lost in and keep his crush under control Working their way to up in the music scene comes with a lot of hard work and disappointments but they knew the road to fame wouldn't be easy From the small gigs and rocking out at every clubpub they get to play at Scott's feelings for Ash intensifies but he knows that nothing will ever come of it Until he gets a glass to the face at a gig gone wrong and Ash is jumping in to take care of him and pouring out his feelings while they lie together in bed Things seem almost perfect because together they will take over the world with their music and rock onA series of ups and down and finally all their hard work is paying off Scott and Ash are in love but the relationship remains a secret regardless their happy being with each other King Phoenix is the next big thing and people are noticing Boom comes the record deal KP is finally touring and things couldn't be any better With a few good years under their belt suddenly performing for larger crowds has Scott suffering from stage fright and it’s taking a toll When friends introduce him to pick me uppers that will take his fear away Scott feels like he can fly Next he's using things to stay awake drugs to go the sleep and he is just one addicted mess His love for Ash won't save him this time and everything starts to fall in between the cracks When Scott realizes he might be losing Ash he goes on the bend and ODs and a dream for a band goes up in flamesNow it’s 2011 and Scott has tried to forget a time when he almost died and lost the man he loved than anything So when he gets a call to a reunion show for a friend who is dying to raise money for his family Scott can’t be an asshole and say no but it would mean seeing the band for the first time in 16yrs but most off all it would mean seeing Ash He decides to do it but it doesn't mean he's gonna be nice about it because while he was fighting for his life his bitch ass band upped and disappeared It's that Ash up and disappeared is what hurts the mostSo this book was made of awesome and I am just surprised by how much it I love it Though I am singing praises it did piss me the eff off First Scott really knows how to hold a grudge and though I can understand him being pissed about them not coming to see how he was doing he can’t blame them for his drug use No one held his face to a line of coke so he has no one to blame but himself I am also pissed at all the band members because the douche bag faces could have visited him or at least called to see how he was doing especially Ash They were in love and together for years and just like Scott I can't forgive him easily No matter the excuses I was all It Doesn't Matterall your stupid asses could have called in the last 16 bloody yearsMeredith doesn't shy away from writing the drug use and you get to see how intense it all was for Scott The relationship between the men was a real sweet case of young love and it’s heart breaking to watch them crash and burn But they were so young going after a dream without any form of guidance I wouldn’t have minded if this story was a bit longer because I feel a lot of things weren't explored to their full potential There is a lot of blame without any real solution so I am feeling a bit dissatisfied with how it all ended I am crossing my fingers that I get another story because I am so in love with Scott and AshShould You Read It?I am going to give this one a big YES because I cried while yelling at this book This was my first time reading Meredith Shayne and it will not be my last I loved the rockers loved all the angst and I loved ScottAsh The writing had such a wonderful flow; I could have easily read another hundred pages Metal Heart was superb

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    A bit unpolished and unnecessarily long in the first half better but a bit convoluted and unbalanced in the second But rockersmusicians are my cryptonite and the second chancelovers reunited trope is among my favourites so I still enjoyed thisAnd I'll definitely be reading by this author

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    Very good read I had the feelz Just in sore need of an epilogue

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    This was a fantastic and truly emotional read for me There were parts of this story that ripped my heart out but I still loved every second of it God Scott's spiral into drug use broke my heart And I don't even know where to begin with describing my feelings for Ash I loved him so much and my heart broke for him too especially when we finally saw things from his perspective I didn't blame him at all for what happened to Scott All I wanted to do was hug him and cry and tell him that everything would be okay Don't get me wrong this isn't as angsty as you might expect or as much as it could have been It's certainly heartbreaking in places but the love between the two main characters is never in any doubtMy only real complaint about this book is that I wish it hadn't ended so soon It didn't feel rushed or anything but I just wanted a little bit Even a two page epilogue would have been nice While it was a really sweet ending and perfect in many ways I'd have liked to see I'd have liked to see everything with these guys They deserved their happy ending so much that I was totally invested in seeing their whole story playing out

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    See this review on Hearts on Fire ’s a lot to like about this story about a record producer reuniting with his former bandmates The story is cleanly written with well drawn characters that resonates with the readerWhen I think mm rocker storyline I usually imagine a story featuring a twenty something twink with the gayliner leather pants the posturing rock star image and sexy tattoos But the blurb on this one promised something a little different as it’s about an older music producer no longer looking for rock stardomIn actuality we get a little of both storylines with present day forty something Scott receiving a phone call from his ex Ash reuesting they get together for a reunion concert Scott is very perturbed by this call and we learn why as we flashback to the 1990’s when Scott first joins the band King Phoenix as their lead guitarist Flashbacks can be an annoyance but perhaps because this one took up over 50 percent of the book this didn’t feel intrusiveWe get to see 20 year old Scott when he first joins the band and meets falls for the lead singer Ash The two of them together are sweet hot with the innocence of first love Their love story develops against the backdrop of a somewhat typical rock story complete with some of the reuisite affectations including tattoosmatching of course But these guys are wannabees at this point just playing local gigs in their home country of Australia Their big break comes when they’re asked to be the opening act for a hot European groupAs they achieve success things start going off the rails for Scott Ash and the rest of the band as they stumble into a world of drugs alcohol partyingThe author uses an interesting techniue in that the first half of the novel is told completely from Scott’s viewpoint It’s only when we get to the second half of the novel which jumps to present day that we start to realize that Scott may be an unreliable narrator and we’re finally introduced to Ash’s point of view I found this a different but effective way of getting to the truth of the storyBoth characters are not always likable or behave in the most commendable ways especially Scott in the later half of the book You wonder how he got away with his lack of introspection follow through not taking responsibility for his actions for so long Some of this behavior doesn’t seem very realistic even if it does feed the storylineBut the writer did succeed in making me care for Scott even when I wanted to wring his neck at times and for the sympathetic but still sometimes stubbornly uncommunicative Ash Guys not communicating with each other now that’s totally believable and realisticDespite having a very clear happy ending this is one story that definitely needed an epilogue There were some loose ends that were not cleared up satisfactorily including Scott’s sister’s role in the original separation We spend a lot of time with Scott Ash struggling struggling to get back together and rehashing what happened 16 years ago When they finally do the book just endsI really wanted to see closure and to see Scott Ash as this now older possibly wiser couple I don’t think we needed a seuel necessarily as frankly Scott Ash are a little exhausting but one extra chapter that tied things up better would probably have bumped this one in the ratings As it is it’s still a very good rocker story that I enjoyed uite a bitflag

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    45 STARS I absolutely loved this book though I felt like I got cheated at the end Throughout the book I felt my heart breaking for Ash and Scott and what a great relationship they let slip away so at the end I wanted a detailed HEA I wanted to see how Ash fit in the daily controled life that Scotty lives now and I really wanted the author to show us all that Scott's fears of started to use coke again were not coming true I mean wasnt the whole last third of the book about him and his fear to let Ash back into his life? For me this was to abrupt of an ending I would love for a secong book about the way they reconnect and strenghten their relationship And how about the rest of the band? Do they stay friends or not? Is Ash's musical career continuing or not? Never mind I'll stop my ranting Now on the bright sideHOLY SHIT the sex between them was so damn HOT It's hard sometimes to make the reader feel the connection and emotion that the characters are feeling during sex but the author nailed it I mean not only I felt my heart bursting with the love they felt for each other but it gave me goosebumps and all I could think was HOLY SHIT CAN SOMEONE PLEAAAAAASE PUT THE FIRE OUT I also loved how the author never sugar coated anything when it came to Scotty and his addiction to coke Yes it's bad it distroys relationships and drives away the people that mean the most to you and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it I couldn't feel frustrated with Scott like other readers said they felt at the end because the author did such a good job with allowing us to see and feel what Scott was feeling I understood how the drugs affected his perception and understanding of the events that lead to his OD and I also understood how no matter how many years later he is still affected by everything And also let's not forget that when you live for 16 years believing that you were left behind by your lover and band and feeling rejected and abandoned down to your very soul by the one person that promised to stay by you no matter whatit takes that an explanation and the knowledge that you misinterpreted things to find the strenght to put your trust in the same person again So I understood where Scott was coming from Beatiful book great characters fantastic transition between past and present