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The tools you need to think and train like a professionalJean Donaldson is one of the top dog trainers in the United States and her training academy has gained a reputation as the Harvard for dog trainers and behavioral counselors Now you can harness her highly effective dog training techniues and benefit from her expert guidance without leaving your homeIf you're like most dog owners you treat your four legged friend as a valued member of the family who enjoys the full run of the house which is why good behavior is so important Train Your Dog Like a Pro offers a trusted systematic approach to positive dog training that anyone can follow You'll get clear detailed instructions for teaching essential behaviors advanced skills and even some fun tricks Training is based only on positive reinforcement patience and persistence Donaldson is the best selling author of The Culture Clash The Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic DogsWhether you're the proud parent of a puppy an adolescent or an adult dog this book truly give you everything you need to train your dog like a pro

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    I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of Jean Donaldson The Culture Clash should be reuired reading before anyone can get a dog So nearly anything she writes is going to get five stars from meNow with that being said this really IS a good book While Culture Clash is nearly 100% theory about dog training this one is about 10% The other 90% shows how to teach specific behaviors everything from sit lie down stay retrieve roll over There's also information about solving some problems begging for food jumping on people to greet them etcI love that it starts out with To the many dog owners to whom it is simply obvious that it's not okay to hurt and frighten their dogs in order to train them You are your dogs' guardian angels

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    This is a solid manual for pet parents and amateur dog trainers Jean Donaldson provides information on how to train basic cued behaviors commonly referred to as basic manners or basic obedience by most folks The training plans are laid out for each behavior so that readers know exactly how to train these specific behaviors in their dogs Since Donaldson is so detailed specific and systematic it leaves little room for error especially since she also addresses concerns or issues that may come up during the training and how to remedy them As a pet parent who is especially interested in animal training and behavior overall I enjoyed this book Previously I had not followed Donaldson's Push Drop Stick PDS rules nor had I created a systematic training plan so even though my dog already knew uite a few of these cued behaviors I learned new information and perspectives Training behaviors utilizing the PDS rule and Donaldson's training plans of gradual steps should ensure that the dog will successfully learn these or any behaviors However I admit that I do worry that some folks especially those new to dog training or to force free dog training may be turned off by intimidated by or frustrated by Donaldson's thorough and systematic training plans and may then even turn to punishment based methods Even as a person who is passionate about force free dog training and interested in it I admit that the prospect of following Donaldson's training plans can seem like somewhat of a chore to even me and Donaldson does address issues of trainer motivation i her book along with some solutions I'm not at all saying that her training plans are wrong or ineffective or even inefficient they will train a dog to be thoroughly proficient at the cued behaviors; still I hope this book isn't a turn off to newbies or anyone The accompanying DVD though if watched should be helpful as it demonstrates the training in a group class setting and can be engaging than reading a book though of course the book itself its information and training plans are important When it comes to the training methodology my only real point of conflict would be the use of a no reward marker as described in both the book and used by Donaldson over and over in the DVD Another point Donaldson recommends taking the dog to different friends' homes for certain steps of the training and even though that will certainly be helpful in teaching a dog to generalize cued behaviors to newdifferent environments I'm just not sure how many folks would actually do that or how possible that would be for some Anyways as I mentioned I enjoyed this book overall learned somethings new and do believe that Donaldson's training plans if followed will achieve wonderful results and a dog that can exhibit basic manners and beyond in a variety of settings and situations

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    As a teacher Jean is tough and bossy so naturally I love her This book is extremely technical and breaks simple commands down into pages of steps For some this could be really helpful because it makes it difficult to screw up However for some it could get tldr real uick I don’t know that I would recommend this book to a true beginner who had not read any other dog training books before Donaldson’s Culture Clash or Patricia McConnell’s The Other End of the Leash would be great prereuisites

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    This is an amazing book The author Jean Donaldson does a superb job of outlining basic obedience and skills troubleshooting problem areas and solidifying the training so that it is solid wherever you want to go She provides step by step guidance from the most minuscule to the great but don't worry you can skip ahead if your dog is doing wellAs a teacher I greatly approve of her methods Sure I teach people but there are some things to be said about rewards and teaching that are similar to training I love the worksheets I feel very confident about being able to make my own outlines for training now too So far I used her methods to test what my dog already knew then I tried out teaching him watch We had toyed with it but nothing solid Let me just say even my husband was impressed with the results By the way I have a Shiba Inu If you know anything about the breed that is saying something ^^I am really excited about this book and I hope everyone can get their hands on it sooner rather than later Training is a slow process Dogs don't think like us but some catch on faster than others This book will help you with either

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    The book merits rather a title like Train your dog like a dumb either you are dumb or your dog is With all my respect I am dissapointed to see that world famous trainer J Donaldson's dog perception is a mechanical living machine If one day dog robots are being manafactured for general public she will be the best person for the programming of it I rather recommend the books of Patricia McConnell for dog behavior based training

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    This is a great book for dog owners enthusiastic about training and for dog trainers brushing up on their skills The included DVD helps tremendously in demonstrating techniues often difficult to explain with words I especially like Jean Donaldson's push drop stick rules her extensive use of splits and her concept of shopping for behaviors

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    very good book

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    In the canine world to ignore this author should be a crime

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    Definitely not a lay person guide too technical But if you are a trainer this is a good technical guide for you