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Based on the bestselling AMA seminar a nuts and bolts guide to the dollars and cents issues that drive your organization As a department manager the last thing you want to think about is numbers But the truth is that’s the only thing your executives and senior managers are thinking about so it’s crucial to understand key financial information like balance sheets income statements cash flow statements budgets and forecasts and annual reports With over 40000 copies sold The Essentials of Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers has long provided readers with insight into the financial fundamentals It demystifies the role accounting and finance play in a corporation demonstrates how financial decisions reflect business goals and shows how managers can connect corporate financial information directly to their own strategies and actions Now revised to reflect new accounting and financial standards the second edition includes Strategies for getting your share of the budget • New case studies and practice sessions • An explanation of Sarbanes Oxley and its relevance to nonfinancial managers • How to manage cash flow in tough times • Fraud detection tools • An expanded glossary including up to the minute business concepts and terminology • And

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    I enjoyed this book as a detailed overview of many human resource functions I found the templates to be helpful Now that I am done reading it has found a place on my desk and will be useful as reference when creating forms I also will use it when creating presentations and trainings for staff For example I liked the chapter on interviewing and appropriate and inappropriate interview uestions The advice is practical and relatively up to date It is a newer edition of the book but sometimes it did come across a little dated Technology is evolving uicklyI think it would be particularly interesting for people outside of HR to read As an HR professional I still found it interesting and informative though I recently took the SHRM exam and I thought it covered similar material to the examI would recommend this book to anyone interested in HR someone who wants a concise but comprehensive guide to HR and someone taking on new HR projects like writing an employee handbook who would like a place to start The book would also be helpful for someone running a small business who does not have traditional HR support It was a good read to start the year and review the essentials of HR

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    Thorough top level coverage of multiple topics found in Human Resources Excellent book to use as a refresher or starting point in HR studies It's exactly what it's intended to be and provides a basis or starting point for researching out the various issues and topics that come up in the typical workplace