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Love Block is the winner of the 27th Annual 3 Day Novel Contest the annual Labor Day weekend marathon in which entrants around the world spend 72 hours writing a novel from beginning to end The contest inspired by the story that Voltaire wrote his novel Candide in three days has attracted thousands of contestants over the years undaunted by the notion of creating a narrative masterpiece on their laptops or typewriters fueled by coffee adrenaline and the thought of spontaneous literary nirvana Love Block is just like the contest itself funny fast and furious Through a series of correspondences two female secret agents debate bicker and explore the issue of love specifically a search for a cure for the lovelorn perhaps to be found in a “love block” potion that will foil any and all heartbreak Whether same sex or opposite sex it’s about being human and whether to surrender to the idea of true loveMeghan Austin and Shannon Mullally met while earning their Masters of Fine Arts in writing at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago They are both 26 years old and this is their first novel Austin lives in Portland Oregon and Mullally lives in Chicago

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    While the pulp feel is to be expected it's too disjointed for a satisfying read It is funny in places