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Is it possible to overcome a lifetime of barriers and finally take a chance on love?Jamie Callahan handles her job as an investment analyst her distant relationship with her niece and her romantic liaisons with a cool head and unaffected heart Until she meets Kate Brown a woman who threatens to push aside Jamie’s protective defenses and uncover the emotions hiding underneathKate has a mask for every occasion She wears them to please her parents to move ahead in her career to fit in the right social circles She meets with Jamie because she needs funding for an Olympic caliber horse but instead she finds someone who sees beyond the image Kate projects and brings out her true desiresFrom the boardroom to the show ring in Portland Oregon Jamie and Kate routinely face uncertainty and challenge in their careers but never in romance As their growing attraction threatens to expose vulnerabilities both try to hide will they decide the stakes are too high or that love is worth the risk?

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    This book is charmingly cantankerous The author brings the charm and the two leading women most certainly add their special adaptation of cantankerousness Plus one additional young lady practically outperforms everyone and definitively corners the market by outcharming them all and oh yes outcharm is in the Oxford English Dictionary This book is simply yet uneuivocally delightfulJamie Callahan is both a talented and productive investment analyst She is also the aunt of a remarkable survivor yet a bit of an uncomfortable reminder of Jamie's younger years her sister and possibly the frailty yet indomitableness of the human form and spirit She has hired a live in nanny for her disabled niece which is a tad admirable but Jamie hardly participates or shows needed affection to Anna who would really thrive if some genuine emotion from her aunt managed to find its way to her Jamie may very well be in need of her own version of a nanny who might crack that impregnable shield returning Jamie to a world where love and honest affection for others is the norm and not the exception Jamie is a powerhouse personality within a sensuous and perfectly tailored body who might very well be able to conuer the world if that were an item on her agenda but her humanity is in need of a tune up Impressively idiosyncraticKaitlyn Brown almost always referred to as Kate is uite an exceptional horse trainer and manager of her magnificent stables She is seeking financial assistance to make a significant change that involves the acuisition of an Olympic level jumper In many ways Kate is trying to please her parents in addition to satisfying her grand ambitions by making this serious move She has earned the right to move up within her chosen career path but she still sometimes uestions herself She stunningly hides these insecurities as she boldly presents her grand plan Kate is truly passionate on all fronts including her ability to submerge possibly imagined insubstantialities She knows lives and is burdened with the dreams her parents have for her even while having embraced most of those dreams for herself Kate has earned her stripes She is also going to have a uniue impact on Jamie and Anna while giving her and her parents' dreams an honest run for the roses I genuinely adore Kate especially when she is honestly unpredictable to herself and everyone Superbly gloriousWith lovers horse racing and triumphs galore this book is a winner Enjoyably entertainingNOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    Jamie Callahan and Kate Brown meet because Kate needs a sponsor to back her in her bid for the Olympics She needs the money for a champion horse to further her career and Jamie is the banker she needs to impress Jamie is a sexual predator that holds Kate's need for money over her head making it clear that if Kate wants the money she needs to put out Kate is a very sweet and interesting character; someone I would love to know Hence the 2 star ratingSUMMARY Really pathetic character and very unlikely story in these times An easy lawsuit for sexual harassment Not sure why Ms Walsh choose that angle for her story

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    This is my fifth book that I have read by this authorFirstly – I’m surprised at myself that it took me a good long while before I caught on to the title Well maybe not surprised since I wasn’t really paying attention to the title ‘Worth the Risk’ – I was seeing it when I briefly rarely thought of the issue as ‘is the proposal by the person who wishes to pay a million plus dollars for a horsie worth the risk?’ And yes there is a connection between the two – the proposal and the book title But then there’s also the other type of risk The one I might have caught on to uicker or at least caught the connection to the title if I had been paying attention – ‘is this person worth the risk to break through the barriers that I have put up around myself?’ – and before you ask that uestion goes to both charactersAt a relatively young age Jamie Callahan was caught making out with another female by her parents Neither of whom approved of the activity And let Jamie know The step father though took the ‘punishment’ rather far Then the mother abandoned them And eventually at the age of 15 Jamie broke away with her younger sister to attempt to both protect her sister and attempt to do something approaching a better life She put herself through college got a job one that she wasis highly successful at Though she’s something of a large shark in a tiny pond because she’s staying in the Portland area instead of attempting to make it big in one of the larger financial sectors of the nation like say New York and possibly Chicago To a large extent she’s stayed a large shark because she has a kid to raise who has ‘special needs’ which is both true and misleading depending on how someone interrupts my use of that phrase Let’s be clear – her niece is in a wheel chair; Jamie is raising her because the mother is dead; Jamie somewhat blames herself for both the need for the wheel chair and the death of the child’s mother; having to grow up fast she’s not emotionally euipped to show love – neither to her sister who she raised since she was 15 and the sister was 10? nor to her niece So she has work that distracts her and many one night stands She doesn’t think she’s euipped for than that But is it worth the risk to have than just sex? More than just a one night stand? With Kate Brown?Kate Brown’s parents raised her to always be striving to go as high as she can socially To be a social climber They left their homes in Kentucky and put on airs of being than they were so that Kate could push higher by the way the mother doesn’t like the name ‘Kate’ as she thinks it’s too mundane? Something And Kate has fallen into the trap that she wants to both protect her parents reputation? Something else? and advance herself So when the opportunity came to reach higher than she currently resides in the horse jumping world she jumps at it The opportunity involves a horse a million dollar horse which will allow Kate to reach the heights of the field maybe even an Olympic medal the maybe even part might need to be stricken from the sentence Kate works hard to get the financial backing to get the horse She has a proposal in at Davison and Burke and Jamie Callahan has been assigned by DB to investigate the proposal The ‘is it worth the risk’ for Kate is two fold – is it worth the risk to break away from her parents desires and strive for her own ie she found happiness in her own situation – a barn a good horses teaching students some of whom reuire special teaching methods like those who are autistic or use wheelchairs or have MS andor is it worth the risk to see if there’s that could develop between her and Jamie Callahan?The conflict stress turmoil involved found within the story seems at a first read glance which is good enough for me I rarely do than one read to be largely in keeping with the characters and story line And yes there is conflict there is drama angst and ‘issues’ that come up Barriers that have to be breached Issues that have to be tackled Emotional growth that needs to occurI think I just wrote a teaser instead of a review Hmms MmphsWell I rather enjoyed the time spent with the horses the time spent between Kate and Jamie even when both were trying to be professional; the time they spent when they weren’t trying to be professional; the various competitions; the growth shown by Jamie in various areas The sexMarch 17 2016

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    If someone is able to read this book without seeing Jamie as a sexual predatorpower to you I guess I found this story to be disturbing and unsettling It's not romantic it's downright creepy Far better lesfic out there

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    The main character Jamie is a narcissistic control freak who has no than fleeting concernwhich only serves to make her disturbing because of this confirmation that she knows better for her actions as she repeatedly gropes fondles and generally disrespects her prey with unsolicited sexual advances that seem only to be returned because the author suddenly remembers this is a romance novel The character of Jamie is deeply flawed and actually would be rather interesting inhabiting a less limiting novel or maybe even dark erotica As it is there is no way this chick is going to get over her issues just because she gets a few butterflies in her stomach over a pretty blonde with a sexy southern drawl This is the second novel I've read by Karis Walsh and she seems to make characters too complex and interesting to sueeze into the romance genre

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    Classic Karis Walsh and I love that Horses hot chicks a little drama and a happy ending What could one want in a lesbian romance?

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    It wasn't too technical so I wasn't so bothered with the horses talk

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    i thoroughly enjoyed the book the level of angst was high which i seek the most both characters were imperfect which made it real i love that it had kid too however conversation with anna would have been 5 star for me there must be a small one shot regarding their future life i wish

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    Jamie Callahan is a workaholic and a player She is obsessively good at her jobs an investment analyst but the rest of her life is closed down A difficult childhood loss responsibility and pain have all closed her off until she barely registers any form of emotional contact Women are there to be used her work is her life It is how she maintains her façade while writhing with guilt on the insideKate appears to be cool calm and collected yet approachable and endearing It is all a show however just as much as her dressage outfit or her horses plaited mane She has come up from the servants uarters with parents determined to make her into an Olympic show jumper Chameleon like she has a face an outfit a manner and a character for every occasionWhen Jamie takes on the side project of assessing Kates’ bid for investment funding they are brought together like oil and water opposing magnetic poles Between their fears their fighting and their flirting will they stay safe in their closed off worlds or risk everything for happiness? The setting of this novel is exuisite based on Karis Walsh’s own background in horsemanship and knowledge of showjumping It provides a wonderful plot to the story a great backdrop to the characters and an interesting insight for those of us who don’t know that worldJamie and Kate are intriguing characters Well rounded and layered their backgrounds are unusual and their self protective behaviors are both frustrating and amusing to watch They are both vulnerable and yet strong independent and powerful in their own way The romantic plot revolves around their mutual attraction and yet their public personas freuently repulse each otherI loved how Ms Walsh demonstrated and developed the relationship between Jamie and her niece Kate and the riding group and how that thread of caring is the core that shows these women their real personalitiesAnother great book by Karis Walsh Well written well paced amusing and warming Definitely a hit for me

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    I've really enjoyed Karis Walsh's stories and in comparison to the other stories by her that I've read this wasn't uite at the same level of enjoyment It still had some great lines and the interactions between Jaime Callahan and Kate Brown at times made me laugh but overall I think the set up of their regular world relationship was a little dicey when starting a romance Overall I enjoyed the story and will look forward to reading Karis Walsh in the future