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I am surrounded by people but I’ve never felt so alone Every minute every hour that Tony is being used by Zack is torture to me Can they not see that I die a little each day that we’re apart? Willow Mosby Surviving ELE In the aftermath of Project ELE Willow's life has become a series of one traumatic moment after another It spins around her in a cyclone of fury ripping and ravaging her heart She can't help but wonder will the pain and heartache ever end? Willow Mosby is not one to sit back and accept defeat When Zack turns Tony against her she decides that it's time to stop Zack once and for all With the help of her friends and the occupants of Camp Cheley she begins methodically hunting down the man who has caused her so much torment What she doesn't realize is that she may not be the hunter she might just be the prey Willow's time is running out and the man she loves is coming after her with a vengeance that can't be satisfied Will Willow be able to save Tony? Or will she be forced to take down the man she loves? With than 700 five star ratings on Goodreads The ELE Series is a now complete Young Adult Science Fiction Romance series that will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins The Gender Game by Bella Forrest Red ueen by Victory Aveyard and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

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    Surviving ELE is the fourth installment in the dystopian style young adult series that follows Willow Mosby a 16 year old girl having to cope with unimaginable circumstances that are developing around her at the same time as her remarkable powers are evolvingSurviving ELE continues from where we were left during the epilogue in Finding ELE with a story that yet again I read start to finish without a pause The choices that Willow has to face are almost unbearable to read and the roller coaster ride of emotions that I have come to expect from these books was at the forefront than everJust when I think I have figured out what is going to happen another curve ball is thrown in the way keeping you page turning until the very end At one point I thought they were actually wrapping the series up and to be honest I wasn't sure if I was relieved that Willow might finally be catching a well deserved break or upset that there wouldn't be a fifth book to look forward to Well I needn't have worried because just like with the previous three I am now sitting here with unanswered uestionsWhilst dystopian style stories are nothing new these books continue to have a fresh take on things but then they throw in something like the white eye power which reminds me of historical stories of seers and no that isn't a spoiler white is not the power of prophecy BrilliantVV

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    Eeeep This book was fantastic So many things happen so many issues are resolved uestions were answered All around wonderful and fun I will not go into too much detail with this book because I want you to read it I'm not CliffsNotesThere is uite a few places that caused my heart to beat out of my chest There was a few scenes that seriously made my belly tingle There was one scene in particular that had me screaming at the book cheering Willow on and saying FINALLYAnd for my one spoiler like I always try to do for my readersThis is NOT the last book As of right now I say that because Rebecca and Courtney are notorious for changing their minds P there will be one book This is your spoiler because as I got about 80% through the book my heart started getting sad It seemed as though we were wrapping up the story while there were some uestions arising that couldn't just be left unanswered Looking back I should have seen that they were opening up the story again to be able to give us but I was so hung up on what had just happened that my brain seriously couldn't function properly And once I was finished I just sat there mouth hanging open and scratching my head in total shock and awe

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    I was given this book by the author for an honest reviewFourth book in the series they just keep getting better better Willow's back Zac has taken Toni from her She must face him but she's not on her own her friends refuse to let her go it alone Willow must get Toni back then just when you think all is well she must save her friends family This book is thrilling action packed funny in places in other places had me in tears But such an exciting read Best end of the world series I've read LOVED IT

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    Surviving ELE spurred my insomniaI’ve been waiting for this book for what felt like forever I’ve been so anxious to find out what would become of Tony This was another great installment in the series and I am very curious to see where they take the series from here The ending made it than clear that this is not the end of Willow and her friends There were a few formatting issue in my copy but they weren’t even distracting enough to catch my eye most the time I only mention it because I’m sure others will rate according to this minor issue However my review will be purely on the story I’m tired of reading reviews that don’t so much rate the book but the grammar formatting and spelling issuesThis installment gave exactly what I wanted It wrapped up everything I felt it should and opened up a whole new direction for the next book My stomach dropped from time to time as I wondered what these two authors were going to do to my favorite character Tony and truly I was not expecting what they came up with I will say no but I would gush if not for my fear of spoiling the genius they came up withThey addressed a major nagging uestion in my mind why did they not return to the shelter after everyone cleared out and see what was happening with this—in my mind—perfect place to loot I was sure there would be some good stuff there lolI was happy to see that through all this drama and unfairness in Willow’s life she showed moments of simply being a sixteen year old girl ie the WillowAlec relationshipNow Spoiler alert I smiled when Zack finally got what he deserved in a purely evil and fantastic wayI’m a little surprised to say that while normally I’m a crier I didn’t shed a tear at this book Though I did feel my heart sueeze on than one occasionpoor little SabbyThis whole series has been fantastic once I picked up PROJECT ELE I was hooked and I’m still in Rebecca and Courtney’s snare I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book

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    At the end of book 3 Exposing ELE Willow was running in fear from someone she thought she knew someone she trusted with her lifeAt the start of book 4 she is still running not only from one but two people One of them is Zack who has taken over from his father in trying to gain insight into why Willow has the powers she has and is trying to have those powers for himselfIn this book Willow has to deal with a lot of emotions loss fear and anger among them She is captured on than one occasion by Zack Can she escape his clutches every time or is she destined to become his lab rat after all?Willow also acuires new powers due to her ability to reap someone else's powers However she has never gone as far as the reapers themselves as she still has control of her humanity She has to rein in her anger at times as she feels herself start to go out of control Does this mean she will eventually turn into a reaper as she has feared for some time? Or is there something different in Willow that the reapers are lacking?This book allows the reader to see the depth of the love Willow's friends have for her They would go to the ends of the earth for her and during this book she realises that she is not alone she does have her friends behind her And these friends are most definitely needed now The ending is such a lovely ending After everything she has been through it's nice to see Willow finally getting a little bit of happiness But obviously this won't last for longI have so much respect for the authors of this series They have written all of them consistently well with enough action and teenage angst to appeal to all ages Roll on number 5

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    Surviving ELE is the fourth book in the ELE Series which centres around 16 year old Willow Mosby Since we first met Willow in Project ELE she has grown so much than she thought she would At every turn she has faced new hardships heart ache and despair But she doesn't let that keep her down for long When we left her in Finding ELE she was running for her life from the man she was falling in love with a man who was being controlled by Zack True to form Willow fights back and refuses to give up on the man she loves and vows to get him backGober and Nuckles have once again delivered in the series that never fails to amaze me Just when you think you know where the story is going they blind side you with something completely different At one point whilst reading I had this awful thought that this would be the last book in the series and it certainly looked that way for a bit but I am pleased to report there will be to comeOnce I picked this book up I literally couldn't put it down and devoured it in one sitting Now I have the agonizing wait until the next in the series is released but as I have found out the wait is definitely worth it If you haven't started this series yet then you should

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    Best one so far You get history on Project Ele as well as glimpse the broader spectrum this story encompasses There is plenty of action and I was glad to see how Willow handled certain situations At times you forget she's just a 16 year old girl then her reactions and thoughts remind you of her age and fallibility Luckily she is a great heroine who grows with each difficulty and hardship she is faced with Oh and I love Tony My heart broke I don't know how many times but its worth it in the end Great read and love the series

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    The excitement you feel reading this book may lead to a heart attack no not literally Eeeep This book was fantastic So many things happen so many issues are resolved uestions were answered All around wonderful and fun There are uite a few places that caused my heart to beat out of my chest There were a few scenes that seriously made my belly tingle Reading this whole book I wanted to kick Zack he is such an well you get what I am trying to say right?

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    I liked this series Fun different and kept me entertained

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    Enjoyed this book As usual we are left hanging waiting for the next installment 3