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BETTING A man's true colors will surface uicker in a five dollar Nassau than in any other form of peacetime diversion I can name Grantland Rice EUIPMENT That little white ball won't move until you hit it and there's nothing you can do after it has gone Babe Zaharias GOLFING PEOPLE Jim Furyk Instead of taking the club away like a normal human being Furyk throws it out away from him like a cowboy initiating a rope trick If the ball were a small animal trying to escape slaughter it wouldn't have a chance John Paul Newport Golf Digest Arnold Palmer The Palmer Salad at the Bay Hill Club costs 395 which is 45 cents than the Caesar Salad It figures Caesar might have looked good on a chariot but he never mounted a charge like Arnie Brian Viner London Mail on Sunday GOLF COURSES Augusta National is like playing a Salvador Dali landscape I expected a clock to fallout of the trees and hit me in the face David Feherty READING MATTER The smaller the ball used in the sport the better the book There are superb books about golf very good books about baseball not very many good books about basketball and no good books on beach balls George Plimpton

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