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Acclaimed author Jason Aaron Astonishing Spider Man and Wolverine Wolverine Weapon X and superstar artist Renato Guedes Action Comics Adventures of Superman launch an all new Wolverine series as Wolverine goes to hell literallySomeone's out to destroy Wolverine permanently and they may have succeeded But if Wolverine's soul is in hell how is his body terrorizing those closest to him?Collecting Wolverine 1 5

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    Wolverine is trapped in some satanic ritual and his soul is sent to Hell while his body becomes possessed by demons and sets out to kill everyone he loves Meanwhile his soul battles everyone he’s ever killed while he tries to escape and get back to Earth to stop the carnage The religious storylines that Marvel put some of their best characters through are in my opinion some of the worst books they put out It’s why I was turned off of Ghost Rider when his storyline became all about Hell and damnation or when Punisher got mixed in with angels in the late 90s or in this instance when Wolverine gets sent to Hell It’s strangely dull Logan is in Hell for the entire book and so he’s constantly fighting throughout the book which gets tiresome after a while Sure he fights Satan in the end but it’s just another fight and after so many fights you think meh As for possessed Wolverine we’ve all seen that before a few times so again it’s another feeling of blasé reading this book It’s not a terrible book as the writing’s not bad the story is ok and the artwork is terrific but it’s kind of a weak storyline to have Logan possessed again and fighting demons – it’s just not enough to have surface texture you need depth to make a great comic book It’s also probably not the best book for new comics readers to start with as there are a few uestions reading through it that aren’t answered for example who the Red Right Hand are or some of the obscure characters like Puck and Son of Satan It’s not a bad book though not a must read – for fans of Logan only

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    This was a trippy one Wolverine wakes up in Hell but there's no explanation for how he ended up there at least not at the beginning You find out dribs and drabs of information as the story goes along but plenty of disturbing scenes in the process I can't decide what was disturbing Wolverine in Hell or the fact that he was doing his darnedest to send his friends and loved ones there along with him and not getting why A little bit confusing of a read to me And just the subject matter was kind of odd I'm not used to Wolverine being in a metaphysical context especially with sorcery and demonic possession as a factor It was interesting that's for sure

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    On the plus side you can bust through this in fifteen minutesOn the minus side that’s because there’s nothing worth savoring Wolverine goes to Hell meets the Devil not any version previously existing in Marvel Sabretooth and at least one other startling character Mystiue turns good Colossus gets gutted Silver Samurai is murdered and the Ghost Riders make surprising appearances For all the outlandish and shocking material nothing feels important It has no weight His body is possessed by a demon Which demon? They don’t care he’s just a jerk Nobody cares about the victims at the end of the story and the antagonists go down easily Wolverine essentially beats the Devil in a fistfight As a horrible fanboy of Wolverine’s even I couldn’t buy into thatThere are multiple “Hell” word plays of the “Where the hell is Logan?”“Exactly” variety There is a revelation that all this possession started because Wolverine was tricked into walking into the wrong room which leaves me wondering why superheroes aren’t getting spiritually ganked left and right Eventually we meet the Soulcutter the newest sword that can hurt you even if you have a healing factor It looks like a fallen tree Once you introduce redundant magical cutlery it’s time to rein the story inNext time let’s have Wolverine Goes to the Old Folks Home He can meet old enemies and learn to use his claws to knit

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    Good So this is the first volume from the Jason Aaron Wolverine run and i got say i'm impressed So the story is basically Wolverine's soul has been dragged to hell while on earth a demon has possessed Wolverine's body and is causing chaos and destruction The story was great and the art was great overall a great read

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    Can't say I'm a fan because I was skimming at the end Much like situation comedies this is a situational comic Wolverine goes tohell yeah that'll look cool And it does the artwork is incredible Renato Guedes makes hell and it's platitudinous demons come alive But the content was rather shallow and I was kind of bored There's a super thin veneer of blatant moral allegory and because Logan is a tragic character he has to suffer and go to hell but he's mostly just brawling with demons

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    I am a fan of Jason Aaron's writing but the dialogue in hell was atrociously overwrought I can't tell you how many times I rolled my eyes This was saved from an extremely rare one star review by the Scorched Earth short stories at the end which weren't fantastic but at least readable I've read through volume 4 and it does get better by the way

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    Cool graphic novel about Wolverine's soul being trapped inside hell and what happens to him there I loved the illustrations throughout and the story was deep with a lot of twists and turns Loved the reunions with other characters and the battle against the devil

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    As with much of Jason Aaron's work on Wolverine I enjoyed this volume While this series is not a must read I think it continues to be great for anybody interested in reading Wolverine for the first time It is interesting that this book has received a lower score than the last volume of the Weapon X series because the storyline is remarkably similar Instead of Terminator this time it is Hell trying to kill Wolverine and his friends I liked uite a few things about Wolverine Goes to Hell including the actual concept of him dealing with his sins which makes a ton of sense to me and was enjoyable to read He also runs into a few people from his past and one in particular was very cool and interesting I also loved the cameo of Colossus and Kitty Their relationship is great and reminded me of how great Astonishing X Men is The art is also nice and if nothing else Wolverine looks great All in all if you like the previous stories Aaron wrote this one will satisfy I am looking forward to seeing how Wolverine and the X Men get along in the next trade paperback

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    I've enjoyed everything of Jason Aaron's I've read up to this point although that certainly doesn't mean I've been able to read everything that's been printed To date I've not yet read his entire Ghost Rider series nor the Spider man Wolverine series Nowadays I believe he's been charged with writing the core mutant team titles which I've not read Wolverine WGTH is perhaps the 4th story arch by Aaron and the setting is obviously hell Much like how I find time travel plots less interesting than other types a going to hell setting ranks up there in the predicable outcome department Personally I think Wolverine work best doing revenge kind of plots but since Aaron has already done that he probably wanted a new challenge It's too bad this storyline didn't bring back any dead Marvel characters you know the few that have not already been resurrected in the same way Dc Comics brought their dead back with Blackest Night

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    Wolverine Goes to Hell Wv4 #1 5 When I first heard about it I thought the premise to this storyline was horrible But Aaron does spectacular things with it The heart of the story is in who Wolverine meets in Hell His interactions with Mariko are heartbreaking and worth 5 stars all on their own I also love Aaron's acknowledgement of the history in Wolverine Origin Overall everything in Hell is a great bit of continuity and characterization alike But Aaron also gives depth to the story with the goings on in the world above Overall this tour de force is Aaron's first truly great Wolverine arc 55