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Ev ▪ o ▪ lu ▪ tion 1 A change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation natural selection and genetic drift;2 A motion incomplete in itself but combining with coordinated motions to produce a single action as in a machineHemp Chatsworth has already figured out how 90% of the Earth's population became what they are Now he must find out why some of them are evolving into something elseSomething dangerousWith their families poised to grow the stakes are now higher than ever for our friends Each new discovery creates the need for a new defense Hemp has his hands full as some among the zombie masses appear to be utilizing of their grey matter in a horrifying wayOnly brute force and innovation will save Flex Sheridan and his family and friends from the ever changing zombie scourge And it's uite possible our small band of heroes might save the world You should come along it might be fun

10 thoughts on “Evolution (Dead Hunger #4)

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    Continues to be an amazing creative and thrilling plotMr Shelman is one of those rare authors who is perfection at narrating his own books Females dialects and all

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    Scary good zombie story with wonderfully realistic characters

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    it was a great read love the series can wait for the next chapter

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    Evolution as in the undead are evolving Volume four of the series finds the professor Hemp diving deep into his research to discover the latest zombie threat what that means to himself and his friends and how to defeat the ever changing infected The infected females are getting stronger both physically and mentally This new telepathy ability is giving our survivors some unexpected and uite deadly problems to deal with Gem and Charlie are preparing to bring new life into this crazy world Everyone fears the potentially dangerous effects that the environment the offensive mist or the defensive solutions created by Hemp may have on the fetuses I’m enjoying the series so far The characters are interesting and the action is consistent

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    Extraordinarily awesome Siri’sAnd extraordinarily awesome zombie apocalyptic series Just when you thought it was safe to take your gun out and go shoot zombies they begin to evolve Follow our group of characters as they work their way through the zombie apocalypse and learn what they can about the zombies and how they’re changing An extraordinary group of characters with Great back stories and very entertaining personalities As always in a zombie apocalypse you have to watch out for the zombies and you have to watch out for bad people as well as idiots Then when you think you have it all figured out something changes Action pack from beginning to end and you will not be disappointed check it out

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    I very much enjoyed following the Dead Hunger Series Eric A Shelman gave new meaning to the word Zombies this 9 book series was Amazing the character's were so easy to bond with I didnt want book 9 to end sadly it did I will miss all the main characters and even some that were not I so hate this part u kinda felt like u were made to be apart of the group the way Eric had written this story Its a must read was a wonderful journey all the way to the last book 9

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    Zompoc Turned On It's EarI thought I had read it all on the zombie apocalypse until I found this series And just when you have got a handle on this series things change again with something new Literally never a dull moment Do not hesitate to start this series The first book is free on You can thank me later

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    GreatA big addition to the ongoing story The title is uite apt as the adventures take a pretty large turn

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    The last book was where the series got interesting and this book added danger and some feels This series may have taken a while to get started but it's worth continuing

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    Another good oneJust as good as the rest of the series which it you haven't read i recommend you start at the beginning