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Years ago when people would put advertisements in the newspaper they would advertise “LIGHT NEGRO OR WHITE NEED ONLY APPLY” They didn’t want a Dark Skinned black person in their home But Lillie Nelson persevered and though she started out in life with nothing and nobody Lillie finished by preparing dinners for President and Mrs Reagan in their California home Despite encountering hard times despair and racial prejudice Lillie found the one person who had the answers to all her uestions—God When times changed Lillie was happy and proud to say “I am called an African American now” A top seller in Ethnic National Biographies Memoirs Includes photographs of Lillie and Nancy Reagan plus President and Mrs Reagan at his private 80th birthday party Added bonus Lillie's famous recipes featuring President Reagan's favorite meat dinner If you buy a new print edition of this book or purchased one in the past you can buy the Kindle edition for only 099 Save 67%

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    Both the author and Lillie claim to be Christians I thought I was in for at least a clean read and it promised to be very interesting In one breath she’s praising the Lord thanking Him for His care provision and strength In the next she’s describing with graphic detail the privates of other people That was a shock I've read cleaner secular books So yes I uit

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    Lillie Nelson has an interesting story to tell but I don't know if this book really brought it out the best way Hard to explain but I just think it needed something to grab the reader and keep their attention

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    this is a pretty interesting read Lillie Nelson was an African American woman she was born in the early 1920sStacy Nix met Lillie about 20 years ago they became friends Stacy wrote this book but it is taken from the stories Lillie told Stacy about her life So this is mostly Lillie's Words we read here Lillie had uite a life Her mother died when she was born her father also deadShe was raised by much older sisters She was treated with cruelty by both of them At five she was forced to pick cotton At twelve she ran away from one sister to live with another one in Chicago She was treated horrible there She went through the trauma of Rape got pregnant because of it as a teenager and had her baby taken away from herAt fifteen she was on her own From fifteen on she worked as a maid and cook for well to do people She was treated badly by some and had good experiences by other some called her the N word and treated her like trash Through all this she kept her heart filled with love and a strong faith in Jesus she worked for many houses eventually ending up in California toward the end of her career she ended up working as a cook for the Reagans She spoke with great love for Nancy And president Reagan considering them friends I was very impressed with this woman She found a way to stay positive forgiving and loving A hard thing to do when sometimes being treated terrible the end of this book has some recipes that Lillie cooked Some sound pretty good Lillie died about ten years ago A good woman with a good heart Hard to come by these days

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    Have you ever worked as a maid? Lillie Nelson African American did This is her storyNelson shared her story with this author because she wanted to help people who feel alone and have no one to care about them She wanted to make sure they knew God cared for and loved themA little black girl who could neither read nor write worked in the cotton fields at the age of five She later decided she would become the best maid she could be Nelson chose to keep a positive attitude respect herself and move on up to better positions This book is a glimpse of behind the scene bigotry and racism toward her and her fellow workers with no regard for them as human beings She also worked for families who allowed her to sit at their table and eat what the family did Because she respected others as well as herself she rose to a very high position in her profession Written in a comfy style the author paints a realistic picture of people who expect the world to revolve around them and have no regard for those who work for them She also paints in those beautiful rich hues of kindness and relationship between people from different backgrounds With light humor and gentleness Lillie Nelson shares her story of being a child of her God and one who owned a goblet that Princess Diana gave to her friend Nancy ReaganLoved reading this biography

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    Lillie Nelson is one wise lady despite no education and being born an orphan her mother died in childbirth and her father had died 6 months before of a heart attack This is the story of her inspiring and amazing life a woman with true grace and love for fellow man a lady with a heart bigger than most people you've ever known And Lillie had plenty of reasons to be someone else someone bitter and disillusioned The book silently urges us all to be better people to care for our fellow human beings in the pure way Lillie does to be humble and live graciously Graciousness doesn't come from your station in life; it comes from within and shines for all who know you This great lady had a fantastic sense of what was good for her and for others served loyally and rose to become a cook and friend to President and Nancy Reagan at their California home Lillie was well loved by many for her glowing example of kindness and her sense of who she was and love for others The book is written in Lillie's words

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    This woman led a very interesting life I cannot imagine the indignities that she suffered as a child and at the beginning of her career I hope people can learn from this book to lead a kinder gentler lifeHer Christian faith is an integral part of her being and she appears to have learned to practice true ChristianityShe held many service positions from maid to cook to housekeeper and nanny to caterer She worked for many prominent people but for people who love gossip books they will not find it here as most of those she worked for are not namedThis is a very easy read with little depth It skims a life that could probably have filled volumes

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    Lillie Nelson's faith in God positive attitude and determination helped her to rise above the terrible circumstances of her life Time after time she was faced with difficulties as a child but persisted in her determination to create something better for herself Having internalized God's grace and mercy she extended that to others when she worked for unreasonable bosses and with crazy co workers This short book is packed with moments that are inspiringStacy Nix told the story in Lillie's voice as if Lillie were telling it to a listener not a reader It was heartbreaking maddening and inspirational It's a life story worth reading

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    Lillie's story was a touching narrative Her life was hard with little to none of the things the world promotes for individual happiness and fulfillment Yet Lillie lived a satisfied life than many who are prosperous and in luxury It is obvious through the telling of her story that Christ Jesus was the Source of that contentment and her strong faith carried her through many difficult situations Stacy Nix has given a voice to Lillie's simplistic expression that will stick in your mind for a long time

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    I won this book on good reads Thank you for choosing my name A delightful story of a woman who worked her way from the Cotton fields to the White house Lillie Nelson tells her story to Stacy Nix the Author Lillie worked hard all her life to better herself and did it with grace and dignity Her belief and love of the Lord helped her through thick and thin I enjoyed reading this story and would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good clean down to earth book Thank you for including the autographed picture of Ron and Nancy Reagan

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    I won a copy of this book from goodreads first read giveawayThis is the true story of Lillie Nelson told by Stacy Nix Lillie Nelson sure did have a lot of hardships in her life however her positive attitude and faith kept her going and facing whatever difficulties she had We all can learn a lesson from Lillie and become a positive person no matter what life throws at you Through it all Lillie really did have a remarkable life and Stacy Nix was very fortunate to have met this lovely lady and write about it I will most certainly be recommending this book