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Seth Lorcan thrived on undercover work and he was good at it But his latest assignment brought him dangerously close to the edge and made him a target from both the bad guys and the good And if he didn't act fast all the information he'd risked his life to obtain would be gone just as uick as the memory card could be destroyed What he needed was a ride out of thereeven if he had to take it Carjacking car borrowing was his only option 

10 thoughts on “Running (PAVAD: FBI Romantic Suspense, #6)

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    Running PAVAD FBI Prevention Analysis of Violent Acts Division #6 by Calle J BrookesI am still enjoying this series and continuing to read the rest of the books in this series

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    Plot 355Characterisation 35Prose 35How much I enjoyed it 35

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    25 it was ok

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    intrigue danger romance as another member of the PAVAD team meets her match looking forward to the next in this series Will it be Paige?

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    Oh she did not go there Oh yes she really didThere is than one Lorcan? Holy Mother Mary Total HOTNESS alert Sound the fire alarmoh wait we already didSomeone is after himthey are setting him up He needs a car Carrie's will do but he has no clue who she isor her blonde headed friendAl is pissed at him but she has the need to help himbut only because of being friends with one of his TRIPLET'S Yes you heard that right So who is out for him and willing to hurt Al in the process?I love how they went from wanting to hurt each other to being each other's trusted friend to co conspirators to bring the enemy down But are they ready for who the enemy actually is?

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    HIGHLY CAPTIVATING AND INTRIGUING DRAMAA book of surprises Seth known as the Ghost wakes up locked in the trunk of an FBI vehicle located at PAVAD'S headuarters In order to escape and survive he kidnaps two women within the garage Here begins the start of an intense and suspenseful adventure trying to stay alive as two of them search for information and identity of the traitors located within his Team and F B I Headuarters

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    Very good series interesting plots Allesandra and Seth are funny but flawed Hope in the coming books to find out why the triplets were separated Was only touched on it briefly in this book Seth “kiddnaps” Allesandra and they are on the run from the bad guys and good guy Good fast read just didn’t want to put it down

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    Definitely not one of my fave of the series thus far I didn't like either of the main characters Al or Seth at all They were both annoying and unlikeable About halfway through the book I couldn't care less what happened to either one of them or whether or not they got together I simply finished the book so that I could move onto the next book of the series

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    Great seriesI have read her whole series so far and they are great I recommend them highly The stories are suspenseful and the family dynamics are a pleasure to read You care about the families Try them and enjoyMary E

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    Just OkThe book was okay As with most series it is hard to make them all not sound the same after a while There wasn’t a lot of action in this story so it was hard to keep reading it but because it is short it was an alright read