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From the best selling author of the Beautiful Series comes Drawn a powerful tale of a relationship that rides the edge of hate and love and everything in between And a friendship so strong and loving that it will wait through anything In the end you as the reader will be asked to make a choice Aaron or Damien Light or dark There are two endings to this story and only YOU can decide Enter the world of Etta in DrawnHave you ever felt so drawn to someone that you will put up with anything to be with them? That’s how I feel when I’m around him Most of the time I want to hate him I want to stay as far away from him as possible He’s so cocky and arrogant And he gets in the way and tells me what to do He’s all things that I normally detest in a man But when we’re alone I can’t even think for myself – the pull is that intense I know I should run I know I should stay away But I can’t I don’t know if I’m strong enough What do you do when you just can’t stay away? Even when you know you should Content warning This is not your typical romance This is an erotic thriller about an obsessive relationship between two people who struggle to maintain their control around each other Its advised that readers be over 18 years of age before reading this novel due to sexual content and adult situations including violence and abusive themes

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    📚 📌 FREE on US today 12222017 📌 📚Book 1 Please note this triangle has 2 DIFFERENT book 2s It’s your choiceFREE you ever felt so drawn to someone that you will put up with anything to be with them? That’s how I feel when I’m around him Most of the time I want to hate him I want to stay as far away from him as possible He’s so cocky and arrogant And he gets in the way and tells me what to do He’s all things that I normally detest in a man But when we’re alone I can’t even think for myself – the pull is that intense I know I should run I know I should stay away But I can’t I don’t know if I’m strong enough What do you do when you just can’t stay away? Even when you know you shouldFREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 700 books

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    Someone please explain what i just readI did not understand Damien one bit WHAT THE FUCK WAS HIS PROBLEM? WHY THE FUCK DID HE TRICK ETTA INTO GETTING PREGNANT? WHAT IS THIS PORNOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT BS HE DOES? PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS FUCKERYAND ETTA So you're not on the pill and you don't have condoms why would you have unprotective sex numerous times Did you assume he can't have kids? Why didn't you ask him? Didn't you know that if you FUCKING ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME Congrats bitch you've achieved itWhy in the hell did she stay with him WTF bro Did you not see Aaron beautiful Aaron who is in love with you ungrateful hoWhen she found out something negative or was angry with Damien all he had to was kiss her and distract her with sex to avoid answering her uestionsPlease Get over yourself Damien i hate youI love my alpha males however damien? no He went too far he got too controlling too clingy too jealous too fucking possessive This was fucking shown many times but the best one that i can remember there is too many to recall was when he changed her sim card so he could 'track' her Please Because you're scared something will happen to her? why? just call her every once in a while or have faith and not be a FUCKING STALKERTHEN he fucking isolated her from her friends and family wtf is up with that how the fuck was she okay with that?I thought he was an controlling over protective motherfucking dick at the beginning but now he is a fucking sociopathDIDN'T ANY ONE NOT SEE THAT HE WAS ONE SECOND AWAY FROM BEING ABUSIVE? OR WAS THAT JUST ME FUCK SAKEthe anger inside me right nowSo many stupid uestions left unansweredi hated itbut i will still read the second installment just because i want to see what that motherfucking controlling bastard does and see what happens to my beautiful sweet Aaron and if he ends up with stupid Ettaand also see if Damien starts being physically abusive towards Etta “Let go you fucker You bastard You Liar I hate you right now” I yell slapping at his arm trying topull in the opposite direction But he’s too strong for meAs soon as we’re in the foyer of the building I reach out and grab a hold of the door using it toanchor myself and make it harder for him“I’m not letting you go” he growls turning on me pushing me up against the glass door I’m holdingon to breathing down into my faceHe takes a moment to look at me his expression dark and stormy his intent clear He crashes hismouth against mine forcing his tongue over my lips his hands sliding around my waist practicallycrushing me against himI try to fight it I try to stay angry at him but the power he holds over me begins to envelope mecausing me to respond The moment the first gasp escapes my mouth I feel his cock hot and hardagainst my thigh They're both clinically insane idec YOU JUST FOUND OUT HE PURPOSELY MADE YOU PREGNANT WHY HAVE SEX WITH HIM WHICH IS THE REASON YOU'RE FUCKING IN THIS SITUATION NOT EVEN A SECOND AFTER YOU JUST FOUND OUT? WHY? AND DON'T EVEN SAY BECAUSE HE HAS THIS CRINGY ASS POWER OVER YOU IT'S DEGRADING YOU HO

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    Let me just start this review by making it clear that1 I love Alpha male heroesanti heroes2 I enjoy reading about jealous and possessive alpha male heroes3 I enjoy them so much that I'm active in an Forum that is dedicated to jp alpha male heroes3 Hell the OTT they are the better as long as the reason they're that way is because they're crazy in love and not just crazyI don't consider Drawn as romance I look at it as a cautionary tale of extreme lustinfatuation gone wrong I can't even call it love because in all honesty what I read it was NOT LOVE I also don't consider what they have to be an actual relationship because all they did was have sex Like about approximately 40% of this book is just the two of them hooking up and it actually got boring after awhile Is this new adult or erotica? I was confusedI honestly really wanted to like this book but it just wasn't for me Both main characters are selfish immature and by the end of it extremely unlikable There are also a lot of inconsistencies regarding their character Damien may sound like an alpha male on paper but he ended up being a manipulative abusive prick that sorely lacked depth The book does not give you any information about him He's an art student who street fights and paint naked chicks for money That's what we know of him at the beginning of the book and that's all the information we'll get about him till the end You want to know what his deal is? Why he is the way he is? Well this book will NOT give you any answers He is somehow obsessed with Etta the female lead but what I can't wrap around is WHY? When in the few times you two hung out accidentally did you suddenly realize that she's someone you need to be with FOREVER? Do you know what I hate than insta love? Insta lust being sold as all consuming true love because I may be an idealistic romance reader but I can still see through the bullshitAnd EttaI really did feel for her at the beginning of the book She grew up with an overprotective father who was slowly suffocating her All she wanted was a little bit of freedom and to finally experience the fun side of college But then even with her strict upbringing like curfew at six pm strict she was somehow able to have two boyfriends and be with them sexually and I don't know how she managed that Afternoon uickies maybe? And when she met Damien? She turned into this wanton highly experienced sex hungry female I was actually interested in reading about a 6'2 heroine but sadly this girl's no Rather she is a childish spineless sex crazed doormat She has no backbone when it comes to Damien because whenever he gets near her all she wants is sex Really? You find out your boyfriend switched out your sim card so your friends can't contact you and so that he can track you and when you confront him about it you somehow ended up wanting sex again? I guess all this invasion of privacy can truly make a girl hornyThe one saving grace for me in this book is Aaron Wonderful caring Aaron who remained to be a true friend even when he didn't get the girl And no I do not wish for Etta to end up with him because he deserves so much better than her I hate that she was practically stringing him along until Etta was able to define her relationship with Damien He does not deserve to be second fiddle to anyoneThis book is not a standalone but it does not exactly end in a cliffhanger You definitely need to read the second book to get any sort of conclusion regarding this destructive relationship and that only added to my frustration Will I read the second book? Maybe Just to see if it gets better in terms of character depth and development and if the two main characters actually grow for the better individuallyOverall Drawn isn't for me but if you like something steamy with a whole lot of soapy drama about two individuals who are so bad for each other then this might be for you An advance readers copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Please check out Kitty Kats Crazy About Books StarsWhen Darkness and Lightness collideI got an arc from the author for an honest review my review will also be without spoilersFrom page one I was drawn into the story it's easy to get into but hard to put downThough I must admit this sentence pulled me into wanting to read this book even Content warning it's advised that readers be over 18 years of age before reading this novel due to sexual content and adult situationsAnd believe me the sexual content in this book is scorchingIs it ok to say that I didn't like Damien?? I can understand the attraction the magnetic pull but his domineering nature threw a few alarm bells my wayI hate that he has so much power over meI felt like just jumping in the book and shaking Etta she was all about wanting her freedom moving out of home at the age of 18 out from under the thumb of her domineering father straight into a dangerous relationship I say dangerous because she lost all sense of self I want you to be mine Henrietta and in return I'll be yours Damien was a calculated manipulative wanker to get Etta even under his spell he would use sexAnytime she voiced her opinion he would get her so hot and ready at wanting him that all thought would leave her head that was his way to control herShe never stood a chance against him You can't just keep using sex to get your way and you can't go making decisions for me We belong together EttaYour my everythingYou're my lifeYou're the very reason I breatheI want youI need youLet me love youBe mine foreverOh and that cliffy sucks balls I seriously don't do cliffy's and I fell right over this one Definitely will be hanging out and stalking the author for the next book in this series

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    There are no words to describe how angry this book made me It was very reminiscent of Beautiful Disaster with its overbearing over possessive male lead and a dumb as rocks heroine First of all Etta does not stop whinging about how she needs her space and she needs to be free blah blah She also talks about her brother's death like it's no big deal Her brother's death is only used as a tool to justify her father's dickishness Nowhere in the book is there any mention of what her brother meant to her even though they don't seem to be that far apart in age So she manages to find a house with two very nice people although one of them is a party girl and gets drunk way too much and she moves out because her father trusts her to do it Then she meets Damien This is where all the shit starts hitting the fan The first clue should've been when Damien randomly lets her into his apartment even though he doesn't even know her then proceeds to corner her Then of course he starts popping up everywhere and then their undeniable attraction cue eyeroll drives them together Damien is a chauvinistic bastard and he isolates Etta from everybody in her life cancels her appointments keeps her from class This goes on for way longer than necessary but every time Etta even makes some sign of resisting all he has to do is press her against a wall and she's willing to do whatever he says Also I'm very certain that one of the scenes is rape There is literally a scene in which she is running away from him and he grabs her ankle and drags her back to the house What the fuck? Who does that shit? And her friend is right there but he doesn't call the cops or do something about it? There was some truly fucked up stuff happening in this book but to my endless amazement none of Etta's friends or family make any move to do anything besides complaining that she's never there Etta herself is messed up beyond belief She lets her boyfriend micromanage every aspect of her life and all it takes is some hot breathing before she submits to him again He keeps 90% of his life away from her and all she does is spout crap about how he's like a magnet and it hurts to be apart from him She fucks around with Damien when she gives her best friend Aaron false hope Also she's amazingly naive and stupid Yeah I get that she's been sheltered but an 18 year old should know that when a man and woman have sex together without protection pregnancy will happen Especially if the two of them do it a million times every day like she and Damien did I was beyond disgusted with her behavior and idiocy Ugh This is what Etta's perspective about sex is I get that most people view sex as a big step in a relationship I personally do not I don't see a problem with giving in to your desires I see of a problem in denying yourself If he'd just let me touch him or if he'd just touch me then this wouldn't all be such a big deal Uh what? Does this not sound like something a crack addict would say? What kind of twisted logic is that? She basically just said everyone should have no restraint and sleep around all the time I hope I'm not the only one who sees something really wrong with her point of view I was disgusted with the sex scenes in this novel Not only were there too many but they played no role in furthering the plot and too many of them came out of Damien forcing Etta into something she did not want to do Worst of all there's a seuel What the actual fuck? You're going to have to drag me through a tub of acid before I read that drivel No wonder this book was free on iBooks

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    If I had a Damian in my life I would fucking stab him and run the hell away like an Olympic athlete Once again we have a doormat friendsAnd this one isn't even a romance I can't classify it as that And you guys know I like my alphas He cuts her off from everyone friends and parents subdues her with sex because the dumb bitch can't think if he's near manipulates her yet doesn't let her have a say in his life AT ALL she doesn't know barely anything about him he consistently lies is violent to the point where I was shocked that he didn't beat her to an inch of her life is so secretive cheats on her and yet his obsessiveness is supposed to negate that I think the fuck not If she has any brains she's gonna take that baby she hid from him and run Run far and wide because bitch don't have a BRAIN A precious hair shouldn't be hurt on Aaron's head Poor guy with shitty taste in women With some sense in the three year gap as she is 21 now let's hope the author does the right thing and makes the stupid heroine choose Aaron instead of romanticising a verbally emotionally and pretty much physically abusive man like Damian

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    This book had me hooked from the beginning although I was shouting at my Ipad a hell of alotI really liked Etta she had been through some shit in her life losing her brother although she wanted to live her life to the full because she knew thats what he would of wanted Her Dad being overprotective which I could understand why he was like that after losing one child but 6pm curfew for a 17 year old was abit to farEtta I hate that he's right I hate that he holds so much power over meDamien sounded delicious something wasnt right though I noticed controlling ways very early in the book I hated the way he called Etta 'Henrietta' when she had told him many times she didnt like it He was so secretive could Etta trust him?Damien You can't back out now Henrietta This isn't endingEtta was addicted to Damien and Etta was Damien's obssession How would that work out? Where would Aaron fit in? All through his book I wanted Aaron to be the one that Etta would fall for Aaron was the caring sensitive oneOk so it was different to read a book that had something different not your typical falling in love and happy ever after This book was so not that I didnt want Etta to stay with Damien The way he used sex to get her off subjects was so wrong he was manipulating her controlling her Would she be strong enough to break away?Etta My love for Damien is a teardrop that will hang inside my soul for all eternityI enjoyed this book and I think Lilliana Anderson wrote a great story about 2 people who were 'drawn' to each other I got to feel the intensity of their relationship through Lilliana's wordsThe ending OH MY GOD Where is book 2? I need it NOWI was sent this book in exchange for my honest review Making Connections New Adult Edition

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    When I first started reading this all I kept thinking is that this relationship will never work This was not a romance story but rather a dark obsessive story Etta and Damien have Major Trust Issues with each other Their love is obsessive and they resolved everything with sex and never talked about their problems A lot of people thinks Damien as a hot Alpha For me Damien was a Sociopath then an Alpha Men who have no conscience no sense of guilt and feel remorse only when something does not turn out to their advantage are my definition of stalkers and potential rapists Etta was weak willed doormat heroine At the end she finally wakes up and leaves him There is going to be a second book and i just hope she doesn't ditch Aron

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    Holy intensity From being overprotected by her parents Etta moves out to get some sort of freedom however meets a boy and he starts to suffocate her like her parents Damien is very intense and likes to know where she is at all time To me it’s not in a so he has control over her I really do believe he feels protective about her and can’t deal with not knowing where she is at all time He needs to know she’s safe Aaron is a boy she used to date and he’s protective over her as well but not to the same degree as Damien Well things go pear shaped for her and Damien and she is left with an important decision or rather we are In a cool sliding door kinda situation you get to decide who she ends up withDamien or Aaron

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    4 'domineering and possessive' stars Drawn starts off by introducing us to Etta Henrietta Davis is a seventeen year old university student on the cusp of turning eighteen with the grandeur idea of moving into her own place on her eighteenth birthday and completing her f