SILVER SANDALSa bizarre 1916 THORNLEY COLTON the Blind Problemist MURDER MYSTERYby Clinton H Stagga blind amateur detective hunts an uncanny killer with second sight and the power to make the dead walkOriginally published 1916 by W J Watt Co Now in the public domain this Kindle edition was hand typed copy edited and published by GideonFell Books Ltd May 2010FROM Silver SandalsMy God Mr Colton the dining room manager choked flopping into a chair in his private office with the inertness of a jellyfish This is terrible Terrible His tone suddenly became vehement It couldn't be It isn't possible His wrists couldn't be cut without attracting attention and his voice was almost childishly triumphant as he jumped to his feet there would be bloodYou forgot that dead persons don't bleed Thornley Colton reminded him seriously The death of that man occurred at least five hours agoWhy that's ridiculous Ridiculous Manager Carl was pacing the floor like a caged tiger He has not been at the table than half an hourThirty three minutes to be exact Colton said his sightless eyes apparently fixed on the ceiling his slim fingers in his vest pocket touching the face of his crystalless watch The strangeness of the couple described by my secretary immediately attracted my attention Time usually has a peculiar significance in cases like this and I try never to overlook the significantYou you mean he was dead when he came into the dining room gasped CarlNaturally Colton's voice was dryBut he walked into the dining room man He walkeda bizarre and complicated not to say convoluted plot from the GOLDEN AGE of DETECTIVE FICTION around the time Agatha Christie first began writing actually she parodies this blind detective in her short story collection PARTNERS IN CRIMEMURDER IN old MANHATTAN a CORPSE AT THE CENTER OF A CROWDED HOTEL DINING ROOMWith a preface by the author on the creation of his BLIND DETECTIVE Thornley Colton a popular favorite in the short story magazines at the time this FIRST NOVEL LENGTH adventure of the sleuth was published

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