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The Illusion of Truth is a multifaceted look at Jesus of Nazareth his message and religions created not from his insights into reality but on fantasy and lore concocted about him Tom Nehrer builds on scholarly research through personal level of consciousness exposing myths to find the real Yeshua who trod dusty roadways of first century Judea Understanding Jesus' Kingdom of Heaven within reuires extensive perspective This book explores Historical social political and traditional settings for Jesus appearance; The mindset of ancients how superstitious peasants imagined divine manipulation; Modern man's mindset how causality is projected not only onto gods but onto real world forces luck chance and fate all illusory processes; How life really works metaphysical connection of Self to Reality an inner outer flow; How beliefs create illusions masking Reality s flow with shared notions of Truth which isn't; Many caveats to accepting Gospel accounts as reliable reports of any substance; The real life of Jesus how the man grew from first century Jewish thinking to fully visionary status aware of the Self as driving force in life; The Parables whose rich stories reveal Jesus' awareness of the functional Oneness of ConsciousnessReality; Christianity in depth its early growth smothering of alternate explanations and claims to represent true traditions back through the apostles to Jesus That claim is shown as bogus when Gospel writers only show apostles as unable to grasp Jesus' Kingdom illustrations The Illusion of Truth reveals not only how life works and how Jesus was fully aware of its meaning based flow but how Christianity grew from ancient notions and layered myth about Jesus rather than insights from him

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    Every religion views every other religion as merely an illusion of truth Some of us regard religion as uite less than that In this work Thomas Nehrer thoroughly dismantles Christianity and replaces it with what could only be described as his own gnostic religionThe first portion of this book is an erudite review of Christianity its history and the plethora of problems it faces when examined from a scholarly critical perspective Anyone that has read Bart Ehrman Amy Jill Levine James Hall Tyler Roberts or a host of other scholars of religion andor the Bible will be familiar with these topics and criticisms The author is well read on early Christianity and does well in explaining the material The intermediate portion of this work could be called The Gospel of NehrerIt just happens having left my hometown of Tarentum Pennsylvania while young to travel extensively on my own without much money and having done my own spiritual journey through life plus having extensive exposure to paradigms east and west I'm uniuely euipped to reconstruct Jesus' life Considerable research familiarized me with the region the region the gospel accounts peripheral traditions etc Nehrer 145It also just happens that other than a short select bibliography in the aft section of the book there are no citations or reasons given for his reconstruction of the life of Jesus which goes on in a gospel type narrative for 145 pages From the perspective of someone who reuires evidence other than personal experience and inner convictions this narrative appears to be invented from whole clothThe author feels that his travel and spiritual experiences have granted him some sort of mystical insight an awareness that the rest of us do not possess An amalgamation of eastern spirituality perhaps with a mix of gnosticism the new insight that the author has acuired appears to be little than a delusion of grandeur combined with an excess of imagination While Christianity may certainly be an illusion of truth this work doesn't even produce the illusion Disclaimer This book was provided free of charge by the authorpublisher for the purpose of review through Goodreads' First Reads program

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    Wanna meet the real Jesus? From page one I was hooked by Nehrer’s jaded dismissal of believers and scholars alike and his promise of delivering the real Jesus Nehrer the mystic reveals Jesus the visionary and he does it entertainingly wellNehrer is not religious and finds no value in the Bible other than as a historical oddity outside the parables of Jesus No sugar coating here But don’t let Nehrer’s self aggrandizing style turn you off He over values his credentials a bit–for example his mystical background allows him to “see clearly what Jesus meant with his parables”–and thus commits the same error he warns us against perceiving Jesus through the lens of his own worldview But there’s nothing wrong with a little positive endorsement right?Nehrer promotes embracing “Oneness” by which he means the connection between Self and experienced Reality He prefers the term “Clear Awareness” for seeing deep into the Oneness and understanding how life works That was Jesus’ insight he understood life140 pages into the book it shifts unexpectedly into a fictional narrative of Jesus’ “lost years” Jesus is a smart hard worker able to contribute at multiple jobsites but he is driven to keep moving and learning Nehrer feels he is “uniuely ualified” to take a stab at reconstructing where Jesus’ wanderlust carries him because of his own extensive travel and spiritual journey as a young man This fictional account continues for roughly 200 pages and was my favorite part of the book as Nehrer’s fiction is uite engagingIn Nehrer’s recreation Jesus is self confident not a goody goody but uite likeable He speaks in religious language when necessary perhaps inventing a Heavenly Father image to help his listeners displace the vindictive judgmental Yahweh His vision is encapsulated in what he calls the Kingdom of God describing you guessed it how life really works but his greater knowledge is so contrary to the established religious regime–particularly the Temple class–and so difficult for everyday people to grasp that he struggles to make progress and is eventually put to deathA final section then discusses how Christianity was born out of the misunderstood message of Jesus An interesting take on the life of Jesus but far from the direction my own studies have led me

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    Was Jesus a real person or is he just a figment of the collective imagination that has spawned a multitude of deities and religions over the millennia? It's a uestion that is regularly asked by biblical scholars and the public alike What do we actually know about the man who is the focus of one of one of the greatest books ever produced Is it just a series of stories or is it a real account of the life of someone who made a difference to the world as we know it? Unfortunately we don't have YouTube footage of his sermons we don't have a Twitter feed of his messages and we don't have a Facebook Page we can follow and keep up to date with The only thing we have is the Bible and it was written by the hand of man with all his flaws prejudices and knowledge of the timeThomas Daniel Nehrer promises that you'll come to understand the real Jesus better as a result of his re interpretation of the New Testament He wasn't wrong He uses our knowledge of the past and our understanding of politics to piece together a very credible account of someone who wanted to right the wrongs a freedom fighter if you will who went on to become the figurehead of a global movement Whether you are a committed Christian an atheist or of some other persuasion this book will change the way you think about how our lives are shaped by those around us who dare to challenge the status uo

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    Lacking the drive and absorption of organized faith I found this novel to paint an expected and at the same time surprising image of Christ Well written and imagined this is a novel that may offer a interesting insight into faith for those with and those without belief

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    The Illusion of “Truth” The Real Jesus Behind the Grand Myth is almost two complete books – one that explains Jesus’ teachings as an understanding of life’s integrated nature and the connection or oneness between self and reality – and the other a recounting of Jesus’ life as historical fiction I may be like the disciples in not fully grasping Jesus’ message that leads to a clear awareness but I did appreciate the historical background in the story of Jesus’ life and that it focused on the years of his adolescence and early adulthood a period not covered in the New TestamentI received this book for free through Goodreads First Read program