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Orphaned at ten Thomasina Heron is sent to her new guardian Sir Simon of Goldhayes in Suffolk There Thomasina will spend a happy young girlhood with her cousins the Heron heir Simon; kind solid Edward; young James; friendly Lucy; and Francis who is imaginative daring apt to be cynical who talks about unicorns and usually gets into trouble The cousins are faced with many challenges as they grow up and conflict between King Charles I and Parliament leads to civil war

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    A promising though snail paced start kept me interested initially but by three uarters in the story became a hot mess with cartoonish one dimensional characters and predictable contrived plot twists and turns Moreover this is the second book in a row I have read recently where the so called romance between the protagonists lacked the passion and fire that would make me overlook all the weaknesses of the story I am not talking about salacious bodice ripping scenes not that there is anything wrong with that HAHA I didn't mind that the relationship between the two protags was chaste But I did not feel that their so called love was a true meeting of the minds as the author went to great length to drive the point Realizing that this was going to end in a cliffy and that I was nowhere near interested in pursuing any further the journey of the star crossed lovers as they fight off Roundheads and Royalist troops in the English Civil War of the 17th century I DNF

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    Nope Block paragraphs with a crawling pace talking head conversations to establish the setting as Past History lengthy set up with the primary MCs as a bunch of precocious kidsand apparently all this drags on until a cliffhanger at the end Not my thing Standard DNF 2 star; I can't say it's badly written because it isn't But I'm bored have other hopefully better books on deck

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    It was a joy to discover this book and to know that I have many Pamela Belle books still to look forward to The Moon in the Water is the first of her Heron series following the story of Thomazine Heron and her family and is set during the English Civil WarWhen Thomazine our narrator is orphaned at the age of ten her father’s cousin Sir Simon Heron becomes her guardian Arriving at Sir Simon’s estate of Goldhayes in Suffolk Thomazine settles into her new life and gets to know the other Heron children – Simon the eldest and the heir; Edward who wants to become a soldier; the rebellious uick witted Francis; Lucy an avid reader of stage plays; and six year old Jamie the baby of the family Thomazine soon forms friendships with each of her five cousins but it’s Francis with whom she feels the closest connection When a marriage is arranged between Thomazine and another cousin Dominic Drakelon Thomazine is horrified but consoles herself with the knowledge that the wedding won’t take place until she is sixteen and a lot can happen in six yearsAs time passes and the Heron children grow up Thomazine discovers that she has fallen in love – not with Dominic but with her cousin Francis With Sir Simon now dead his eldest son Simon has become head of the family but unfortunately he distrusts and disapproves of his younger brother; if Thomazine is to have any chance of escaping from her betrothal to Dominic she must first find a way to repair the relationship between Simon and Francis Meanwhile tensions between King Charles I and his Parliament intensify and the Herons who choose to support the King find themselves facing a host of new challenges as civil war breaks out in EnglandThe Moon in the Water is a romance but not a silly bodice ripping one There is so much to this book than just the central love story Music and poetry are shared interests of several of the characters and we are given fragments of song and verse The historical background is well researched and there are descriptions of battles sieges and the ways in which civil war affects not just the people at the heart of the action but also those who have stayed at home And while it’s sometimes too easy to predict what is going to happen the story is gripping enough to make this a difficult book to put downBut going back to that central love story it’s a great one Rather than coming out of nowhere the relationship between Thomazine and Francis develops slowly from friendship to romantic love and it feels believable – although it’s obvious to the reader long before the characters themselves start to become aware of how they feel It also helps that they are both such great characters I had a look at some of the other reviews on Goodreads after finishing the book and was intrigued by the fact that several reviewers mentioned that Francis Heron is very like Francis Crawford of Lymond from Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles which is exactly what I kept thinking too to the point where I started to find it distracting and wished the author had chosen a different name The intelligent imaginative young Francis Heron is very much as I would imagine Francis Crawford as a child and as an adult his relationship with his brother Simon is similar in some ways to Lymond’s relationship with his brother RichardI also loved Thomazine which is fortunate as this is really her story narrated in the first person which means her personality comes through on every page Another favourite character was Grainne the Irish girl who marries a friend of the Herons and becomes almost one of the family The villains were maybe a bit disappointing – and it was easy to guess who they were going to be even before they committed any villainous acts – but that’s just a small criticism of such an enjoyable bookIt’s frustrating that these books and so many others that I want to read are out of print but at least in this age of the internet it’s a lot easier to find copies of them than it used to be I’m very excited about reading Pamela Belle’s other novels beginning with the next in the Heron series The Chains of Fate With this one ending on a big cliffhanger I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Heron family – although I’m sure things aren’t going to go smoothly for them

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    A marriage of true mindsbut so many impediments Left orphaned but wealthy at age ten with her wardship sold to her cousin Simon Heron Thomazine joins her cousins at the family's estate Goldhayes Although she loves all of Simon's children third son Francis has a special place in her heart and they form an unbreakable bond while children that only intensifies when Francis returns from college The elder Simon dies and the estate and Thomazine's wardship is now run by Francis' elder and very intractable brother Simon Thomazine must now find a way to convince Simon to break the betrothal to her cousin Dominic Drakelon made when she was ten as well as to mend the deep enmity between the two brothers so that she and Francis can marry As the tensions between King Charles and Parliament heat up into Civil War the women and children of Goldhayes retreat to the easier defended Ashcott Thomazine's family home as the men join forces in support of the King A siege of Ashcott has deadly conseuences and further exacerbates the tension between the two brothers does Thomazine have the courage to risk everything for love of Francis? Will Cousin Lucy find happiness with the Roundhead officer? That's all I'm telling any would give the whole thing away While it's a bit slow at the start as the author sets up the extensive Heron family and their convoluted relationships they intermarry just a tad once the Civil War broke out things really started to cook along and I had a hard time putting this one down I loved loved loved the relationship between Thomazine and Francis it's so refreshing to have true love without all that prereuisite sex we're stuck with in today's novels The author did a nice job of bringing the period to life letting us see the customs clothing and foods of the day I liked seeing the impact of the war on the country folk as opposed to the nobility as well as the difficulty in really hating one's own countrymen no matter what side of the conflict they're on The author ends this one with uite a cliff hanger so be prepared to have the next in the trilogy The Chains of Fate ready and waiting for you Argh I'll have to wait at least one day if not before my copy arrives 45 stars and only for the slower start otherwise it would be a solid five

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    I stumbled across this book by accident when I was younger It was actually in a pile of garage sale stuff I was marking and by some fortunate mistake I got really bored and started to read it And then I was hooked and couldn't put it down It's the story of a young girl who is sent to live with her cousins and the book follows her through a romance with her cousin and the trials the family faces during the English civil war Belle really makes the history come alive with a fascinating story and the characters are well developed and lovableor lovably hateable for some I suppose To this day I'm still attached to her characters The only down side to this is I loved them so much that when they ceased to be the main characters in later books I was a bit disappointed I missed them

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    Thomazine was born heiress to the lands and fortune of the Heron dynasty and she was born under a dark and troublesome star Orphaned at ten years old growing to womanhood in a family of cousins these were the young years when she met the headstrong Francis the years when they both dreamed of the mystic uniform But the sweep of the times was against them Francis was banished and imprisoned Thomazine forced into black and loveless wedlock and the onrush of beating drums and naked steel heralded the turbulent years of England's Civil WarThe Moon in the Water and Chains of Fate take readers through England's Civil War 1642 1651

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    A very well written enjoyable first instalment of the Heron series by one of my favourite authors

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    I just re read this book that I originally read 30 years ago I had forgotten why I loved the book but I remember now The way Pamela Belle led us into the love story was masterful And how she didn't tie up all the ends with everyone living happily ever after left me wanting then and now

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    Just arrived from New Zealand through BM I will add the cover later on A splendid and touching book looking forward for its seuel 45 stars

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    I enjoyed these long ago and would read them again if I could find a copy