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The Bounty Hunter series begins with the first story in series one The Bounty Hunter's Revenge a visceral novella about one man's mission for paybackAfter being betrayed by his partner Burke struggles to survive on an isolated planet with only his battle armor and combat instincts to help him His hunger for vengeance only grows with each passing day and his anger becomes his sole driving force fueling him to live despite overwhelming oddsAfter facing alien infestations rogue mercenaries and scavenging an existence on an uninhabited planet he may finally have his chance for revenge But pulling the trigger may carry a heftier price than he is willing to admitTotal story length 27000 words The Bounty Hunter stories are a series of novellas following the adventures of Burke Monrow and AI Cass A bounty hunting duo they take contracts around the galaxy apprehending criminals murderers vicious aliens and abide by their own moral codeThe series is best read in order as there is a larger plot arc that connects the series; however each installment can be read and enjoyed on its own for the individual story line of each novella Some names and references to prior events are made but most can be understood in the context of the story

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    What a fun sci fi action thriller Our poor hero Burke is shot and left for dead by his former partner Bounty Hunters It takes a while for Burke his powered armor suit with an AI named Cass to get him back in shape before he can even think about getting some Revenge I picked up this story as part of 5 story collection and already I am glad I did Each story is short but packed with action I like the interplay between Burke and Cass Stranded on a remote planet for several yearsa story about Revenge I will read a couple other booksnovellas and then come back for the 2nd Bounty Hunter story