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AT HOME IN SPACE Thad Stone was like no other man on Earth Born with superhuman powers he knew from his earliest days that he had been sired by no mortal man In the world of 2081 Thad sets out to find his father a search that carries him into the farthest reaches of interstellar space The search is long and at its end Thad discovers just why he had been given his superhuman powers

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    This is one of the strangest science fiction book I have read The basic plot seems ordinary a son sets off on a uest to find his father and the uest results in an interstellar odyssey in which bizarre alien cultures are visited But this simple outline doesn't do the book justice The book is part a coming of age story a spy novel complete with political intrigue the Cold War is still going on in the year 2095 and a series of vignettes of truly alien cultures There is even a bit of romantic comedy thrown in Yet it all ties together Some of the character motivations seem a bit odd Why does the government fear so much the super human Thad? Why not use him to its advantage? Regardless the shifts of point of view and the alien cultures are really original and interesting There is sex in the book than you find in the average 1960s science fiction book Some of it is uncomfortable like some of Robert Heinlein's is in retrospect Certainly some is out of place in the 21st century But I have to give credit to author for writing a uniue book A shame that he only wrote this one novel and just a few short stories I know he died in 1973 but there is precious little about him on the internet Judging from this one book his voice is uniue and I would have loved to read from him Oh well

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    Interesting idea done plenty of times since bit dated now

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    Excellent book