PDF Andrew Shanley À À Fathers, Sons & Golf: Lessons in Honor and Integrity

Fathers Sons and Golf is Andrew Shanley's account of the memorable summer when he and his boys hit the fairways and learned as much about the daily conduct of life and the love they have for each other as they did about the elements of a good swing The book is structured as a series of golf lessons that at the same time are instruction for building character

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    A divorced dad teaches his teenage sons about golf and life and learns much in return Andrew opens his heart and soul to readers making this a book with true universal appeal I am neither a father nor a golfer but I loved this book Full disclosure The author is a friend of mine but that's not the reason I gave it 5 stars If it is the golf aspect of the book that appeals to you you should also check out Shanley's newer book Match Play at Penny Whistle available as a Kindle download through

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    A great read just for the pure joy of reading Every golfer should read this book

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    Book started off well but I was skimming through pages at the end just to get through it