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Role playing takes on a terrifying cast when 17 year old Sarah who is posing as a fortune teller for a school fair begins to see actual visions that can predict the future Frightened the other students brand her a witch setting off a chain of events that mirror the centuries old Salem witch trials in ways than one

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    In that instant of dislocation as she fought to maintain her euilibrium and keep from tumbling headfirst into the pit of darkness a voice seemed to shout directly into her right earGuilty as charged it bellowed Away to Gallows HillGallows Hill by Lois Duncan This is sure different then most of Duncan's books This is a seriously creepy little read that combines both historical and contemporary fictionSara has just settled in to a sleepy town in Missouri with her family It doesn't take her long to discover the town isn't uite what she thought it wasIt is a very conservative very close knit town and Sarah is regarded with suspicion that uickly turns to hostility and then to paranoia and outright hysteria This reaction is very much like the Salem Witch Trials as Sara becomes regarded with and hostility mimicking the past which becomes intersperced with the present in ways than one This book is contemporary but mixed with the past and the Salem Witch Trials Although this story is fiction what happened in Salem is not and Duncan really does well in switching from past to presentThe tension is unbelievably high and please do not expect light reading This becomes really dark really fast I enjoyed this story It isn't in the same league as a Daughters of Eve but it is well written and compellingas well as genuinely creepy If one likes spooky YA this would be a good fit

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    read can't remember lol middle school sometimere read September 2015

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    This was really well written and I loved the suspense build up

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    Very good story and very well told My second Lois Duncan and I think I'm going to make a habit of her for a while I very much enjoyed the style of her writing as well as the story It's not complex or challenging to read but there wasn't a second during which it failed to hold high interest for me I'm very fond of stories that have their origins in the Salem witch trials and speculate on reality and blur the line between what may or may not be true Or extend the Salem experience across time and portray an effect on the present many generations after the fact which is what Gallows Hill does The history was accurately and unobtrusively interspersed through the story I found the idea of en masse karmic fulfillment interesting The effect of the forces that were driving the characters was an excellent justification for the otherwise perhaps maddening actions of a couple of the secondary characters I had a good emotional connection with the main character and the dialogue and interactions were believable than in many things that i've read There was just so much that was good about this I can't wait to share this

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    This is one of the Lois Duncan books that I somehow missed and believe me I am kicking myself for this This is one of her most fun books and I was also completely tense the whole time reading it It doesn't help that the creepy town that Sarah and her mom moved to is basically one of those places where you know everyone knows something that you don't and where any sort of mistake could have dire conseuencesWhile reading it I was expecting Sarah to be ostracized the town and school are full of small minded people but I didn't think the danger would be any than some pretty pointed snubbing Yeah shame on me; I should've known betterInstead the mob mentality started to take effect and things got incredibly suspenseful and scaryI think this is now in my top five of her books Locked in Time Down a Dark Hall Summer of Fear Stranger in my House and now this one Daughters of Eve is a close sixth I love Lois Duncan's books so so muchRecommended

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    The author of 'Stranger With My Face' has done nothing to make me like her any in fact she's made me become weary of her novels In 'Gallows Hill' we are introduced to Sarah Zoltanne who moves into a small conservative town named Pine Crest After many terribly uninspired incidents she is accused of being a witch Let me start off by saying the book was a mess Plot ideas were everywhere characters were unreal and dull and karma and reincarnation themes were written badly The novel seemed forced a lot of times and was often very aggravating None of the characters talked like regular people especially the teenagers The character motifs were also so unbelievable that I was left disgusted and annoyed I found I didn't care much for the main character and when the climax threatened her life I really did not care whether she was saved or not The themes of reincarnation and karma are used so very sloppy So I don't reveal spoilers I won't press it any further but believe me when I tell you you will roll your eyes

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    It's strange when you remember a movie you once saw remembering vivid scenes perfectly in your head; so you know the movie exists for sure but cannot for the life of yourself remember what it was calledSo then you google keywords doing a little searching only to find that what you remembered as a movie is actually a book you once read and no movie of it exists And you have the revelation that you did indeed read this book and you suddenly remember that the book was so good that you thought it should have been a movie But it isn't And it never wasWhat I remember is that the book was good enough to make me feel the words come off the page and come to life so that years down the road when I remember the concept of the book I believe it had been a movie that I watched and not just a bookI was on the edge of my seat as I read Gallows Hill This book should be a movie Why it is not I do not know

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    oh Lois i am so fond of your koo koo woo woo ways

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    Great book especially if you are into the Salem Witch Trials Sarah and her mom move from Ventura California to Pine Crest a small town on the East Coast But from the moment Sarah gets there something seems off She makes only one true friend in the town Charlie After Sarah does some fortune telling at the school carnival a school kid named Eric asks her to do it on the down low for money But Sarah begins to see real things in the paperweight things that her peers in Pine Crest do not want to hear So begins the slow and steady ascension from the town being Pine Crest into Salem Charlie explains to Sarah about past life regression and how they must all live out what happened to them again back then in order to free their spirits in this life Charlie was Giles Corey in a past life the man who put an end to the witch hunts Sarah discovers she was Betty Parris the one who started all of the witch hunts The cheerleaders and others who want to do Sarah in were all various accused Witches in their past lives in Salem It gets to the point of Sarah being put on a stool with a noose around her neck but thankfully Charlie comes to save the Day This was one of Duncan’s better books A very enjoyable Halloween read

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    This was an interesting read about karma reincarnation and psychic connections I didn’t take it too seriously just as entertainment especially since the facts weren’t always correct like Christianity supportingbelieving in karma as Charlie saidnope At least twice the book suddenly changed points of view in the middle of the chapter from Sarah to Kyra which threw me off a little I liked the character of Charlie and I really sympathized with Sarah when no one would believe her I enjoyed the fortune telling scenes where she would see things in the paperweight—it was a cool scenario her pretending to be a gypsy fortuneteller and then actually seeing something about the person she was doing a “reading” for