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Lights Camera ZombiesIn this preuel to the I Zombie series the Zero Day Collective hires an award winning director and Hollywood film crew to document the first ever release of the Mengele Virus The small city of Templeton spirals into the zombie abyss as the cameras roll on a much anticipated blockbuster horror movieBefore Jacob before Bethany before the Obliterator and Zombie Radio came the flickering lights the blood curdling screams and the first of the walking deadDeath is ready for its close up are you?

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    What a brilliant premise This is the preuel to I Zombie I book seriesHere you meet Reginald GerandDrJohn Burgess and the Zero Day CollectiveZDC for the first timeYou also find out that the Mengela Virus was the brain child of Joseph Mengela from the Nazi GermanyDr Gerand was able to get his hands on Joseph Mengelas diaryAnd has a plan to use the diary to create and to perfect the Mengela virus for the deluded vision the ZDC has for the distribution and purposeDrGerand and the ZDC Heir a State of the art Director and Film crew and commandeer a small town named Temptation unbeknownst to them they close it off to run their trialunder the guise of making the town people all movie starsNo expense was sparedDrBurgess was able to figure out where DrMengela has gone wrongand succeeded in perfecting the virus for human infectionGo pick up you copy of this book to see what happens nextIt is fast pace and leaves you pondering the depth of the evilness of manMr Wallen never ceases to amaze and stretch the imagination to new lengthsThe imagery he paints with his words will leave you breathless