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On December 3 2012 Saturn Venus Mercury aligned On that same night three women align to see that justice is done Ponzi Bonnet thought she had found the perfect husband A psychologist could certainly understand her damage But her suspicion of infidelity turns out to be something far worse Far sinister And he had to be stoppedKenda Harper an actress and Ponzi’s best friend will do anything to help Even if it means endangering her own life and denying the yearning in her heartAnna Dew an artist and HSP could not tell her friend Ponzi why she pulled away but when she learns that her solution only enables bad men to do bad things she is compelled to make it rightThree women finding strength amid their weaknesses embarking on a journey into darkness and the labyrinths of selfhood match wits with the men who would inflict harm on other women and they won't give up until justice is done

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    I read the first two books in Kelli Jae Baeli’s AKA Investigations Series almost two years ago and each was great I have no idea why it took me so long to get around to Book 3 but whatever the reasons I’m very glad I finally did I enjoy a good yarn as much as the next person but I really read for character Despite the high uality of writing and the interesting stories it’s the characters that really stood out to me in the first book Armchair Detective and Book 2 Also Known As DNA Also the first person voice of those books which elsewhere I called a blend of Stephanie Plum and Raymond Chandler was perfectly suited to the character Jobeth and to the story So I was a little leery when I learned the next book in the series AKA Syzygy shifted POV to three new characters In Syzygy we do get a fair amount of Ginger somewhat less of Phoebe and only a soupçon of Jobeth and Izzy I particularly missed the latter two but turns out there’s a trade off In place of the thoroughly engaging people from the earlier books we get some terrific new characters In addition Baeli proves every bit as adept writing from third person POV as from firstThere are two things I especially like about the new characters Ponzi Kenda and Anna their strength amid adversity and their loyalty to each other Ponzi suspects her husband Garrison of infidelity but what she discovers is far worse Though devastated she uickly finds the strength to do whatever she must to stop his horrifying behavior Her best friend Kenda agrees without hesitation to help her no matter the danger to herself They also enlist the aid of Garrison‘s former secretary Anna who is also aware of Garrison’s criminal activities Well three things I guess The third interpretation on my part perhaps is the characters’ need to bring about Garrison’s downfall themselves Ponzi as a sort of catharsis helping her begin to heal Kenda to protect Ponzi maybe even to punish Garrison and Anna to atone for allowing him to continue his crimes due to her failure to report them Baeli introduces a second evildoer who is every bit as repugnant as Garrison and brings the two together vultures of a feather so to speak Ponzi and Kenda catch the two predators in flagrante delicto and conceive a clever plan to trap them While the second miscreant Payne isn’t absolutely essential to the story he does add depth and subtly reinforces the idea that such predators are far common than we want to admitIn addition to the three friends and the two malefactors other characters give complexity to the novel The blossoming relationship between Anna and uniformed cop Chloe is a nice secondary plot thread and the fact that Chloe is teamed with Ginger in an investigation involving Sexual Deviant Number Two seems to bring things full circle as the two criminals are completely surrounded by a cordon of powerful women Baeli imbues her characters with considerable depth We come to know them well and as a result we care about them and about what happens to them One of the highlights of Baeli’s writing is the avoidance of that writer’s bête noire telling instead of showing and that’s particularly true of her characterizations We learn about the characters through their actions and through dialog That showing not telling is what makes us feel we’re “in” the story not an outside observerIf I’ve devoted considerably time to the events of the story than I normally do it’s because of their importance not just in the novel but in our everyday lives Men such as Garrison and Payne do exist but as the novel shows women alone but especially together can not only stand up to them but also exact retribution It would be easy for a writer to become so incensed by the prevalence in the real world of the kind of acts depicted fictionally here that her fury detracts from the story I’m impressed by Baeli’s even handed treatment of the crimes in her narrative It's the characters who show their outrage not the author so that indignation is never allowed to get in the way of a most compelling and enjoyable story In a review of Book 1 of the AKA Investigations series I mentioned several specific scenes That I can recall such specifics after almost two years is a credit to the author There are many standout scenes in Syzygy too I loved the scene where Ginger first interrogates Payne pointing out inconsistencies in his story with scarcely concealed sarcasm; he’s so totally clueless and self absorbed that he doesn’t even realize he’s waaayyy out of his depth with the woman detective A scene in the woods with Garrison and Ginger skillfully shows us another side of Garrison’s malevolence and misogyny Another great scene maybe my favorite is the final one with Ponzi and Kenda where Baeli through Kenda shows considerable insight about Ponzi’s needs and emotional stateFor those who care about such things yeah there’s some sex The scenes are well written and in no way salacious There‘s no greater deal breaker for me than gratuitous sex and porn speak in a novel and there‘s none of that here Instead the few acts of love making are a natural outgrowth of the narrative; the final one is in fact essential for closure The scenes are however undeniably erotic which is particularly impressive given their briefnessAnyone who’s read than a couple of my reviews is probably aware of how I feel about gaffes in what Janet Burroway Writing Fiction calls the mechanical aspect of writing grammar spelling and punctuation To her list I would add usage To me failing to learn one’s craft shows laziness and worse a lack of respect for the reader There are however no issues of that sort where Jae Baeli’s writing is concerned It’s rare to these days to find a writer whose prose style is technically so nearly perfect but who’s also a helluva good story teller If you really think about it even the wildly popular JK Rowling is a terrific storyteller but she'd really pretty meh as a writer Some time ago I wrote of AndI Maruette that I doubted if she were even capable of writing poorly I would also apply the same comment to BaeliIn short Also Known as Syzygy is a well written nicely plotted entertaining and thought provoking novel capable of eliciting both righteous anger and considerable pleasure I strongly encourage you to read it

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    Third book in the AKA Investigations Series This time with new main characters and about 500 point of views After a steady increase in book ratings in this series this book here was a disappointment This book here kept back tracking Certain things would be seen by certain people the story would progress and then oops now we are back to the beginning of a particular plot point Watching everything unfold again From another point of view That was annoying I probably could have just lived from having the women's viewpoint and just the ones introduced in this book Just leave the AKA people out of it as their participation wasn't needed at all The romance angle wasn't needed as well Just seemed to serve as a forced inclusion Like these books need to have romances in them right? So 'force' There Romance MmmphsThe next book goes back to the main characters but I'm kind of leery of looking into it Since it has been implied that it will be the same story but now from the main characters point of view I was bored with the story the second time around I don't need to see it a billion timesI initially thought that this would be a different type of book than it was There was a certain vibe at the beginning that lead me to suspect certain things Things that would move it out of the mystery genre But no this had mystery elements Right let me see I wrote done the point of views as they turned up I might have missed one or two along the way So point of views Kendra Ponzi Anna the last two being the 'wronged' women Kendra just the lesbian in lust for the straight Ponzi Ginger from prior book Jobeth I think she had a few lines from her point of view Payne Hollister I might be mispelling his first name; he's the rich guy who likes raping women Dr Garrison Bishop Ponzi's husband Anna's former boss and current blackmailee as in Anna's blackmailing him and another rapist Chloe a neighbor of Anna's who apparently is just there for someone for Anna to hook up with So how many is that? counts I believe I count eight people with point of views Wait Hollister's sister had a scene of her own so nine people At least The book with a thousand heads or at least nine And that is a problem The AKA people Jobeth if she actually did have one scene and Ginger could have had their sections pulled Anna and Chloe could have had their sections pulled and just had Anna's participation in the plot 'seen' through Kendra and Ponzi's eyes Not 100% certain Kendra's point of view scenes were absolutely needed Because of the nature of the book Dr Bishop Hollister Ponzi and Hollister's sister's scene had to be included for plot reasons I mean most of the police action is scene through the eyes of the non police characters despite having two police characters with point of views included Ginger and Chloe Except for some investigation by Ginger while suspended from the police I don't actually recall that any of the important plot points were actually scene through the eyes of the police The interviews were from the eyes of others And that whole let me tell you the same story but now from different characters point of views thing? I suppose some of that was 'needed' but frankly I started to mostly just skim I mean nothing I didn't already know or have implied got revealed except for who Prada was Everything else was covered the first time around Those who read these types of books and or those who read Baeli books specifically for the sex well I'm trying to remember here Except for some kissing and maybe two scenes that might have occurred while I was in skimming mode most if not all of the 'sex' that occurred involved rape There were hmms three rapes if I recall correctly which were 'seen' in the book two were seen from multiple view points as they happened and one was seen several times later from film Well no two were seen later from video evidence Those are a lot of rape scenes for a series that hadn't had anything like this before So right This is a revenge plot type of book Ponzi was raped while she was asleep Anna witness a different rape though by the same man that raped Ponzi So Ponzi decides to go into the punishment game pulls in Anna and Kendra the lesbian with a massive crush on Ponzi While stumbling around and accidentally witnessing several rapes in person the three attempt to implement their revenge against Dr Bishop and Hollister I forget when they decided to include Hollister in the punishment though I know they had violent reactions when they learned that Hollister had raped Phoebe years agoA lot of what they do is counterproductive Like they pull in the AKA investigators for help Which isn't a stupid thing to do initially when in the stages of grief and horror To have investigators involved Except they then they being the revenge plot people Ponzi Anna and Kendra then had to dodge and lie to the AKA investigators to be able to carry out their plot Hence counterproductive Also Ponzi lying about going on a hunting trip with her husband Dr Bishop was just stupid Ended up with a scene with Ginger hunting for Ponzi's dead body while threatening Dr Bishop While Ginger is suspended from the police And while Dr Bishop will be handling an internal affairs investigation from the therapist report on Ginger Grant So that whole scene just made Ginger look stupid and endangered her career For no real point I mean I know the point was to show that Ponzi was in danger but that didn't really show that Strike that really part That didn't show that So A book I forced myself to stumble through At this exact moment I'm not really sure if I am being overly generous or overly harsh with a 2 rating

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    Another can't put downI wasn't sure what to think since Jobeth Phoebe Ginger and Izzy weren't the main focus But then the I read about Ponzi kenda and Anna I was Ohhh I sat on the edge of my seat waiting for that shoe to drop and they get caught I almost skipped this o e but I am glad I didn't Off to read book 4 I definitely recommend this book

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    other two book is way batter then this one

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    Book Three in the AKA Investigations Series Ponzi Bonnet has a perfect marriage or so she thinks Her husband Garrison is impotent which suits Ponzi She can’t have sex due to earlier problems and events in her life Garrison is a psychologist who better to understand Ponzi’s problems? Ponzi becomes suspicious of Garrison and wonders if he’s told her the full truth about himself She thinks he may be having an affair Her suspicions are wrong Garrison has a far worse agenda than a simple affair He has to be stopped from carrying on his devious goings on at all costs Actress Kenda Harper is Ponzi’s best friend Kenda is also smitten with her straight best friend but she would never act on her feelings Straight is straight and married is married after all Kenda would do literally anything for Ponzi even at the risk of her own life Struggling artist Anna Dew used to work for Garrison as his secretary and left suddenly Ponzi has her suspicions that she may be the one Garrison is seeing But Ponzi couldn’t be further from the truth Ponzi Kenda and Anna eventually pit their wits together to outsmart Garrison and his sidekick They have to prevent them from harming any women no matter what the conseuences to themselves They plot and plan and come up with a dangerous and intricate plan But will it work? Will all three women survive? This book is vastly different to the previous two in the series But it is every bit as exciting and as much a page turner from start to finish as it’s predecessors I ended up staying up until well past my bedtime to finish this Syzygy is an alignment of three celestial objects according to Kelli Jae Baeli Here we have three women aligned in the pursuit of justice Hence the title of this book Syzygy features Ponzi Kenda and Anna as it’s main characters All are multidimensional and interact really well together Some of the staff of AKA Investigations put in an appearance along with Phoebe Izzy and Ginger from the previous books All characters are essential in moving the story along at a nice pace This book covers a lot of different topics I don’t want to add in any spoilers but be prepared for some major shocks along the way The storyline is certainly not for the faint hearted But having said that the book is extremely well written and any storyline of an upsetting nature has been sympathetically penned I have the fourth book in this series which I can’t wait to start But I’m going to save it until next month It will probably be a while before another AKA book is published Well I’m hoping there will be another in the series Please