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A fascinating book that travels effortlessly from biblical times to tomorrow with stops in Israel Europe Africa and the Diamond Dealers’ Club on New York City’s 47th StreetAs Nebuchadnezzar's hordes approach Jerusalem sacred objects are hidden—the Tablets of Law the Ark and its cover the golden cherubim and the breastplate of the High Priest bearing twelve precious stones one from each tribe The stone from the tribe of Zebulon is a great yellow diamond This novel is the story of how three of the world’s great religions compete to gain the diamond as desperately as they have struggled over the tiny land which the stone represents It is also the story of Harry Hopeman a diamond man from a diamond family; of his love for a remarkable Yemenite woman; and of his painstaking search for the valuable ancient diamond whose history is interwoven with the past of the Jewish people A chronicle of ancient Judaism and modern Israel The Jerusalem Diamond is at once an exciting adventure a passionate love story and an absorbing voyage through history

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    I loved this book Why? Gordon mixed history and fiction with flashbacks to the past If you read the book you will learned about Judaism and of course diamonds Wonderful book

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    Let me start with I love Noah Gordon I first read Mr Gordon's Cole series The Physician Shaman Matters of Choice Loved them all The Jerusalem Diamond is an earlier book by Mr Gordon It took me a little while to get into the book but once I did it came to life as all of his books do He not only develops characters who come to life but he intertwines the stories with such interesting history I find myself unable to put the book down And unlike some other books I never truly know how it's going to end up I like that The main character Harry Hopeman is a full complex character who I came to feel as if I knew I enjoyed this book very much Had it not been for the fact that the book took a little bit to get into I would have given this 5 stars I am not going to give away the story for the sake of readers who have not yet read the book but it's a great read

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    Short english review it wasn't a bad book but I think that it could be resolved in less pages The most enjoyable aspect of this book was the historical chapters but it fall short compared to other Noah Gordon's books I recommend reading The Physician firstPocas veces me pasa desear ue un libro se termine lamentablemente este fue uno de esos casos Compré este libro porue El médico es uno de los mejores libros de novela histórica ue he leído así ue uería probar algún otro libro de este autor El Diamante de Jerusalén fue escrito antes ue El Médico por lo tanto era de esperar ue no fuera tan buenoEn este libro se cuenta la historia de Harry Hopeman un diamantista ue desciende de un linaje de expertos en joyas El Vaticano le encarga recuperar un diamante muy raro llamado El diamante de la inuisición el cual ha estado relacionado con su familia a lo largo de la historia y ahora está en manos de un misterioso egipcio llamado Yosuf Mehdi Creo ue lo mejor de este libro es la cantidad de información ue tiene se nota ue el autor realizó una gran investigación Hay muchos datos tanto sobre el oficio de los diamantistas como de las tradiciones judías así como el pasado de dicho puebloOtro aspecto ue me gustó mucho fueron los capítulos de los antepasados de Hopeman en ellos visitamos distintas épocas históricas los orígenes de la inuisición Italia durante el renacimiento y Alemania durante el ascenso de los Nazis al poder y las atrocidades ue empiezan a sufrir los judíosLamentablemente la historia del presente no es tan interesante empieza muy bien con cierto misterio pero hacia la mitad del libro estaba deseando ue apareciera un capítulo histórico porue era muy aburrida Los personajes tampoco ayudan mucho Harry no me pareció un gran protagonista y le inventan una historia de amor ue me pareció fuera de lugar De hecho pasan la mayor parte del libro diciéndose lo mucho ue se uieren por no decir cogendo capítulo por medio en vez de buscar el famoso diamante Así ue para terminar recomiendo ue leas otros libros de este autor y dejes este para el final El médico es un excelente libro del ue escribiré una reseña en algún momento porue es uno de mis libros favoritos

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    I read this book in Portuguese and that was a negative point on the whole experience I'm so used to read the original English versions that this translated looked a bit weirdAs for the book itself the best of it were historical bits about the Jews and their diamond trade Aparte from that I could find the book very interesting as I think it is supposed to be The main character is so shallow and uninteresting that made me want to put the book down I went through the whole book just wishing to finish it as to get rid of it If it weren't for the historical parts I think I wouldn't have read it to the very endSo basically a very interesting background story; not so interesting characters

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    My first read by Noah Gordon fast becoming a favorite author At first it seemed slow to get going confused me a bit till I got the stride then I had trouble closing it to do daily life anxiously awaited getting on with the story each night Loved the Hebrew historical line eager for

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    A Beautiful StoryA very different mystery tracing the history of a magnificent yellow diamond through the history of a family whose fate is intertwined with it Fascinating insights into the culture of Israel into Judaism bring the people the country to life Highly recommended

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    I just could not get into this book I struggled to finish it and it was just OK for me For some reason I cannot explain I could not relate to any of the characters or their actions Normally I like this type of story mixing historical periods with the present but this onejust didn't work for me

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    This book was kinda slow going but good Harry Hopeman a diamond cutter by trade as was his father is given a chance to recover a stolen rare yellow diamond and restore it to the pope This is the story of that journey including a trip to Israel and some harrowing events along the way Has uite a bit of Jewish traditions and history so might be a little flowing if you are Jewish

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    it's a cool and catchy story i'm not jewesh and it's realy hard for me understand some of the words that the author uses to describe places objets etc but in the end i will recomend this book like i said it in the biggining it's a good story

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    An interesting book about Israel the life of the Jews through the history and a good story in general