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Preparing for disasters is becoming and evident Hurricane Sandy left people without food and safe water to drink for weeks until relief showed up and even then it was severely rationed with so many in need Power was out for a month in some areas uoted from a news report While officials say there were no reports of widespread looting after Sandy wreaked havoc throughout the state residents in several parts of New Jersey say they were the victims of looters who took advantage of power outages to cause mayhem The terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon and then a couple days later a thwarted bombing by Al uieda in Toronto Canada Each year we are experiencing and disasters Our economic climate is showing signs of collapse Layoffs are happening by the thousands by companies that were once considered stable and dependable Unfortunately this is the reality of our world todayWe need to be realistic and see the present condition of our environments for what they are That conditions can change uickly and we can be in a state of crisis in as little as 24 hours It's become and evident that common sense is needed to prepare for a least a weeks rations of food and water for our family in the event of a crisis However how do we put stock aside when most of us live from paycheck to paycheck?With Prepper Ultimate I'll show you simple ways to get the money you need so you can have enough food and water for a week in no time Good items to have that you never would have thought of in time likeLearn how a piece of chalk can prevent a family tragedyImportant information that must be on photo's of family but few are aware of it until it's too lateWhat kind of naturally trained animals will warn you of intruders long before any dog can These are animals that are used by the Military in parts of the world to protect bases from attack and they are extremely successful at their jobAwareness of Dangerous Neighbors and what to do if they visitA simple self defense techniue that can be done by almost anyone that will drop a man of any size in seconds So easy a 60 year old man or woman can do it This was shown to me by a 7th Dan Black belt It will change anyone from a frightened victim to a deadly defender in momentsAlso included is access to a special website with valuable product ideas and current prepping advice This will be updated regularly with new ideas and cutting edge products for your protection and safety

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