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She didn't do relationships She didn't even do all nightAfter years of avoiding her teenage crush Hildy Klein is shocked to come face to face with Wilson KennedyHer uncle's wake isn't the place to unravel all the ways that Wilson could leave her emotionally vulnerable and exposed yet his gentle persistence is impossible to ignoreBut Wilson is no longer that boy in her fantasies and now Hildy must decide if she will give up control and commit to the protective kinky Dom he's become

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    First off I have to admit that this is the first book that I have read by this author and geez I've been missing outI loved Wil and Hildy She took a piece of his heart when they were younger and then she stole this rest in this book My heart broke for everything that Hildy had to endure during her life but man who better to take care of her than Wil The only complaint that I had about this book was that I wish we could have saw of them as a couple after she was able to trust I will be going back to read the first book and then can't wait to read about Jack and GriffARC received by author for an honest review

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    This book felt like the beginning of something instead of a full fleshed thought Hildy and Wilson met and had an encounter years ago after which Hildy made herself scarce Now they meet again at the funeral of Hildy's uncle Wilson immediately approaches Hildy and seems to want to be with her but then balks a bit about being with a newbie sub when he found out she was interested in kink So I wondered if the idea of her liking kink hadn't come up was he planning on having a vanilla relationship with her?I guess we'll never know Anyway I'm giving this three stars Mostly be I did respond to this emotionally If something affects me that way I feel it deserves some consideration

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    No thanksThis was an okay read for me I was inspired to read the first two books in the Dominant Cord series after first being introduced to Sadie Haller's writing in the Frisky Beaver series which she penned together with Ainsley Booth The first book in the Frisky Beaver series which was also my favorite was Prime Minister Unfortunately this series didn't really do it for me so I am not inspired to read the third book in the Dominant Cord series

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    Loved itWasn't as good as the first book but I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway Was looking for back story for the lead characters than was given Overall if you liked the first you'll enjoy this one

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    The story seemed disjointed I was weirded out by the possibility of the main character being naked and sexually intimate with someone while a person she considers family is in the same room Not my cuppa

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    More psychology and explaining than actionHildy's continued reaction to her parents seemed odd for an adult Especially with the friends she hung with Interesting story

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    Good story wasn’t much to it but like it

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    Read in e pub format on my Nook

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    One Gold Knot by Sadie HallerNovella #2 Dominant Cord SeriesSource PurchaseMy Rating 3½5 starsMy Review One Gold Knot the second installment of the Dominant Cord series uite unfortunately suffers from the dreaded Sopho Slump Hildy Klein is on the surface a very confident if somewhat standoffish woman Other than her beloved uncle Hildy is estranged from her family doesn’t do relationships at all and has a few very close friends that she trusts For years Hildy has been completely fine with this arrangement as it means that she doesn’t ever have to face her issues and deal with the things that have for the bulk of her life caused her great distress With the exception of her few close friends Hildy maintains her distance from others at all costs and should anyone ever try to get close to her Hildy simply runs and cuts ties Hildy’s mother and father are a nightmare of epic proportions and their treatment of her throughout her life has been nothing short of abuse The day of her uncle’s wake was meant to be a time to honor the only man who has ever loved her unconditionally but the presence of her parents and their very public attack turned the day from unbearable to disastrous Adding to her extreme discomfort is the presence of her childhood crush Wilson Kennedy Though she has no interest in becoming reacuainted with Wilson she can’t deny the facts the man is still stunningly handsome he is kind and caring and he was than capable of stepping up and shielding Hildy from her parentsWilson Kennedy sees something in Hildy Klein that very few are ever given the opportunity to see Wilson sees a beautiful sexy talented and intelligent woman who has learned to put up a good front in order to protect herself Wilson totally appreciates how hard Hildy has worked to insulate and isolate herself and though he doesn’t want to scare her away or cause her any distress Wilson does want the chance to get to know Hildy Wilson is a very strong man who is also uite caring and very perceptive In what is perhaps the greatest test of his patience Wilson takes baby steps with Hildy in an effort to better know her With each step Wilson better understands Hildy her past and most excitingly the things that turn her on As an experienced Dom and specialist with ropesbondage Wilson is delighted to discover that Hildy very much enjoys being restrained Wilson’s greatest concern though is Hildy’s incredible lack of experience in the BDSM world and her reluctance to become involved Luckily Wilson is great friends with Finn Taylor and Mac Willis and it doesn’t take long for Hildy to realize that the world of BDSM is about so much than kinky sex In short order Wilson Finn and Mac all help Hildy to understand that she is safe with them and no matter what issues she is facing her friends and lover will be there to help herThe Bottom Line I went into this read coming off the high of really enjoying book one in the series One Gold Heart By the end of this short read I found myself far less enad with the series and frustrated with this particular story Though this is a novella length read there really should have been time given over to Hildy’s past and explanation about the events that have so significantly impacted her life Clearly whatever happened to Hildy was traumatic and awful and those eventsexperiences are glossed over in this read Further I would have very much liked to have had far far information about Wilson One Gold Knot is the story of two people and Wilson sort of gets lost in the mix with so much of the attention focused on Hildy In all I was hoping for a read similar in structure to One Gold Heart and what I got is a read that is still good but not nearly as good as its predecessor The Sopho Slump has struck and I am dearly hoping the third installment of the series will overcome the Slump and get what started off as an excellent series right back on track

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    I couldn’t put this down I had to go buy the rest of the series after because I couldn’t get enoughHildy Klein’s uncle and piano teacher the one person in her life who loved her has died She is at his wake and has to come out of her self imposed piano retirement to play for his wake Except Wilson a boy she had a crush on when she was a teenager has just showed up and so have her abusive neglectful parents Somehow Wilson seems to know exactly what she needs and she finds herself craving his touch even though she should just want to be aloneHildy is about as damaged as a person can get Touch is essential to normal child development and being denied any form of touch as a child really damages you Add verbal abuse and you have a pretty messed up human Wilson is a Dom with an uncanny ability to read body language and facial expressions and anticipate the needs of his subs And he is the only person Hildy feels safe with because of itThere is some pretty moderate BDSM so be sure you are comfortable with that before reading If that is OK you will love this story So gripping and emotional and also extremely sexy