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Finn Taylor is an asshole So why does he keep showing up in Mac's late night fantasies as the Dom of her dreams? She can't even ignore him because she's stuck working with the fellow musician for the Christmas concert seasonMac Wallis is a mess and Finn can't fall for a submissive who's so damaged she needs medication just to get through a performance But he's drawn to the beautiful oboist even as he keeps pissing her off He can't resist trying to take care of her in every way

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    25 stars ugh good job it had a decent amount of spanking that's all I'm saying

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    Mac is a musician who had a tragedy in her past give her anxiety attack when it comes to performances Yet her best friend Sully winds up injured and asks her to take his place in the uintet he usually plays on After some arguing she reluctantly agrees and shows up at the practice for the group This was a pretty good book and I can relate to the anxiety attacks as I have them myself Finn is a dominant who is also a member of the group and when Mac shows up and announces that she was there as Sully's sub he mistakes it and thinks that she was supposed to be there in a few days for their play night Mac uickly gets the situation straightened up with a call to Sully but with that call Finn finds out she needs drugs to cope with her performance anxiety so winds up being hostile to her all night Sully is trying to bring Mac out of the shell so he set them up to have dinner Finn is drawn to her and becomes determined to help her break through the walls she has built This was a really good book This was my time reading this author although I do have a few of her other books I really liked both main character's and their friends This was book one in a new series too me This book was well written with no errors in spelling or grammar I am looking forward to reading the next book

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    Like the story a lot Rather sweet after some of the darker stuff that I read or read about My major complaint is musical A wind uintet would name itself Dominant Chord not cord Yes the one they choose allows those in the know to infer the BDSM but that's not really the way a classical music group would want people to be thinking about when they want to get hired Also Bach's Christmas Oratorio is a very lengthy work for chorus and chamber orchestra It's usually performed in 2 pieces It is absolutely NOT a piece for a wind uintet Oratorio by itself to anyone with a modicum of musical experience means piece for chorus with some sort of orchestra Handel's Messiah is probably the most well known oratorio Can't really see that working well for the uintet Sorry rant about basic musical element now overI liked the characters I thought the situation with Mac's background and her willingness to at least consider trying to overcome her past experience was well done if perhaps rushed I wish the book had been longer

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    I read this after reading Prime Minister which she co wrote with Ainsley Booth and I wanted to try a solo novel by Sadie Haller This is my first real bdsm themed novella I have read outside of books like fifty shades of grey and I think it explained in depth the role between dominates and subordinates in a relationship I wasn't sure if it was going to be my cup of tea at first but the I read I found that I really enjoyed it Finn really took care of Mac's needs and allowed her to heal and trust again after being the victim of a career ending vicious rape than a decade earlier He was patient and kind with her after they got to know each otherI liked the storyline hereIf you are are on the fence about this genre this maybe a good book to try

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    Ugh DNF The editing on this was terrible Missing uotation marks every other page Add to that a slow story where I just don't care about Finn or Mac and stilted dialogue that my eight year old could write and I just can't get through it

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    I didn't like it very much It kinda dragged on a lot and didn't hold much of a plot line A bit boring

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    Check out of my reviews on my blog wwwgemmareadstoomuchforittomenormal25 starsOne Gold Heart is book #1 in the Dominant Cord Series and the first book I have read by this author I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review so here goesThis book is a short nugget of kinkiness and I think I kind of liked itMac is a feisty but damaged girl; I liked her spunk and attitudeFinn was a sweetie he seemed to genuinely want to take care of Mac and I found his character very endearingThere were elements of a domsub relationship but I’m sorry to say I didn’t find this book particularly sexyThe sexual encounters between Mac Finn were all very orchestrated Now I know that this was part of the story to help Mac move on in a sexual relationship after being the victim of a rape But for me I just didn’t feel anything from the sex there wasn’t any passion and sorry but it just didn’t float my boatThe story for the most part crawled along at a snail’s pace and then the last chapter went from them experimenting with very vanilla sex to an all out BDSM smorgasbord of everythingI mean seriously bondage vibrators butt plugs and anal in one chapter whewSorry but this just didn’t work for me the relationship just escalated far too uickly In the space of 2 3 weeks Mac went from being unable to be alone with a man bar Sully To living with Finn being collared and declaring their undying loveThis is a sweet story but it didn’t wow me so only 25 stars from me

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    Very enjoyable I am in general a fan of musicians but they are typically are of the bad boy rocker types In One Gold Heart we get a classical musician that happens to be a Dom with a heart of gold In my opinion Finn is almost too sweet but his character fit perfect with Mac's in helping her to overcome her very painful past I look forward to future installments in the seriesThe BDSM elements were light at bestCopy provided by authorpublisher via NetGalley for an honest review

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    Shouldn't it be chord if it's about a music group?