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Did dinosaurs some weighing as much as 70 tons beome extinct millions of years ago? Or did dinosaurs and man live on earth at the same time? If so why and how did they become extinct? Dr Baugh and Dr Wilson tackle these perplexing uestions from both an archaeological and a biblical perspective Their conculsions documented with actual photographs and analyses prove that men and dinosaurs did live on earth together before the Noahic flood This book wil be a tremendous help in answering uestions relating to the evolutionary theories regarding dinosaurs

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    This book was a fun and easy read Very conversational it was basically a transcript of radio interviews of Doctors Carl Baugh and Clifford Wilson presenting scientific evidence that men and dinosaurs did indeed walk together on the earth Dr Clifford Wilson has written over thirty books was involved in many archaeological digs and founded the Pacific College of Graduate Studies in Australia Dr Carl Baugh has degrees in theology archaeology and anthropology and is the founder of Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose Texas where footprints of both dinosaurs and humans have been preserved in limestone layers around the Paluxy River Among other things these men talk about their experience digging up some of those tracks and how evidence resoundingly supports belief in a literal interpretation of the first 11 chapters of Genesis that the earth is thousands not millions of years old; dinosaurs and humans were created on the same 24 hour day of creation; the worldwide flood described in Genesis 6 7 was real and the fossil record proves it There are lots of photographs at the middle of the book documenting what they and others have found along with additional information at the back of the book I enjoyed reading this book and think it would be a fine introduction to someone interested in the subject Due to its informal format it would not be the best choice for a person doing serious research The perfect binding of this low budget volume made it fall apart in the desert climate where I live so that was a little disappointing But overall it was a nice change of pace