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A portrait of a talented and courageous woman physician who stares at her reflection in the glass ceiling and decides to seek and find a meaningful lifeRoberta Jeanne d’Arc Cole is favored to be named associate chief of medicine at a Boston hospital She is married to a surgeon They own a trophy residence on historic Brattle Street in Cambridge and a summer house in the Berkshire HillsEverything melts away Her gender and her work at an abortion clinic cost her the hospital appointment Her marriage fails Crushed she goes to the farmhouse in Western Massachusetts thinking to sell it and finds an unexpected life How she continues to fight for every woman’s right to choose while acknowledging her own ticking clock and maternal yearning makes this prize winning third story of the Cole trilogy as relevant as tomorrow

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    Matters of Choice Cole Family Trilogy #3 Noah GordonA spirited and gifted physician forgoes a stellar career at a prestigious hospital for a small town private practice and finds even greater challenges than those of the big city Now she faces her hardest test as a doctor and a woman whether to keep the medical secret of a girl who has desperately turned to her for help or to betray that trust to keep the love of the man who has filled her life with unexpected joyCole family trilogy The Physician 1986; Shaman 1992; Matters of Choice 1995تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز سوم ماه اکتبر سال 2000 میلادیعنوان سه گانه خانواده کول کتاب سوم اهمیت انتخاب؛ نویسنده نوآ گوردون؛یک پزشک بااستعداد از یک شغل پرآوازه در یک بیمارستان معتبر، برای یک عمل خصوصی در شهری کوچک، چشم پوشی و حتی چالشهای بزرگتری را نیز نسبت به آن شهر بزرگ، پیدا میکندا شربیانی

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    I read this book because I so very much enjoyed the first two books in the series I agree wholeheartedly with the other critical reviews of this book I would not recommend it I do plan to read other well reviewed Noah Gordon books like The Last Jew I don't know what happened with this book but it was indeed as though it was written by someone other than the same author of The Physician and ShamanSkip it and read one of his good books instead

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    This book was such a disappointment I really enjoyed the first two books in the The Cole Family Series and was eager to read this one But boy I felt that Gordon't handling of the protagonist RJ was so incredibly clumsy It's as if the task of voicing a female character overwhelmed him There were little things that just felt so off little comments that didn't need to be included but sounded like a man's stereotypical idea of what a woman would think and want I remember RJ having a cup of sweetened coffee and Gordon writes that the coffee was sure to put on the pounds Also the plot was meandering and felt like it was going nowhere And in the end it didn't The end was predictable I mean I literally said Of course and rolled my eyes There were chunks of the book dedicated to a secondary character that I just skipped altogether because I couldn't care less about him So overall it was a real disappointment I longed for the elegant and neat storytelling of the two previous books in the series

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    Matters of Choice is the third book of Noah Gordon's successful trilogy This part takes a jump of several centuries focusing on the life of one of the descendants of the protagonist of the first novel Like the first part the medicine will be the thread of the plot but this time the main character is a female that will have to confront gender bias in a difficult time to be a woman doctor For me this book is even better than the first especially for the realistic atmosphere of the time and the strength of the main character It’s a fiction book that mixes adventure drama and above all a journey through the exciting world of scienceSpanish versionLa doctora cole es el tercer libro de la exitosa trilogía de Noah Gordon Esta parte hace un salto de varios siglos para centrarnos en la vida de una de las descendientes del protagonista de la primera novela Como en la primera parte la medicina será el hilo conductor de la trama pero esta vez se e añadirá el hecho de ue la protagonista femenina deberá enfrentarse a los prejuicios de sexo en una época difícil para una mujer médico Para mí este libro es aún mejor ue el primero sobretodo por la genial ambientación de la época y la fuerza de su protagonista Es un libro de ficción ue mezcla aventuras drama y sobretodo un viaje a través del apasionante mundo de la ciencia y las personas

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    Not nearly as good as the first two in the series the book suffered from a setting contemporary to its writing and all the problems of a man writing a female main character I understand that a woman as a doctor shows progression of the profession through time but the intimate thoughts and personal story fell into cliché far too often It really disappoints me because I think Physician is probably in my top 20 books I've ever read and Shaman manages the unusual viewpoint of a deaf narrator very well The first main issue is the lack of distance from the period being written about since it was contemporary when Gordon wrote it in the mid 1990s The perspective of history with space and time to analyze the major conflicts of the period in this series focused on religion and medical practice it noticeably lacking in this book as opposed to the first two With distance comes a clearer understanding of all aspects major social conflicts allowing a fuller narrative Gordon handled well the health care debate and the touchy to understate issue of abortion But as I said it suffers from lack of distance from the issues Reading Matters of Choice just two decades after it was written and set it comes across as myopic and dated which neither of the earlier books did despite being 1000 and 150 years ago It could be my or any current reader's first hand experience of the time but I think it's mostly because the social issues of the third book hadn't yet and still haven't been resolved in any sense The author manages to make the characters in the first and second books fully involved in and affected by the conflicts and problems of their day but the advantage of knowing the outcome becomes obvious on reading this last bookThe second main issue is the often seen problem of a man writing a woman's perspective There are certain thing universal to all humans and some men can write women characters well but the female elements of this main character's identity are most often clichéd I am woman hear me roar archetypal feminist descriptions or as in the case of her sexuality just conveniently ignored This aspect of the book reinforces the adage of write what you know though I understand some of the absurdity in that statement when I enjoy so much his writing about a character in the early 1000s Maybe a better way to put it is that the author excels at researching and bringing the reader into another time but lacks the research or understanding to relate as deeply to another genderIt's an interesting book with a mid 90s perspective on the health care and abortion debates and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the first two books However unlike the first two in the trilogy I would never recommend it on its own merits

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    This was totally different than Noah Gordon's first two in the series That I'm afraid made it hard to get into as I loved the history in the two earlier books I also felt that this book focused too much on politics of the day abortion clinics health care problems in modern times I suppose it was just too real to life for me to really enjoy it Thus the 3 stars And I almost didn't finish it so I guess I liked it enough to find out what happened

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    Once again Noah Gordon wraps a sense of modern reality in the story of the Coles For me personally this wasn't the brightest of the trilogy but that is most likely due to the fact that it is set in 'today's world My knowledge is deeper about the issues so RJ's experiences were not unexpected as it relates to the practice of medicine I still thoroughly enjoyed the book

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    While I appreciate the author's efforts in bringing his saga about generations of Cole family physicians into the 20th century this book sure seemed like a novel in search of a plot The ending just sort of ran out of steam as though Gordon got really really tired of RJ everyone else I know I did

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    This is a strong dramatic story about a woman doctor making tough moral decisions It has good medical descriptions and hits home with small town life and living green Good ethical uestions and soul searching

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    I loved this book so much It touches some subjects which I consider very important and it is as well written as the 2 first books of the saga