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Nine year old Hayley Marie Culligan kneeled by her bedside prayed and asked God to send her a new mommy for Christmas Maybe God must have been busy when she made her reuest because Jillian showed up as her daddy’s new girlfriendJillian was not the mommy type Hayley even overheard her saying so on the phone Ms Kember who lived next door was the mommy typeMaybe if Hayley could get rid of Jillian Ms Kember could marry her daddy and be her new mommy

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    This is a story of a little girl who lost her mum and she desperately wanted a new one She prayed and asked God to grant this wish and the story is all about that journey of finding a new mom The story made me laugh and feel sad too This is an AA story only my second one and it was a great read Her dad's name is Jack and her new mommie is Ms Kember The story is by Olivia Gaines some of us will be familiar with her Blacke Files stories

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    Freakin' Awesome readHayley is a trip in this book I did a lot of LOL when it came to her creativity Although I normally read steamy romance novels this one missed nothing I would suggest this uick read to anyone regardless of age Happy reading folks

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    Hayley's mom died when she was three years old More than anything she wants a new mom for Christmas When her dad meets up and befriends Ms Jillian Haley is having no parts of it Ms Jillian doesn't want or like kids and she wants nothing than to get with Haley's dad Jack and send Haley away to boarding school Kembra and Jack went to school together and have always been friends Kembra moved away and came back She bumps into Haley one day and befriends her They go shopping they do stuff in Kembra's house and when Haley's friend who always has the sleepover at her house comes down with a case of the chicken pox Kembra even plans for Haley to have the sleep over at her Kembra's house Every morning Jack and Haley sit on the porch and have coffee When Jillian gets wind of this she is furious She tries everything she can to get a relationship going with Jack but Haley makes it her business to make sure nothing blossoms between her father and Jillian In the end Jillian realizes that she can't win with Haley and she angrily leaves the picture Jack and Kember realize all the time they have been spending together has sprouted feelings between them They realize they are in love and want to be together It helps a lot that Kember has formed a relationship with Haley long before she formed one with her father Haley gets the one thing she had always wanted A new mommy for Christmas Read July 2014

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    Heart Warming Heart Warming This book was filled with smiles laughter heart felt moments of Awww This is a great uick read leaves you with hope for real love

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    A New Mommy For ChristmasThis book was just way to cute and funny It was cool to that kids can detect love in someone before we as adults are able to notice itgreat book and love story

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    Great bookMs Gaines is an awesome story tellerGreat book Ms Gaines is an awesome story teller Have read all her books Look forward to all her new adventures that she takes me on

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    First read for 2014 and I loved it Great story line with laughter forgiveness finding new loves and starting over

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    It was okay kind of corny but I overall didn't like it

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    A new MommyI loved this book I cried I laughed and I rooted for Hailey I enjoyed reading this book so look much

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    25 starsI didn't care for the writing style but Hayley is hilarious