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Our world is broken Our people are torn The sun no longer rises Evening no longer falls In the lands of endless sunlight we fear the darkness we forge swords we march to war In the shadows of eternal night we hide we pray we die Soldiers of sunlight and children of darkness we were once one We were torn apart We must be one again We are the people of Moth Our world must once turn

10 thoughts on “Secrets of Moth (The Moth Saga #3)

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    Overall an ok trilogy The characters didn't feel anywhere deep enough to warrant 3 books Any growth seemed kind of forced and the changes were marginal over three books The most laughable was the romance What was supposed to be an interesting twist in romance was easily seen from the very beginning It's a fluff piece for when you can't handle a serious fantasy IT's worth one read but not something worth reading again

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    I enjoyed the first three books of the six book series They come together at the end as a trilogy and the next three can be read or not The first book started slowly and I was wondering if it would pick up I gave it a couple chapters and it did It didn't take too long for the plot to form after that and move at a rapid pace The way it was written was interesting in that some of the main characters were introduced separately before coming together to create the plot It took a while to get used to the format but it kept one guessing The writing was good but not great Details were enough that the reader was able to visualize the scenes The characters were developed enough but left me longing for a little especially at the end They did grow and learn difficult life lessons along the way If one reads between the lines and even in the lines he also makes some very wise statements about life and coming of age The imagination of the author however was EXCELLENT It definitely had a different twist than a lot of fantasy novels The books read uickly and are suitable for younger readers I'd rate it for age 14 There are a few milder cuss words and allusions to sexual liaisons but nothing in explicit detail The battles were fairly graphic however but not any than most video games with this rating One of my pet peeves with contemporary authors editors and publishers is grammatical Especially in the use of objective and subjective pronouns She is taller than I NOT She is taller than me is the correct usage and it bothers me every time this is used incorrectly It would be a smoother read for geeks like me if this issue were addressed It's probably not something I would re read but it was fun and interesting

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    This third book in the saga picks up during the fight between light and dark The main characters embark on an important journey to save the world as the fighting continues Again I found that the writing continued to improve over the three books I found depth to the characters in this book that wasn't present in the first book I was a bit annoyed by Bailey about midway through this book but I did come to understand why she acted the way she did Am a bit sad to leave these characters behind

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    A great conclusion to the story of Moth the struggle of Koyee Torin their friends They must split up to endure a journey to the far reaches of Moth They are endeavouring to collect pieces of the broken clock that makes the world turn in order to then meet up fix the clock therefore the world Their journeys are fraught with dangers the villain Ferius is on their tails trying to prevent them from succeeding The story is exciting adventurous full of highs lows for the friends A great read a proper page turner I highly recommend this series

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    Really enjoyed this one Arenson isn't a great writer but he knows how to tell a story that keeps me reading I really felt for the struggles his characters go through in this one and there was one particularly heartbreaking scene toward the endI also like how this book finished the main story but still set up the next three books A great read for fans of action fantasy with a bit of RPG flavor

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    WOW another amazing story that continues the story of two worlds divided and the journey to put the world to right no giving away the ending off me but i'll be honest it's a wonderful ending

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    Perhaps action packed than the fist two books in the Moth saga although it was a trade off for there was less character development Overall a solid Arenson novel and I look forward to the continuing saga with Daughter of Moth

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    This series had excellent worldbuilding It was well written and I was inspired but some of the story elements The intimate aspects of the romance subplots weren't freuent however they were often not clean either

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    wow fast paced and lots of tear jerking moments

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