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Warning This book is not your mother's fantasy It's a modern story with a sexy alpha male who's tired of waiting for what he wants Once he gets her he's not afraid to take on the Universe to keep her Don't let the cover fool you This book is hotBehind the Faerying Mysts hidden from Mortal eyes is a land where gods and creatures of myth and legend dwell And in the Mortal Realm their Princess is hidden awayuinn Sinclair lives an ordinary life with her less than loving mother in Conifer Colorado clueless of her true nature On the night of her birthday a staggering betrayal sends her life spinning out of control As she struggles to pick up the pieces a vision of a man with haunting tourmaline blue eyes begs her for help and she is transported into a Magykal battle forever changing her lifeArik Morgaine Demigod bad boy and outcast of the Magykal Realm tried to avoid contact with Princess uinn for eighteen years not wanting to make good on an old threat But the fates have other plans Arik can no longer deny his growing desire for uinn or the need to protect her from those wanting to control her burgeoning powers Can the two of them come together and save the Magykal Realm from being destroyed by the Darkest of Magyks? New Adult Recommended for 18 and above Mature themes sexual situations and profanity

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    First I would like to say that I did enjoy reading this book but I had a hard time getting into this novel at first initially I was thinking this was adult PNR but its like YA Except for the occasional curse words there wasn't much adult content with very clean sex scenes minus the initial virginity sceneThere were several things that were amiss throughout the story adding to my difficulty tucking in and enjoying fully 1 The effing was truly distracting Either swear or don't this made uinn sound so childish it was disturbing She is a 22 year old woman and a college graduate but every time she said eff or effing it made her seem 16 Her brother initially started out as a strong soldier male who was bound to protect his sister then turned into a silly childish guy with the way he became in awe of the Magykals Not at all a strong male expected to one day become King 2 The story jumped around too much There was so much back story for character development and world development Ravers attempted to create that it became difficult to follow Meaning than the story at times came to a stand still while the back story was filled in then all of a sudden Something happened to move the story forward In this it was a bit disjointed and I found myself having to re read sections 3 The language The Magykals language although pretty in print was distracting in that I almost felt that I missed the first book that explained what all these words meant The glossary at the end helped but I didn't know it was there until I finished the book Ok things I liked This world has the potential to become one of my favorite places to hang out in I hope there are books coming The characters are interesting and bringing to light some not often mentioned gods Loki and Tyr as well as the bad girl of bad girls Morgana le Fey Can't get much evil than her I liked how the author put Loki in a positive light than most stories about him He is usually the evil plotting onein this story he is mischievous but kind helping his nephew find his path to the light I was very surprised by the reveal of Ariks powers I am dying to know if his response is faked or truth I'm hoping for fake I would like to see the uinn get a backbone and wield her Magyk without fear I also liked the idea of the Colours and that wielding magic didn't mean witches and worlocks but Druids and Demigods which is a new take in PNR I am looking forward to reading the next book to discover about this world and its characters Note The author provided this book to me in exchange for an honest review

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    A most enjoyable fantasy However I would like to state right off that this is not a YA novel Content is definitely appropriate for mature audiences So while the cover may look sweet and innocent this book is notThis story has several key characters but the perspectives are with young uinn a 22 year old who has been rushed into a whole different reality and Arik of the Magykal Realm This book kicks us into high gear right from the beginning with the end of a sex scene that uickly becomes uite violent for uinn Soon she is left uestioning who her father is who she can and can't trust and Then there is Arik I love his character The good guy with the chip on his shoulder and can therefore easily come across as the bad guy I almost always love that character complex though Arik has been around for uite a while and seen his share of good and evil Yet ties with family and friends have been tested over the years and now he tries to stand alone both sides wanting him But want Arik wants is uinn and he feels he can't have herYes there is also some sweet and not so sweet romance here too Although the romance is why I am not a big fan of uinn as well After being used by a changeling at the beginning then falling for a Highlander named Devin under an influence but still within a day then literally hours after making out with him she plasters herself to Arik Tricked or not she burns through the men WAY too fast for meAnyways in this story we also have Loki yes THAT Loki trickster God Morgana Le Fey and other wonderful characters both common and original Dawna Raver did a great job breathing or writing I should say life into each character Various personalities stories expressions and styles of speech made them all endearing Lots of myth and Celtic references a bit over the top especially when it isn't English Also while I liked how the story draws you in right away the first few chapters is just too much to process right away Also time lines seem a bit jumpy but there are two realms so that may be causing it I just don't knowOtherwise I really liked this Each characters had different motives and purposes Some good others less so The cool thing is you never fully know who is going to be good or what secrets some of them have until the end The author does a great job to keep the reader wanting answers but withholding just enough to keep them going Also the use of colors to determine energy health emotions etc I thought was very neat And often pretty to hear described I would have loved to see things through uinn's eyes the first time she sees them I look forward to the next book in this series

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    Dawna RaverColour WieldersHeirs of the Magykal Realm #1I loved this story from start to finish There is never a dull moment and you'll soon find yourself completely engrossed in the world the author has created uinn and Iain have no idea of their family lineage but have always had special gifts On the night of her 16th birthday uinn's world comes crashing around her and they slowly learn the truth about who they really are You are slowly introduced to characters some not being what they appear Arik is a bad boy that will have you daydreaming and there are several characters you'll either love or hateFull of action and magic it's well written and the story flows smoothly leaving me turning page after page to find out what is going to happen next The ending leaves no other option but to want to continue the story when book 2 is released If you love magic fantasy paranormal or mythology then this book is definitely one to readI received an e copy from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    This review and many others can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionIt should be noted that this book is NA not YA and contains sexual situations45 Stars I think that this is the best Indie published book I've ever read I could easily have seen myself picking this book up off the shelf at Barnes Noble and I would have been very happy with my purchaseThe story is told from two perspectives First there is uinn a 22 year old girl who discovers that she is not who she thinks she was and is thrown into a world of Magyk that she didn't know existed Yes I know you've heard this before but I definitely felt that Raver made the story her own and told it in a way that was really compelling The book starts off with a bang with a huge betrayal that propels uinn through the rest of the storyNext there's Arik a 600 year old demigod trying to live down or sometimes up to his bad reputation He has been drawn to uinn for a very long time even though he has never met her but because of a threat that he made against her 18 years ago he knows that he will never be allowed to get near her He also knows that he wants nothing than to get very near herSome things I wasn't crazy aboutConfusing terms This story was steeped in Celtic and some other mythology and traditions I loved this but it did mean that there were a lot of terms that were somewhat confusing I think that there are also some made up terms that worked into the mythology of the book but honestly I couldn't tell you which were based on something real and which were made up There is a Glossary at the end of the book it probably would have helped if I would have referred to it It took me awhile to figure out what the characters meant when they talked about things like Soluis Dubh Mirk and Tuatha de Danannuinn's revolving boyfriends uinn goes from being betrayed by one guy in a really horrific and traumatic way to almost immediately being attracted to another guy and then switches to a third love interest after she's known him for a few hours To give Raver some credit it does turn out that there are reasons behind some of uinn's emotional ties that explain her instant attractions and the book may have ended up being 600 pages if she'd allowed for a slow build but I still wanted to yell at uinn How can you already be moving on and why are you trusting these guys so easily?What I lovedThe world building Okay I know I complained about the confusing terms but I loved the rich history and world building that Raver created for this book She obviously spent a lot of time plotting out the faery realm how it works how it's governed its history and culture Raver did an amazing job of creating this world for us This book takes place almost entirely in the Mortal Realm so we don't really see the Magykal Realm itself in this book but it looks like we're headed there for future booksThe characters and the romance uinn is the perfect heroine in my opinion She is likable but flawed Vulnerable at times but she doesn't let people walk all over her and she speaks her mind If I met uinn in real life I feel like I would like her and relate to her And Arik is an ideal romantic interest he has that bad boy uality to him but he's not a complete jerk especially not to uinn He has that perfect balance of the flawed hero and I completely fell for himThe ENDING This book killed me with its ending Major gut wrenching cliff hanger Seriously I need the seuel now When oh when is it coming Ms Raver? I finished this book at 100 AM and knew that I was in big trouble there was no way I was going to go to sleep after that ending my mind just kept racing reliving the final scenes of the book writing the next scenes in my head I'm not the only one who does this right?THE BOTTOM LINEI loved this book and I cannot wait for the next installment I fell in love with uinn and Arik and I am dying to see what happens to them I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy or paranormal romance 455 starsDisclosure This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review No other compensation was given All opinions are my own

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    Check out my review at my blog A Secret Book AffairFirst and foremost I have to say how much Curiosity uills continues to impress me You guys obviously have a great eye for new amazing talent because once again I'm shocked to find out at the end of the book that this is Dawna Raver's DEBUT novel Curiosity uills has uickly climbed to the top of my favorite publishing houses; I have yet to be disappointed by any novels they have backed I have reviewed two other titles one of which was also an impressive debut novel from some of their other authors here are my reviews Nefertiti's Heart and Scrapbook of My Revolution Not only is it refreshing to see a publishing house take risks and work so hard to help new talent but they find writers with fresh new perspectives who aren't afraid to go against what is current and have the moxy to write something original Okay okay I've said my peace Hint Hint Check out Curiosity uills you won't be disappointed so now on to the actual reviewThere are a few elements of Colour Wielders that really truly impressed me especially knowing now that it is a DEBUT novel First off I love the way Raver weaved in a variety of mythical elements and not all exclusively from one nation's culture alone There were many references some were mythical beingsGods mythical creatures or locationsrealms and although they all ultimately reference Gaelic backgrounds I was still pleasantly surprised that it wasn't exclusively the Irish faery realms or the Scottish druids Raver proved herself extremely resourceful by using all things Celtic in nature and she even goes as far as to show elements of Arthurian lore Not only is she creative enough to pull this off but she even throws in her own creations making it %100 originalThe way that Colour Wielders started off was another thing that really impressed me Raver didn't make everything all magical with unicorns although we do get unicorns later and they end up not only being the expected pure beauties they are but for lack of a better way to say this bad ass and rainbows but she gives us dark and gritty with a dash of heartbreak and whole lot of breaking down all in the first couple chapters It was beyond refreshing and to be honest it really did make any beautiful or happy moments that showed up later in the novel that much brighter Also not to mention as a reader we tend to root for the people we have already seen kicked in the mud rise above it later I'm not going to give any details on this aspect because I don't want to spoil the journey through this title for anyone else Another aspect I found myself appreciating was the flow of the writing There was some back and forth between different characters but I felt it was minimal enough to not be overwhelming and having the other perspectives really did enhance the story overall There wasn't a single point throughout reading Colour Wielders that was difficult to follow and there were no chapters that felt like unnecessary fillers I think the only thing I took issue with was how abruptly the story ended On one hand I was incredibly disappointed with where Raver decided to end her first installment of this series because it was right in the middle of the story's climax and it literally just ended However admittedly on the other hand it did serve its purpose now I can't wait to read the next installment Even though I gripe like a child throwing a temper tantrum about the abrupt ending I really did enjoy reading this title and will most definitely be reading the next one as soon as it comes out

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    I'd like to thank the author for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book was a really uniue mix of a fantasy romance and coming of age story When I saw that there were living gods in this book I knew I had to see what it was like since I'm a huge lover of mythology I'm glad to say that I wasn't disappointed and I had a fun time reading it The story starts off with a love scene that uickly goes wrong uinn lost her virginity to a guy that she thought her psychic visions said was the right one but she uickly finds out that she interpreted her visions wrongly as he just wants her power From there she starts to get deeply involved in the world of magyk myth and gods I'm a sucker for stories where the main character finds out there's a world hidden from ordinary people and that they're a part of and I really liked that aspect of this story uinn herself was an interesting person to follow She was way too trusting at times but overall she was a loyal caring and strong individual and I highly respected that about her Arik is the other main character of this tale As we get both his and uinn's point of view it made for an interesting contrast uinn is really trusting and open and Arik starts off trying to straddle the line between good and bad and he's out for his own self However we find out that he helps the magykal world's outcasts and you start to figure out that he isn't as bad of a guy as he seems I liked him a lot I could understand why he was out for himself and his backstory was so sad I rooted for him all the way There were a lot of side characters in this book There were Fae gods mythical creatures and family members and friends Out of all the side characters my favorites definitely had to be uinn's brother Iain and Loki who is Arik's uncle Yes that Loki the Viking trickster god Iain was an awesome brother figure He was really protective of uinn and he would do whatever he had to to help her no matter if he was facing beings that were centuries old I totally loved that Loki was just fun and a great uncle to Arik I am sad that we didn't get a whole lot of mischievous Loki but then this book had a lot of things going on in it so it's understandable When he wasn't pulling funny pranks Loki was busy trying to help his nephew figure things out and trying to protect him He was awesome The plot of this novel was pretty interesting uinn finds out that she's part of this hidden Fae world and that everyone wants her power It goes from there and we meet Arik who feels a pull towards uinn and is trying to resist This book doesn't really get good until the two of them meet in my opinion After that all the action happens and there's some great fighting and magyk scenes I loved it All in all this was an interesting novel I'm definitely glad I read it since there were Norse gods as characters I liked uinn and Arik's relationship and the last half went better than the first for me This book has a cliffhanger ending so I definitely need to read the next book in this series If you love mythology as well as Irish and Scottish myths I definitely think you should give this book a try

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    I enjoyed the Hell out of this book It's so much fun I love the concept of it Fantasy mixed with romance and some mystery Epic Win for me I know a lot of others out there who will like this as well Starts out with the heroine uinn “losing it” to a man she thinks she's in love with named Thaene on her birthday Poor girl never knew what hit her Turns out Thaene is a “Changeling” A gross practically faceless looking creature who can morph himself to look like anyoneanything He's trying to awaken uinns Magyk that resides within her uinn has no idea what's going on two minutes ago all she knew was that she's just a mortal girl losing her virginity to a guy she thought she lovedwas in love with her Now he's holding a knife to her throat calling her princess and demanding she show him her Magyk so they can go free some guy named Moincata and live out their days together for eternity Meanwhile a mysterious NFL size man materializes in the room all dressed in medieval garb holding a broadsword and tells Thaene to let go of his daughter That's a hell of a prelude to a story dont'cha think? So you have the hunky Hero of the book Arik son of Týr God of War and nephew to Loki God of Mischief He's a bit of an outcast in the Magykal Realm used to be Adviser to the King but after an incident he left and has yet to declare his allegiance He's walking a fine line between light and dark Magyk People are talking as to whether he'll follow in his mothers steps and embrace the Dubh Magyk Dark or stick to Soluis Magyk light Altho he has this side to him that helps the Bizarrelings ran the High Kings brother Kaelin A Bizarreling is a Magykal who has been banned from living in the Magykal Realm You'll read about why they're banned So why's this hunky bad boy who's putting on a show that he's going dark helping them? He doesn't have me fooled Thru the first part of the book you have a lot of information being given to you to help create the history and world building for Flaitheas Draíochta Magykal Realm and all of the Magykals Which by the way she does an excellent job at doing As I was reading it I could play it in my head like a movie And it was so beautiful I love anything that has to do with Fantasy I loved the battle scenes the relationship that uinn and her brother Iain have hope to see of him in the next book especially after his awakening and the chemistry that Arik and uinn have with each other He fights the feelings he has for her so hard in the beginning but love conuers all The half Druid in him made sure of that ha Cannot wait to see what happens next from the suspenseful ending we had with Morgana Arik and uinn Just wait for uinn's awakening I know she'll be one powerful Magykal5 Stars

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am already looking forward to the next it’s very exciting and you will puzzle over mysteries and motives It was well written with miniscule errors and the writing style was uniue and had the ‘magyk’ to pull you into the storyThis book has it all Love lies tricks power hungry beings passion hurt betrayal magyk uests mysteries and an ending that will leave you frantic to read The plot of the story is great and you will not want to put the book downUnknown to uinn and her brother Iain they are descended from a magykal realm Brought up in the mortal realm by her uncaring mother and the person who they believed was their loving father is a lie and life as they knew it isn’t what they think it is at all And now pawns on a chess board uinn and Iain face a danger lies and manipulation for others own gain including two powerful evil magykals that want uinn for her power With their powers bind at birth uinn finds that her boyfriend Thaene tricks lies and persuades uinn to give her virginity to him believing he is the one to only find out he is a soulless creature of evil Trying to unbind uinn’s powers and for her to wield a suspension of time Thaene takes advantage of uinn in order to release his master a powerful magykal Moincata from his prison and for Mointcata to control uinn’s powers so he can rule the Mortal and Magykal realm uinn’s saving grace is her ignorance and unknown heritage as Thaene nearly succeeds in this uestNow trying to learn about her real father what’s up with her mother and her tor her abilities the laws of magykal world and who to trust and who to avoid and trying to fight Thaene’s dark Dubh Magyk that has seeped into her and the mysterious man with the beautiful tourmaline blue eyes of her visions uinn‘s life is beyond” effed up” and that’s just for startersSo looking forward to Dawna’s next book in this series hopefully it won’t be a long wait

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    Intriguing and thoughtful first book in a series bk 2 in NOV 2013 that shows imagination courage and confidence in a first book I enjoyed the story appropriately loved andor hated the characters someone needs a Gibbs head slap and am in awe of the imagination and creativity it takes to create this world uinn our heroine is a series of contrasts that come together through the book as she matures and learns to trust the voicespictures in her head She first strikes you as a very immature 22 year old woman losing her virginity to the man her visions showed her was the perfect man for her She uickly learns that this was not the start of her Happily Ever After but the opening of her eyes to a new world around her a world where magic exists and she truly belongsWe have villains in this book and certainly thankfully uite a few strong smexy men who are all in their own way heroes to our uinn But the one she feels is HER hero the man she realizes she was supposed to wait for is Arik Arik is a man of conflict both internal and external His mother is Morgana the evil infamous witch from magical history who destroys Merlin to steal his magic His father is Tyr the god of War in Scandanavian mythology He was raised in the palace as a ward of the royal couple until Well I'll let you discover just how confused he is when you meet him Still hot and all you could ask for him a hero but very confused and at times too stubborn for his own goodThis stubbornness is obviously a uality of all magykal beings because we see this trait displayed over and over by our heroine uinn as well even when she isn't sure why she has to take this standThis book made me laugh and angry and sad and even a couple WTF moments All in all I loved it and can't wait for book 2Well done for a first ever novel and a first in what promises to be an intriguing and compelling series She hooked me good Edited spelling and updated Nov 1913

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    I have a HUGE bone to pick with Ms Dawna Raverhow DARE you release this book without the next to follow This story was sensationaland all though at times I found myself wanting to strangle uinn a bit of a whiny brat tht uses the word effin to the point I wanted to strangle her every other character was fabulous Thank you for a great book on to next one please sigh I LoVE Nanny Fi