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Prodigy is a return of sorts for Nancy Huston her stunning first novel The Goldberg Variations takes its form from a performance of Bach's Goldberg Variations in a Parisian apartment and Prodigy is illuminated by the spirit of a Bach loving girl Music is a perfect foundation for Huston's fictions Writing in English and French she may be an even bilingual writer than Samuel Beckett and the non verbal modes of music make an effective counterpoint to her ambiguous linguistic affinities Huston's fleeting novella is a fragmentary poetic work that instantly recalls the recent work of writers such as Anne Hébert Perpetually leaping from perspective to perspective Prodigy tells the story of the early years of Maya Mestral a girl born prematurely to a half disillusioned French piano teacher Maya's mother transfers all her hopes onto her tiny child and loves Maya insistently Instead of becoming another Freudian bundle of neuroses though Maya comes vehemently to life mastering the piano with uncanny grace and tumbling through the world with fervid lucid delirium Her mother on the other hand lapses in her daughter's wake gradually losing herself entirely Prodigy is not Huston's most important work but it is a strong graceful novella that manages to be intimate and idealistic without sliding into the saccharine sentimentality that its subject matter implies A seductive little book it should draw many readers to Huston's challenging works Jack Illingworth

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    Very emotional A short book with deep meanings

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    I loved this book It's great for a medium level french learner It's easy to follow fun funny full of bright characters and has a lot of depth of thought and meaning incorporated into the story Also uite a few uotable lines about music that are even beautiful in french perhaps due to the exotic factor

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    A uniue style of presentation as the story is told in first person by a whole group of narratorsThe story is of Maya and Lara her mother Lara wills maya to live when she is born prematurely and never leaves her side Lara is an accomplished pianist Maya will be the prodigy that Lara never wasLara becomes ill and the roles reverseA pwerful work

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    La polyphonie tout au long de ce roman est fort intéressante et bien exécutée L’autrice réussit à nous faire ressentir les émotions des différents personnages tout en insufflant leur personnalité à leurs pensées

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    Book 3 of the OWLS Magical Readathon This was for my History of Magic exam

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    Memories of the future?

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    Huston's writing is a bit on the cool side for me but his was a good book anyways

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    L'écriture est fluide et c'est un régal à lire C'est une histoire très émouvante en particulier la relation entre cette mère et sa fille

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    Encore un roman à plusieurs voix de Nancy Houston ui se lit avec autant de plaisir Les personnages sont empreints de musiue d'amour et d'un grain de folie Tous les ingrédients d'un bon moment

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    Curious story of maternal over bearance and the transformation of a musical child prodigy into a near fatal parasite