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Corb Lambert is ready to marry Laurel Sheridan She's pregnant with his baby�and Corb is the type of guy who will do the right thing He just wishes that he could remember the passion they shared before a terrible accident wiped his memory cleanLaurel can't decide whether to go or stay Corb is willing to take on his responsibility but Laurel can't bear the thought that he doesn't remember her especially since she fell for him hard She's got a life in New York�but her baby deserves a father Could he love her all over again? Or is he just staying in Montana to give her child a name? Laurel has to know now because one person can't do all the loving…

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    You didn't have to do this I could have driven myselfBut she thought it was a good sign that he'd insisted She liked the idea of marrying someone who was thoughtful A streak of gallantry went a long way in smoothing out the bumps of any relationship she figured 46%Corbett gets in a car accident and loses his memoryLaurel met him a week before the car accident and they hit it offTwo months after his car accident she discovers she is pregnant Now she has to break it to him that they had sex and the baby is his even though he doesn't remember herI didn't like this book too much Even though Carmichael isn't a bad writerHere are my main problems1 Corbett's mother is a controlling manipulative conniving woman When you marry a man you don't only marry him you marry his family and willingly knowing this woman is going to be your MIL shuddersOn top of that Corbett is something of a mama's boy And his house is on Mama's property So when Laurel marries him they will move into his house on evil MIL's property No escape Laurel cannot count on Corbett to stand up to his mother He either can't or won't stand up to her So yeah life sucks Terrible situation to be in with an evil MIL and a husband who doesn't have your back2 Corbett was getting on my nerves Yes he's a mama's boy who won't stick up for his woman against his manipulative mother But he also compares Laurel to a dog praises her with 'good girl' a personal pet peeve of mine says hurtful things unintentionally allegedly Hurtful things like Are you sure the baby is mine? and If it weren't for this baby I wouldn't have asked you to marry me EtcHe goes a week without seeing Laurel and 'just doesn't realize it' which doesn't really scream 'love' to me He allows his mother to run roughshod over his woman He might actually be too stupid to see his mother is running roughshod all over his woman Laurel agreed not sure if she should laugh or cry Basically Olive had just overridden her on every single decision to do with the wedding while Corb obliviously watched it happenWas this what the rest of her life was going to be like?Or would Corb EVER pick her side over his mother's? 75%He thinks crying makes Laurel attractive Tears shimmered in her eyes He knew she wasn't crying to make herself attractive to him but that was the result just the same 92%HOW'S THE SEX CARMEN?Vague barely described very shortTL;DR I found this 'romance' a bit depressing I understand that Laurel wants to keep the baby but I honestly don't think she is going to have a very good or enjoyable marriageROMANCE CATEGORIESAmnesia RomanceContemporary RomanceCowboyWestern RomanceNon Virgin HeroinePregnant HeroineHe's a Rancher She works in a Coffee Shop but used to be in Magazine Publishing

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    Good book Laurel can't believe that Corb can't remember anything about their time together Now she's pregnant and Corb wants to marry her Laurel is still in love with him but he hasn't said anything to her about love I really liked Laurel I loved her closeness with her friend She came to town to be with her friend Winnie as she prepared to marry Corb's brother Brock When Brock was killed and Corb hurt in an accident on their wedding day Laurel stayed to help Winnie She says yes to Corb's proposal knowing that she is in love with him but not sure about his feelings He appears to care but has never said anything But as the wedding gets closer she starts to have doubts especially when he never seems to stand up to his mother on her behalf Corb is attracted to Laurel and when he finds out about the baby he has no trouble asking her to marry him There is something about her that just feels right to him He is trying very hard to remember the past and their time together to the point where he forgets to pay attention to his current feelings He also feels guilty about surviving the crash when his brother didn't and goes overboard in giving in to his mother's every reuest I did not like the way he didn't put Laurel first I was glad to see him finally come through in the end I'm looking forward to the rest of the series to see how things work out with the other stories I don't like Olive's attitude toward Winnie and Laurel and I really want someone to call her on it I expect that there is to the story between Olive and her sister than Olive said and I don't think it is all Maggie's fault I also want to know about Jackson who I suspect is in love with Winnie

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    I have all of this author’s work and was fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of her latest novel “Remember Me Cowboy”In this book C J Carmichael weaves tried and true Harleuin plots – secret babies marriage of convenience and amnesia – to produce something fresh and compelling filled with emotional richnessHer Coffee Creek setting feels like a genuine place you can settle right into – the descriptions of the small town and its inhabitants are that vivid Her main characters Corb and Laurel face problems that are realistic and well motivated I’m looking forward to the upcoming books in the series so I can unravel the other plot threads particularly the mysteries behind the uiet brother Jackson and the rivalry between matriarch Olive and her sisterI see Carmichael also has a mystery novel out and I plan to read that over Christmas

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    This is a great book its just sad that he can't remember but he is such a sexy cowboy that he is doing the right thing

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    4 STARSRemember Me Cowboy is a Coffee Creek Montana series book 1I enjoyed reading about the Lambert family in Coffee Creek Montana It did leave me wanting to know some of the charactersI have to know So I look forward to visiting again in Coffee CreekLaurel came to Coffee Creek for her best friends wedding She is excited for her new promotion in New York City But she has also fallen hard and fast with Corb Lambert in the week she has been in Montana Her friend Winnie got bad news before the weddingShe has had to move back home to her parents and can't be in Coffee Creek running her cafe So Laurel has put her life on hold to help her friend out when she was neededLaurel has been thier two months now and she has not seen Corb since the night before the wedding when they slept together He has not even called Now Corb shows up and starts to flirt with her just like he had never met her Laurel realizes that he does not remember them falling for each other Laurel also realizes that she is pregnant with Corb's babyLaurel and Corb are in a strange place and try to plan a future together Lots of humor and good characters Lots of dramaLaurel finds her new mother in law Olive hard to take Olive picked out her wedding dress and other decisions Laurel is having a hard time with her wanting her way in everything and Corb letting his mother run the show'This is a fast read I would have like in this book I guess now I will have to wait to read the next book in the series I finshed reading the book in one seatingI was given this ebook by CJ Carmichael and asked for a honest review when I had finshed

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    Wow I thought the prologue had to be the most emotional aspect of the novel for me it also set the mood for the entire novel I loved that the heroine was brave in the end and didn't marry the hero until he sorted out his shitI need to say this novel took two of my favorite type of novels pregnancy and amnesia and blended it amazingly I had to read it all in one sitting because I couldn't stop reading itI desperately want to read about Winnie and her story as well Do I sense a Jackson in her future? He needs someone like Winnie to bring him back to normal especially since he blames himself for his brother dead who also happened to be Winnie's fiance and the father of her babyDrama drama drama CJ Carmichael makes writing look easy This novel was filled with all sorts of juicy tidbits definitely worth the read

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    My mother always put a romance novel in my Christmas stocking so that I’d have something to read in front of the fire on Christmas Day As an adult I’ve kept the tradition although I pick up the book myself these days No one does sentimental romance better than CJ Carmichael so that’s what I read on Christmas night after everyone was asleepMs Carmichael didn’t disappoint with her novel “Remember Me Cowboy” in which she uses the traditional romance trope of amnesia and a marriage of convenience in a modern and compelling way To avoid spoilers let me just say I was in tears at Chapter 1 and didn’t get to bed until I reached The End If this is the start of her Coffee Creek series I can’t wait to read the next one

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    Right from the beginning I knew this was a story that I wouldn't stop reading With such a powerful opening I couldn't wait to see how the author would unravel the journey I'm glad this is a series the stories within the stories were so tightly woven and there was a lot to catch I really enjoyed this there are only a few authors left from harleuin that I would read but this author is at the top of that list

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    Very good book But so sad and heartbreaking it was also sweet and romantic I wanted to reach in shake or slap Colby lol MEN anyways a very good read can't wait for from this series