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The purpose of this book is not only to affirm the believer's faith in the true word of God but to present the evidence that disproves the antiuated theories of Westcott and Hort This handbook will enable the Bible believer to handle problems which may arise from those who resent disbelieve ignore or ridicule the Authorized Version The problems of sources are defined and analyzed the evidence from the church fathers and ancient versions is discussed and the argument by the critics on the archaic words in the Authorized Version is answered The variances between the Greek Textus Receptus and the AV are examined and the newer versions are compared with the King James and are found to be deficient In this work Dr Ruckman demonstrates the Roman Catholic bias of Westcott and Hort and dissects their theories of textual criticism Proof is presented for the superiority of the AV over the original GreekPrint Length 244 pages

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    This is Manuscript Evidence for the average man Peter Ruckman was a scholar who refused to act talk or write like one What he saw among scholars made him sick and you will see that clearly if you read his response to the critics who spend their careers trying to dethrone the Received Greek Text and the King James VersionI read this in one day I couldn't help myself It was a Saturday and I had intended on a Sabbath like day doing nothing but reading listening to music watching documentaries playing with the kids and puppies I ended up reading this between short breaks with the kids and puppiesI used to say this book is not for everyone but I've been surprised at how many people have read and told me they felt the same way I did about not wanting to put it down

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    Very in depth