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To the Editors of Poetry A magazine of Verse and Poet Lore the translator is indebted for permission to reprint certain poems in this book also to the compilers of the following anthologies Amphora II edited by Thomas Bird Mosher The Catholic Anthology of World Poetry selected by Carl van Doren

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    Looking up from my book from the close countable linesinto the finished full night outsidehow in starry measure my packed feelings scatteras though a bouuet of wildflowerswere being untiedOne needs only to thumb through any book of Rilke’s poetry for a mere minute to find a line or stanza that will captivate their heart and mind Considered by many to be the preeminent German language poet Rainer Maria Rilke 1875 – 1926 has left us with a dazzling collection of poetry and prose that can make anyone believe in the power and glory of language Rose oh pure contradiction joyof being No one's sleep under so manylids Rilke’s epitaph I decided to investigate Rilke after his Duino Elegies were so highly praised and alluded to in Pynchon’s Gravity's Rainbow particularly the eerie 8th Elegy Ludwig Wittgenstein was another to openly admire Rilke in his writings and the novel Wittgenstein’s Mistress contained a wealth of facts about the poet With so many references to him in such a short span of time how could I not own the complete collection of his poetry? After spending the summer reading through the great Wittgenstein investigating the deficiencies of language Rilke illuminates the potency and remarkable versatility of language Rilke explores the human heart and extracts our emotions into perfectly crafted imagery Roses angels and the heavens appear throughout the majority of his work yet each time appearing fresh and fulfilling A major selling point for this edition is that it includes a vast assortment of his body of work including the full text of his most famous Duino Elegies and his Sonnets To Orpheus I can’t speak any highly of this poet as nothing I can say will do him the justice his poetry will I simply recommend this to anyone with even the slightest interest in poetry Within the lines of his poems you will find images and metaphor that will take your breath away55 My life is not this steeply sloping hourin which you see me hurryingMuch stands behind me; I stand before it like a tree;I am only one of my many mouthsand at that the one that will be still the soonestI am the rest between two noteswhich are somehow always in discordbecause Death’s note wants to climb over—but in the dark interval reconciledthey stay there trembling And the song goes on beautifulLove SongHow should I keep my soulfrom touching yours? How shall Ilift it up beyond you to other things?Ah I would gladly hide itin darkness with something lostin some silent foreign placethat doesn’t tremble when your deeps stirYet whatever touches you and meblends us together the way a bow’s strokedraws one voice from two stringsAcross what instrument are we stretched taut?And what player holds us in his hand?O sweet songFalling StarsDo you still remember falling starsHow they leapt slantwise through the skyLike horses over suddenly held out hurdlesOf our wishes – did we have so many? For stars innumerable leapt everywhere;Almost every gaze upward becameWedded to the swift hazard of their playAnd our heart felt like a single thingBeneath that vast disintegration of their brilliance And was whole as if it would survive them Again and agan even though we know love’s landscapeand the little churchyard with its lamenting namesand the terrible reticent gorge in which the othersend again and again the two of us walk out togetherunder the ancient trees lay ourselves down again and againamong the flowers and look up into the skyAutumn DayLord it is time The summer was immenseLay your long shadows on the sundialsand on the meadows let the winds go freeCommand the last fruits to be full;give them just two southern daysurge them on to completion and chasethe last sweetness into the heavy wineWho has no house now will never build oneWho is alone now will long remain sowill stay awake read write long lettersand will wander restlessly up and downthe tree lines streets when the leaves are driftingThe LoversSee how in their veins all becomes spirit into each other they mature and grow Like axles their forms tremblingly orbit round which it whirls bewitching and aglow Thirsters and they receive drink watchers and see they receive sight Let them into one another sinkso as to endure each other outrightIgnorant Before the Heavens of my LifeIgnorant before the heavens of my lifeI stand and gaze in wonder Oh the vastnessof the stars Their rising and descent How stillAs if I didn't exist Do I have anyshare in this? Have I somehow dispensed withtheir pure effect? Does my blood's ebb and flowchange with their changes? Let me put asideevery desire every relationshipexcept this one so that my heart grows used toits farthest spaces Better that it livefully aware in the terror of its stars thanas if protected soothed by what is near

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    I've read Rilke once before I can't remember much about the poetry or even if I liked it much What I remember is that I bought it at Kyobo a giant chain store with a big English section and that they would stamp the pages with a little bird to indicate you'd purchased it there And I remember that I read the book Letters to a Young Poet on the Seoul subway in the summer because I can still remember the chill of the metal seats from the air conditioning This book is an example of why I don't generally read much poetry The first half is just introduction and it's that kind of talking about poetry that reads to me like complete nonsense The second half with Rilke's actual poems was better but most of it didn't do much of anything for me I wonder if part of the disconnect is that I have little interest in religion and Rilke clearly did

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    If after finishing “Letter to a Young Poet” I was sure I knew what Rilke was talking about and thought him to be a wise man then after reading his poems I found myself a bit on the fence His style was at times uite heavy and uite enamoured with its own wording and ideas going off on mini tangents and personal conversations that were difficult to follow There were some poems however that were absolutely beautiful from start to finish Whether they were one of the shorter ones or a not some of Rilke’s poems were moving and enchanting I found myself not a big fan of his “traditional” works poems that has a lot of Biblicalreligious themes or which followed the third person generalsweeping kind of tone His work takes some warming up to as well as several reads in order for the full scope of his talent to be appreciated There is certainly something enjoyable in his poems even if it was hard to read than a few at a time before getting antsy

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    If you are interested in the artistic development of Rainer Maria Rilke then this book gives you a competent guide The author explains a lot in prose but unfortunately there are not a lot of examples of the poets poems which is a shameI am not sure about the uality of the translations As being German speaking I have been reading Rilke in German for many years In German his words have a certain melody which I can not find in the translations But I have also been translating poems from German into English and some things just can not be said in the other language It seems to me that translating poetry is a lot difficult than translating proseIf you want to know about the poet and his development this is a very good book to start with The chosen poems give a good overview over his work and might give you a taste for

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    My favorit poet together with Emily Dickinson I am tempted to compare Rilkes poetry with Chopins music Timeless light happy romanticMy book is full with post its marking poems that I like to re read

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    The poems I don't love are usually ones I don't 'get' The poems I love are among the most exuisite I've ever read Astonishingly beautiful

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    I'm not a great reader of poetry but reading challenges have me listen to one or two collections a year so not all is lost in this regard I'm drawn to the classics since the likelihood of enjoying the poems rises considerably and this is true for this collection no mistakeI like the uiet contemplative tone of Rilke's poetry maybe because I get tired by too loud overblown or too depressed tones of some poets I also don't care that much about the clever types that enjoy twisting rhymes and alliterations everywhere it's the content and emotional familiarity I seek in poetry Rilke is definitely a poet I'll return to I like the attention he pays to nature and small details His themes are varied so there's always something new to delight in I also found that he fits my mood during long rainy days to a T Go and listen to it on Librivox the version read by Peter Tucker is excellent Rainer Maria Rilke Poems

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    God I love RilkeEvery time I read rilke I'm looking for that poem the one that grabs me with a set of dirty hooks and sways me in its rhythm God I love RilkeI would like to sing someone to sleepto sit beside someone and be thereI would like to rock you and sing softlyand go with you to and from sleepI would like to be the one in the housewho knew The night was coldAnd I would like to listen in and listen outinto you into the world into the woodsThe clocks shout to one another strikingand one sees to the bottom of timeAnd down below one last strange man walks byand rouses a strange dogAnd after that comes silenceI have laid my eyes upon you wide;and they hold you gently and let you gowhen something stirs in the dark

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    This public domain volume is clearly only a very brief introduction to Rilke It's especially hard to judge poetry from translations but I did like what I readLove SongWhen my soul touches yours a great chord singsHow shall I tune it then to other things?O That some spot in darkness could be foundThat does not vibrate whene'er your depths soundBut everything that touches you and meWelds us as played strings sound one melodyWhere is the instrument whence the sounds flow?And whose the master hand that holds the bow?O Sweet song

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    I went to look up some of Rainer Maria Rilke's poems after reading his letters in the Little Black Classics series While I usually not so great with poetry the letters touched me dearly so I wanted to try his poetry as well And while nice it didn't struck the same chords entirely as the letters Maybe my expectations were too high given how much I enjoyed reading the Little Black Classics or maybe it was just the thing with me and poetry Find this and other reviews on my blog