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The Interneta world without rules without boundaries Where you can be anyone you want whoever you aren't And it's all just a click awayAndy MacFarland thought he knew everything But his mom just showed him how stupid he really is Strike that Not stupid just ignorant of the facts and deliberately kept that way At the age of 16 Andy has found out that he's adopted His life is not his lifeThere's only one way to reclaim what he's lost Andy's got to find his natural parents The place to start the Net But the Net should come with a warning Be careful what you wish for It might come trueDifferent people in different places The one thing they have in common is a new address on the Internet dangercom Where all your fears come true

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    A very clever book and is a must read This book is one of those reads where you kind of have to go back here and there and reread some parts to understand it It's basically about this boy named Andy who couldn't be bored with his life One day when it's cold and damp and no way in hell is he going out side to play he goes on the internet chat rooms He comes across these guys who seem cool and interesting enough to make him want to stay These guys are passing along numbers which he thought was a phone number The next couple days though there are like these terroist attack type of things and Andy starts to realize something The numbers weren't phone numbers but a code for a destination of where to hit He goes to back to the chat rooms and realises the next place is gonna be near him Due to this he tries everything in his power to stop anything from happening when he understands the full thing

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    My favorite book since 2009 Just recently bought it again

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    This book is about a kid who finds out hes adopted and wants to meet his real dad He finds out hes adopted by going online and chating with another person which is his real dad Also the kid finds out his mom was killed and the suspect was his father I really liked this book I love mysterys and this was a really good one What i've learned from this book is that you cant trust people you don't know very well even if they are related to you You always have to be careful

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    This book was a fun book to read i did enjoy it aloti learned that if your young you probally dont want too look for someone in danger your best too just stay out of it and not get involed with it It tends too just get yourslef involed in this book it was about kids gettin involed and getting involed with danger and it brings them in good book over all

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    This book is about a 16 year old boy who just found out he was adopted and now he wants to track down down has real biological father I thought this was a very interesting book At the end of every chapter there was always a uestion that hadn't been answered or a little plot twist

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    I really liked this book and i really like mysteries They are really discriptive in the dangercom books so if you don't like gory stuff then don't read this

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    September 23 30 min

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    dangercom has some pretty good plots