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The final two Kingdom Series Books as well as Danika's Surprise a companion novelette and the first sneak peek to the next Kingdom Book Book 6 The Huntsman's Prey will spinoff from the Bad Boys and introduce the Dark Princesses Jinni's Wish Book 4A long long time ago there lived a man A Jinni who had one wish To know love But the woman he thought he knew betrayed him and the love he thought they shared Tortured for his crimes he was cast out of Kingdom stripped of all his powers left to langour in pain and solitude until eventually he becomes nothing but a ghostPaz Lopez is an artist with a dream To buy a ridiculously large penthouse in the swankiest section of Chicago But there's just one hitch she has no man to share her dream with A fateful visit to a carnival and Madam Pandora's tent sends Paz on a mission to find the love of her life before it's too late But the Madam forgot to tell Paz one very important detail to meet him Paz will have to die firstHook's Pan Book 5Trishelle Page has known pain in her life but instead of it making her weak she's stronger Confident That is until the day a fairy kidnaps her during her starring role in Peter Pan's play and tells her not only do fairy tales exist but that she's the soulmate of the pirate they call Hook making her uestion everything she ever thought she knewCaptain James Hook is a man at the end of his rope He's not the villainous bastard tales have made him out to be So when the feisty blonde drops literally at his feet he aims to prove it to her If only to get her into his bed What neither one knows is that fate and magic are conspiring and they can deny the attraction all they want but their happily ever after is already written it's just a matter of getting there

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    I obsessed with all things kingdom I started out reading calypso and Hades story and went thru all those before realizing I missed the whole beginning Woo all these are preuels to me Normally with books that doesn't work for me I'm a stickler for order but I have loved every second of every book thru all of kingdom and the many characters I literally just bought all of them so I know I can just keeping reading back to back to back I know there are a few grammar errors here and there but honestly it doesn't take away at all from the story and I can just envision the author being as swept up in the writing as much as I am am in reading them so I definitely get it Anywho as always a definite must read and added to my mental list of favorites I can't wait to finish the rest of these stories With that said I'm off to read Happy Reading 📚💜

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    Jinni was a missI'm sorry but I couldn't help picturing Robin Williams' Genie especially when she kept insisting he was blue The premise that he was fading was a weak one anyway But how else are you to explain an all powerful being limiting themselves to a mortal existence Hook's story was miles better and of course I loved Alice and Hatter

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    After reading the first book I had to instantly download the second and I wasn’t disappointed What a fantastic twist on the old fairy tales mixing reality and fantasy together

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    Love itI love this series kingdom is an awesome place And Dannika is beautiful i really love her and all her boys

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    After reviewing the first KINGDOM collection I immediately purchased this book because I had to know what happened to the last two bad boys and their mates And I was not disappointed I loved Marie Hall's magical world and her imagination and these stories were pretty good regardless of some typosIn this collection there're three stories in total JINNI'S WISH★★★★★The opening of this story caught my full attention A mysterious fortune telling a handsome stranger on the airplane and the crash scene The plane crash actually scared me senseless because the scene seemed so real with all the details the author providedI really liked the idea of Jinni revealing his dark secrets to a half deadhalf living Paz For some reason the scene setting seemed kind of romantic to me despite the characters' predicament They were stuck in a place between life and dead and they had to overcome their own fears and weakness to break through so they could actually live a real life The story dragged a little bit in the middle part but the plot in general was still intriguing I was so happy for Paz and Jinni when they finally got their happy ending HOOK'S PAN★★★★★A pleasant read In this collection this story is my favorite The plot was complicated but easy to understand the worldbuilding and related details were vivid and believable and the characters were all very well written I adored Trisha I loved Hook I admired Danika and I hated Pan so much while reading this tale that I almost broke my e reader I cared for the characters deeply thus the emotional roller coaster I experienced as the story unfolded was really something I laughed and cried and sighed until I reached the very last page of this beautiful tale DANIKA'S SURPRISE★★★★☆Alice and Hatter are my favorite characters in Marie Hall's KINGDOM series so it was a nice surprise to see their lovely daughter make her first appearance This short story is like a preuel to the author's DARK PRINCESS story line I loved Alice and Hatter when I read their heart wrenching love story in HER MAD HATTER but I felt very little love for their perfect daughter I prefer characters with flaws and this beautiful little girl who happened to be cursed by the moon that got everyone's love and attention only made me think of Renesmee Cullen from BREAKING DAWN And since I never liked Renesmee this lovely daughter of Wonderland only got on my nerves But the story in general was still good I just didn't like this typical perfect girl with a dark pasta beautiful damsel in distress thing CONCLUSIONI had a good time reading the Big Bad Five's love stories Marie Hall created an enchanting magical world which could easily draw readers in I may not continue reading the following DARK PRINCESS series since I'm not really that interested in Kingdom's bad boys' kids and I fear the next generation's story might ruin the happy ending I've engraved in my mind for now Maybe I'll change my mind when I need to feed my Kindle some fantasy romances in the future

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    Naughty Boys Need Love TooI read part one and just loved the story and the characters Part two is even better The first story brings Tristan aka the genie and artist Paz Lopez It reveals the genies origins and and how this spunky artist enters his life and makes it worth whileThe next story is Hook's Pan and it shows everything is not what it seems Peter Pan is a spoiledsnot nose smelly psychopath Tinkerbell is not a nice fairy she has spoiled Peter Pan rotten and has no control over him and the lost boys and she still protects the brat The ones you really root for are Captain James Hook one of Danika's bad boys and Trishelle Paige This bad boy has been wounded by Pan to The point of insanity the brat killed the woman he loved To save Hook Danika brings Trishelle to Kingdom The moment they meet sparks fly and we're not talking about the nice ones Hook almost kills her and Trish wants to drop kick him off the shipTrish has had a hard life The person she loved most her sister killed herself and her parents people that should not be married to each other don't speak to her The only person left that she cares about is her best friend Betty Betty is in the story Gerard's Beauty Betty has been acting a little off lately and when she finds out the reason why Trish flips out Betty can't convince Trish the truth about kingdom or the fact that she's Hooks' mate in comes DanikaOut of all the couple's she's united Hook and Trish are the hardest ones yet Hook and Trish are two wounded souls that have closed themselves off to love Danika has her work cut out for her If she can't get them together Trish will never find true love and Hook will lose his lifeIn Danika's Surprise the fairy godmother brings Hatter and Alices' daughter to the world and what she has to do to save herThe last story called the Moon's Flower is just a taste of the next story in the kingdom series

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    Jinni's Wish Book 4Jinni has been punished for a wrong he did many many years ago He's at the end of caring to live so Danika is set out to save him Enter Paz an artist from Chicago She longs to be a famous artist but importantly she longs for the kind of love her brother has with Todd She wants her own Todd On an outing with the two to a carnival the fortune teller tells her her Todd is in Alaska she needs to leave NOW or he'll dieshe misses a few important warning but that'll ruin the story for you Jinni Paz meet but Jinni is rather cynical about deserving love His story was kinda heart wrenching Their romance wasn't uick but it was sweet Hook's Pan Book 5Trish is Betty's best friend from the library Book #2 On the outside she's funny witty but that's just to cover how pessimistic she's been since her older sister's death So when Betty Gerard show up to prep her about her soul mate in Kingdomshe thinks they're crazy SO Danika just sweeps her away to Kingdom to meet James Hook James has been depressed since Pan killed his Soul mate 100 years ago for no reason and now Danika drops Trish at him claiming she's his soul mate impossible he believes but there's parts of his beloved's death Danika never told him Now it's up to two pessimistic people to believe Love is possible in 3 days Their banter was funny Their desire to not want to love anyone was endearing Definitely two people who deserve love but are fearful of being hurt again Danika's Surprise NovellaA uick read that launches the Princess series with Alice The Hatter's daughter and her tale Doesn't sound like it'll be a happy one but I hope it ends happy

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    I was already hooked on Marie Hall's Kingdom by reading the first three stories of her grown up fairytale series and so I simply had to have the next books too I was not disappointed she topped all my expectations In this bundle you find two complete books and a novella and I enjoyed every page I read Jinni is a hero that had to fall before he could rise and it was heartbreaking to see him struggle His heroine Paz is a strong woman not easily subdued by whatever life throws at her and together they make a powerful lovestory left me with stars in my eyes And Captain Hook? I always knew he wasn't as bad as they made him to be How Marie Hall twists the Peter Pan story into something totally different and just as compelling for grown ups as the children's story was to me when I was young that is truly awesome Plus I get a very special treat a story telling about Danika my most loved fairy godmother of them all She's spunky she's powerful she's all woman and not afraid to do what has to be done And it is a perfect teaser for the amazing books to come The stories of the Dark Princesses the daughters of the original five Bad Boys all of whom found love and happiness with Danika's help I am sure if you are done with it you will be just as hooked as I am and reading on will simply be the only thing to do ; Thanks Marie Hall for sharing this wonderful world with us

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    How do you bring a Jinni with no corporeal form to a human girl to fall in love? Great uestion right? And yet Hall manages it uite nicely making Paz and Jinni's love story soar through the cosmos and bring a wonderful story to lifeJinni is disillusioned by the life he's led and is fading away from life Paz is an aspiring artist with dreams of love and happiness Danika Jinni's fairy godmother can only point the proud Jinni in the direction of true love and hope that two souls realized they are meant for happily ever afterWhy does Hook hate Pan so much? Maybe the stories have it all wrong and Hook isn't uite as bad as he seems Hall gives us a Hook who isn't afraid to be a pirate but has a code of honor that normally prevents him from harming women and children with the exclusion of Peter Pan the brat who destroyed his worldTrishelle is Betty's from Gerard's Beauty best friend and when her turn for Kingdom comes up she is less than enthusiastic and yet once she's there she can't deny her attraction to the gruff pirateTrishelle has had a lot of heartache in her life and the very idea of love seems like a death sentence than happiness but the time she spends with Captain Hook the less she fears true loveBoth great stories with a wonderful sneak peak of two stories

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    I enjoyed Jinni's and Hook's stories That Peter Pan was a beastly little thing eh? I still think Ms Hall does a great job with these fairy tale stories and characters I like how she doesn't stick to the norm and makes them so different yet entertaining and sexy as hell to read Jinni's story was so sad but beautiful him and Paz complimented each other so well I loved how he took her dancing on the stars that was so sweetHook's story was enjoyable as well though a bit frustrating with Trish being so stubborn about her situation Even when she knew she didn't want to leave she was still planning on leaving it just annoys me when women make an easy situation so complicated There were a few grammatical errors not enough to make this a DNF but enough to distract me a bit and I was super confused with the name of GerardBetty and HatterAlice daughters In Hook's epilogue Trish mentions Betty gave birth to a little girl named Chrysalis Caron then in Danika's Surprise Dani named Alice's daughter Chrysalis but refers to Betty's daughter as Shayera see how confusing that is?Overall two very good reads including Danika's Surprise that leads to another set of books in the Kingdom series but is part of the new Dark Princess Saga