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This hiking guide is an easy to read manual on all you need to know to start your day hikes on the right foot and go forward It is about having a pleasant outdoor experience by being prepared If you are beginner and have not hiked much before this guide will prepare you on what to expect and need to know before you begin Chapters in this guide cover the essential steps of planning what to wear depending on weather your essential emergency items as well as your additional gear list You will find Tips on safety Why you need your essentials Fitness and basic skills advice Tips on hydration and nutrition References to famous trails Overnight backpacking tips 3 ready to print checklists Get your gear ready by checking off items from the checklists before you go out hikingYou can take your hiking companion with you on your hikes right from your phone and have access to all the information you might need while on the trail; like how to tie knots or just as a reminder or some precautions and safety measuresI hope you will find the information and checklists in this book useful and clear to help you begin your outdoors journey safely and enjoyably

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