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She's on the run Jane Beaumont currently has in her possession a cat a hundred grand in cash and a pistol She's on her way home to Bay City Oregon and away from the nightmare of her violent ex boyfriend She'll lay low at Beaumont Body Shop a car detailer that runs a private investigation agency in the back The only wrench in her plan is Kage Archer sexy strong and intent on protecting Jane at all costs She's wanted Kage forever but putting him in harm's way is not a risk she's willing to takeHe's not going anywhereKage is no stranger to the dark side of life but he's always walked on the right side of the law Yet when Jane expressed her interest in him years ago he pushed her away for her own good Now after learning of all she's endured Kage can't leave her side or hide his need for her When a frightening situation turns dire can Kage convince Jane that the safest place to be is in his arms?

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    OH SWOON This series is gonna be one KICK ASS series FOR SURE 4 TOTALLY HOT TOTALLY YUMMY guys who work at and run Beaumont Body Shop by day and are PI's by night; Garrett Beaumont Kage Archer Lance McCray and Tony Weston OH MY POOR EXPLODING OVARIESThis is Kage and Jane's Garrett's sister story It rocked my world on SO MANY LEVELS that I honestly can't even think straight to write the review BUT y'all HAVE to read this when it comes out in JulyAnd why oh why do i have to wait till January 2014 for Weston which will be Tony's story MAN just READING the excerpt at the back of this story had me CHOMPING AT THE BIT ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing

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    275 stars Reviewed for Wit and Sin A woman on the run from an abusive ex finds safe harbor with the man who’s always loved her in Archer Debra Kayn’s first Hard Body story is fast paced and energetic but I wasn’t a hundred percent sold on the charactersKage Archer is a man trying to break free from his family legacy Kage can be a bit of a domineering alpha sometimes but I liked how hard her fought to stay on the side of good when it would be so easy to do otherwise He’s been head over heels for Jane for years so when she comes back home frightened and hurt he’ll do everything he can to help and protect her Kage pushes Jane to become her old self something which didn’t always sit well with me with what she had been through As for Janeshe was the part of Archer I struggled with the most I liked that she was able to find herself again but man did she have uite a few TSTL moments She and her friends jumped or tried to willy nilly into dangerous situations in ways I think were supposed to be comical or fierce but really came off as juvenile at best The romance between Jane and Kage moved uickly but Ms Kayn did an excellent job of showing the foundation between them Whether it works or not considering Jane’s past is really up to reader preferenceThe action of Archer is fast paced and there are various levels of bad guys to keep the suspense going I thought Ms Kayn did a good job of blending the action and the danger but since I was never really attached to the characters I wasn’t glued to the story That’s not to say Archer is a bad book – it’s not Jane and Kage just weren’t entirely my cup of tea so I wasn’t deeply invested in their book That being said I was very interested in some of the side characters and I’d love to read a book about Jane’s brother FTC Disclosure I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

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    With Debra Kayn’s Archer I have found a new favorite author to stalk follow This book hit everything I love about a good contemporary romance with some suspense thrown in Jane Beaumont has suffered greatly for the past four years at the hands of her abusive boyfriend Her utter fear of him and what he could do to everyone she held near and dear kept her from running I understood why she felt she couldn’t risk putting her friends or her brother in danger That was just who she was She was loyal and loving to the core Even after she made her great escape she allowed her brother and the rest of the gang to keep her hidden but she balked whenever they were willing to put their lives on the line for her It was truly heartbreaking to read about her ordeal and her feelings of guilt and shameKage Archer was the son of a drug addicted mother his father was doing time for doing drugs and his uncle was now the big ogre in the drug business Kage has worked hard all his life to distance himself from his family and vowed to always walk on the right side of the law Joining his childhood friend Garrett Beaumont in becoming a private investigator seemed like an obvious path for him to take He’s utterly selfless loyal possessive and a true alpha hero He would even go as far as to make a deal with the devil if it meant being able to keep Jane safe and give her her life back If anyone’s voice in this story appealed to me the most it was his He was open honest said what he thought and meant what he said To use his words “I don’t play games” SwoonAs a couple Kage and Jane had a lot of chemistry With her return to the fold the sexual tension was thick enough to cut with a knife The attraction had been simmering since she was seventeen years old and despite the time distance and her personal hell just one look from him made everything disappear I loved that he didn’t push her but he also made it very clear where they were heading I definitely felt how much he needed her and how much her opinion mattered He didn’t leave room for her to misunderstand his intentions Not that it always worked When mere words didn’t seem to convince Jane he’d push all the buttons that would have made the old Jane fight back or get mad I loved how he tricked her into regaining some of her old self confidence by showing her rather than just telling her that she could trust him or say no In fact all the guys made sure she knew that she had a choiceEven the secondary characters in this story served as an anchor rather than a distraction Charlene and Sabrina were a hoot And paired up with Jane there were some pretty funny moments involving ca paint and tools being thrown around Those ladies were wicked I can’t wait to read about of their crazy anticsThis was a very well written story with an amazing cast of characters a bit of angst a lot of drama and a sprinkle of humor It’s about family friends loyalty and the lengths they will all go to to protect someone they love while serving justice The plot was well paced and I felt that Jane made a believable character transformation in the time allotted By the end she was better but I hope she and Kage will make freuent appearances in the rest of the series and maybe we’ll see the Jane that Kage remembered so fondly I highly recommend this bookBook #2 – Weston – Coming January 2014Favorite LinesMoments“Baby get this I’m not telling you no this time You got it?” he saidKage hung upside down on a bench his feet secured under a padded bar doing sit ups“Because when I’m around you all I can think about is having you again and having you look at me like I put the sunshine in your day” Disclaimer My thanks to Grand Central Publishing for providing me with an ARC via NetGalley for the purpose of an honest review

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    First things first this book reminded me so much of a KA novel Not that I think author Debra Kayn was going out and copying her I knew I wasn't reading a KA But the characters plot drama scenarios hot headed bad ass boys that's what made me think of KAIt was awesome and honestly if this is how all Debra Kayn's book turn out to be I'll be adding her to my favorite author's list very soon Archer gives us everything we've come to love about what KA offers us in all her books I don't want to be comparing the two but I want to give you a perspective of what you can expect Especially if you are a KA fan you will definitely love this bookThe only difference? It's written in 3rd person and you know I must be honest 3rd person has never been my thing at all but for some reason the last three books I've read and without planning it like that have all three been 3rd person and it's kind of growing on me Well at least the style in which the ones I've read over the last two days are growing on me Usually I find myself detached from the characters but I'm thinking that the person who commissions books for Grand Central Publishing's Forever Titles really has a perfect eye for picking out awesome books Honestly the last three titles I've read have all 3 been from the Forever Titles by GCP and they have been awesome So anyway back to ArcherArcher is a PI who is kind of walking a fine line between being the good guy he really wants to be and the bad guy his destined to be because of what's in his blood and how everyone else in his family have turned outArcher's known Jane for years He's her brothers best friend and they grew up together and what not Jane's loved Archer for many years and the long and the short of the matter is is that Archer or Kage His first name has always been in love with JaneBut back then he didn't want to mess things up with her until he knew for sure he was able to provide her with the best man he can be so years later she comes back into his life and he's determined to keep her by his sideSo Jane's comes out or rather runs away from an abusive relationship Now because this is a sensitive topic I'm going to pause and tell you that there is only one scene right at the start of the book which contains actual said abuse Now I didn't find it offensive or whatnot because A Basically she got held at gunpoint and was knocked around now this wasn't much different than let's say in another novel where a woman is kidnapped and knocked around B BECAUSE even though abuse is horrid and a sensitive topic lady's this is fictional abuse I understand when some readers get upset but really to not read this book because of 'abuse' is kind of silly So yeah if you see a review that mentioned 'abuse' and all the complaints you see when some review books which contain the 'A' word it's not hectic Most of the info is thoughts explanations And again it's fictional Not a national geographic articleAnyway I really enjoyed this book I really felt connected to the characters felt the connection between Kage Jane felt the fear the pain the desire everything was really really well done There isn't much to add Except maybe that it's not as erotic as the cover suggests lol So if you are looking for an adult romance then this is a good read It's not erotic and yip that made me a little sad to discover I looked at the cover and thought holy crap that's hot and it was It just wasn't as descriptive and as sexual as an erotic romances It's a fairly decent Adult Romance with mildly description sexual content but nothing you wouldn't want your grandmother to read

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    Oh my flippin’ lord I think my lady parts spontaneously combusted This book is oh soo good It’ll leave you pulling your hair and biting your nails from the suspense and off the charts sexual tensionArcher is book one in Debra Kayn’s Hard Body series It’s the story of Jane a young woman who returns to her home town while hiding from her crazy ass drug dealing abusive ex boyfriend She finds refuge in her brother’s auto body shop which is also his PI headuarters Her brother’s best friend and PI partner Kage is the sexy hunk she’s been crushing on since childhood with a colorful past of his own Only thing is he’s never shown any interest in her Until now Written in third person POV alternating between Jane and KageThere’s nothing better than feeling butterflies when you stumble upon a new author and score big while reading her book only to find out it’s a kick ass read I kid you not Archer has pummeled through my faves list and parked right up at the top of Best Reads of 2013Jane and Kage were both such well written and developed characters There’s not a single thing I’d pick about them that I didn’t like There were times where you wished Jane would be stronger or that her friends would be just a tad bit understanding about her situation but in the end those issues get ironed out Their sexual tension was scorching I mean we’re talking years worth of bottled up tension that just ignites as soon as Jane come back home Also if you’re looking for an alpha male bad ass Kage Archer is your go to hunk He does not disappoint STEAMYNow you all know how much I love my secondary characters and I’m happy to report that there is a well rounded cast of characters from charming bartenders to three hunktastic PIs whispers who’ll have their own stories told does happy danceLadies believe me when I say this book is a must read with a happy ending And keep a look out for Weston the second book in the series out January 2014

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    3 12 stars Jane grew up with her brother and his three friends and she's loved Kageher brothers best friend for years but when she was seventeen kage turned her down Now years later Jane has lived in an abusive relationship that she can't take any So Jane leaves and goes to the only place she can think of thats safe back to her brother and his friends Garrett and the guys are private detectives and on the side run a garage Jane knows she will be safest with them but she also knows Scott her ex won't give upKage turned Jane down not because he didn't want her because he knew no woman could come close to Jane but because he knew his family that he left behind would not stop till he joined the family business of drugs woman and guns Kage has done everything to live right and stay in line and he hoped to one day get the chance with Jane so when he heard what Jane had lived through for four years he knew he had to keep her safe and finally claim her Now that Jane is living with Kage so that he can keep her safe Kage makes his move and Jane again learns to be free and they both fall in love but Scott hasn't given up on Jane and Kage may have to break his only rule of staying away from his family to keep Jane safe This was a good book Kage loved and protected Jane at any and all costs and Jane learned to let go of her past and move on with Kage I really liked both Jane and Kage Kage was everything you could want in a hero; possessive strong determined caring and madly in love and he was great from beginning to end I felt like this book lagged a little in the middle but otherwise was really happy with this book Debra Kayn not only wrote great main characters she did a great job writing side characters and setting up a great new series I'm really excited to see what happens in book two the end of book one got me really interested in the characters and their story and I'm happy to see that this series will be with different main characters in each book I love when I find a new series with different characters in each book and I love when their connected so that we are able to see not only what happens with each main character but also see where the previous couple's are now Debra Kayn is a great author that I was so happy to find with another book and one I will continue to follow with each of her new books to come

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    5 StarsKage is so broken He has spent a lot of time trying to put his life together so that he would be worthy of Jane his best friend's sister Unbeknownst to Kage or Jane’s brother Jane is in an abusive relationship Even though she wants to keep her loved ones safe and she knows Scott will hunt her down when she runs away for her life Jane runs home Keeping Jane safe will test Kage’s determination to stay on the right side of the lawI could go crazy with uotes which tugged at my heart in this book This book had a lot of alpha male parts but just as many soft parts too Jane and Kage have always known each other and it was nice to see the strong bond they have explored Both characters are loyal and have deep convictions Their relationship had the comfort of old friends at the same time having the zing of finding your perfect match I like how Jane went through many emotions when she ran away from her abuser It was not instantaneous switch in her head and the years of abuse didn’t affect her at all Jane had the strength to leave Scott and did not crumble when she arrived home; she was determined to protect her brother and his friends; and Bluff her cat That cat was the perfect “character” to show the deep seated parts of Jane and Kage when dialog would not The attention and patience Kage gave Bluff was so sweet it gave his character a little softness around his alpha hard edges that made him just melt my heart He is uite introspective; and the author shows it in such unconventional ways – my favorite the picture in his lockerThoroughly enjoyed it I will admit I was drawn to this book by the cover but it was what is written on the pages that had me anticipating book 2 Weston when I wasn't 25% through the book While this is a book in a series it does have a complete plot there are no cliff hangers that force you to buy book 2 – but mark my words – you are going to want to I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review

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    Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickI really thought that I was going to love this book The cover is super hot and the blurb sounded amazing Plus I am a huge fan of the best friend's little sister to lover trope But unfortunately this book was not everything that I was expecting and there were parts that just didn't work for me I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either For me this one was ok but not a keeper Jane has always had a thing for her brother Garrett's friend Kage When she was 17 she tried to kiss him but was rejected because he was 21 Only she doesn't know that their age difference was the only reason Kage turned her away Years later she is living away from Garrett and his friends and she has found herself in a bad situation Scott the guy she met and thought she fell in love with in college has turned out to be a drug dealer that abuses her constantly She plots her escape and returns home But Scott isn't about to let her just leave him taking with her a lot of his money and the knowledge of his illegal business dealings As Garrett and Kage along with their friends try to protect Jane and ensure that Scott can never come after her again the feelings and attraction between Kage and Jane begin to resurface and this time neither one of them can fight it I liked Kage I really respected the fact that he wanted to be a better man for Jane Choosing a life that didn't follow his family and avoiding a life of crime while trying to be a better man I loved how protective he was of Jane and how he was willing to sacrifice himself for her and the love he had always felt for her Jane I had some problems with One minute I liked and admired her and the next minute I found her to be annoying and extremely immature I liked that she wanted to protect the guys and not get anyone hurt because of Scott but some of the things she did were really stupid and I just couldn't get past some of them I wanted to like her but just wasn't able to I really felt like Jane and her actions were a huge part of what I didn't like about this book I also felt like the resolution of the Scott situation could have used a little detail For him being such a huge threat and being so bad at the start the way he was taken care of really seemed almost like a let down for me It was over extremely uickly I also didn't really understand why Jane's cat Bluff was constantly brought up or all of a sudden a huge part of a scene It seemed as if the author would just randomly insert the cat into situations that honestly didn't make any sense There were times that it as understandable and even added to the story and how Scott would use anything to get to Jane but for the most part I just didn't get the fascination with the pet Overall this book was alright It wasn't unforgettable by any means but it was for the most part enjoyable I am interested to see where Kayn takes the rest of the series and the characters I will probably give the next book a shot to see what she does and then decide if I will continue the series after that I think there is a lot of promise for the future of this series and the premise for the next book Weston sounds very interesting Weston is Tony's story and even though I was hoping for Garrett's story next I am interested to see of Tony as well If you like suspense with your romance this might be one you would enjoy ARC provided by NetGalley

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    First reviewed at Red Hot Books is the first book in the Hard Body Novel series by Debra Kayn and tells the story of Jane Beaumont a woman on the run from her past and Kage Archer a man determined to rise above his name The book opens with a difficult to read scene so if domestic violence is a hard topic for you then this might not be the book for you I actually really enjoy the woman leaving the bad relationship and rebuilding herself angle so it was right up my alleyAfter escaping from her abusive boyfriend Jane goes home to hide out with her brother Garrett while she tries to come up with a new plan to get her ex to leave her alone She works at night in the auto shop that Garrett has taken over since their dad passed away and tries to maintain a low profile Kage is her brother’s best friend and a partner in the detective agency that is run out of the garage as well I will admit this angle seemed a little unnecessary and it would have made a bit sense if it had just been one or the other but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story or the characters Although she doesn’t want to bring her brother Archer and the other guys into her problems because she is concerned about their safety they let her know that they are getting involved whether she likes it or notI loved Kage right from the beginning His mother died of a drug overdose when he was young his father went to prison for drugs and his uncle is the head of a large drug cartel He has lived his life completely above board to prove he is nothing like his family and to prove that he is worthy of Jane When she is in danger however he will do whatever he needs to in order to ensure her safety and that just made me love him a little Jane took a little bit longer for me to warm up to but once she got her spark back and realized she was still the same person she was before the relationship I started to root for her I loved that she had strong friendships with women that totally had her back but also cared about Kage too Her attachment to her cat was really cuteAlthough Jane has always had a thing for Archer she believes that he deserves better than her and fights it all the way She made a move on him when she was 17 and he turned her down and sent her away Now that he’s decided to stake his claim he is not letting her go but she continues to act like they are just sleeping together As the ex continues to taunt them by showing he can get to her anywhere we find out that she took a little than her cat and her pride when she left the relationship which raises the stakes higher It also makes Kage determined to protect her and establish that their relationship is than just sexThere were two things that kind of irked me when I was reading the story aside from the garageprivate investigator angle but it wasn’t bad enough that it affected my enjoyment of it One was the determination that Jane had to keep the guys out of this issue I get that her ex had a lot of connections but there was uite a bit of time spent detailing the ualifications that Garrett Kage and the others had so her fear that they would get hurt by this guy didn’t really seem to jibe with the rest of the back story The second was the concern that Garrett and the other guys had that Kage was going to somehow turn into this other person and forget all his morals and decisions just because he was thinking about asking his uncle for information about Jane’s ex Garrett was supposed to be his best friend and ultimately he did have his back but there were a couple scenes that had me scratching my head wondering about their friendshipThe small issues aside I really enjoyed the story and the characters The secondary characters were well developed and we got just enough to make us look forward to their stories This is one series I will be keeping up with If you enjoy a fast paced story hot sex and interesting characters this story is for you

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    Well Debra Kayn didn't disappoint me with this book new series I love the new characters created and the feel of the family and brotherhood that surrounds the Beaumont Body Shop PI guysSo Yai ArcherJane Beaumont currently has in her possession a cat a hundred grand in cash and a pistol She's on her way home to Bay City Oregon and away from the nightmare of her violent ex boyfriend She'll lay low at Beaumont Body Shop a car detailer that runs a private investigation agency in the back The only wrench in her plan is Kage Archer sexy strong and intent on protecting Jane at all costs She's wanted Kage forever but putting him in harm's way is not a risk she's willing to take He's not going anywhere Kage is no stranger to the dark side of life but he's always walked on the right side of the law Yet when Jane expressed her interest in him years ago he pushed her away for her own good Now after learning of all she's endured Kage can't leave her side or hide his need for her When a frightening situation turns dire can Kage convince Jane that the safest place to be is in his arms?My thoughts With this new book after the Bantorus MC super hot alphas's I am a fan of Debra Kayn Archer's book got absolutely everything I love about a good romance mixed with some suspenseKage son of a drug addicted mother with a father in jail and his uncle deep and powerful in the drug business has distanced himself from family business and vowed to always walk on the right side of the law He joined his childhood friends Garrett Beaumont Tony Weston and Lance in the PI business He is loyal selfless possessive and a super alpha hot sweet guyHis ideal of woman was Jane and he went for her when the opportunity came Well Jane managed to annoy me few times with her attitude but in the end she was just what Kage neededThe main characters were great as well as the side characters and Debra Kayn is just setting up an exiting new series I am looking forward to read