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Create your own sweater shawl dress afghan etc with these easy to follow instructions for beautiful imaginative crochet patterns Double Stitch Cable Stitch and Basket Stitch Raised Puff Balls Honeycomb Stitch and Scallop Stitch Petal Stitch Stripes and Zigzags Flower Suare Spray of Leaves and Shamrock Relief Motifs Ladder Diamond and Irish Net Stitches And many many Featuring 94 beautiful full color patterns

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    This is a pretty good basic crochet reference It explains things like ply; shows basic stitches; covers techniues such as seams edges joining new yarn working in the round and increasesdecreases In addition to the stitch patterns included in most crochet books there are a few I hadn't seen before It also includes colorwork patterns but little help with techniue on that There are a lot of nice motifs Some appear to be the same as those in the Harmony motif book same names even but many are different like the lovely Irish lace suare on pg 60 It uses written instructions only what it calls charts are just color gridsI have only tried a couple of patterns so far The Simple net ground pg 39 seems to need an end row a reverse of row 1 which is not provided The Magnolia motif creates a pretty multilayer flower that doesn't reuire sewing separate pieces together Edgings don't usually do much for me but there are a couple of patterns here that make me want to think of projects to use them for especially the Rose edging on pg 91 and the Elm edging on pg 92There are a few things that show the book's age but they are mostly minor The information about hooks and yarn for example don't include the super large hooks super chunky yarns available now; what it calls a Cable stitchpg 19 is not what you see in cable stitch patterns now; and it doesn't include some popular new stitches like the crocodile stitch The only real complaint I have about the book is it's format it is long and narrow which means you can't get it to lay open on its own you have to use a book clip or stand or lay something heavy on it to make it stay open while you are trying to follow the instructionsThis review is for the 1981 edition ISBN 0 345 29597 8 but posted under this edition because the Goodreads doesn't have the correct title and other info? for that edition Cover is the same for both editions

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    This is a great little book It has tons of different stitches and ideas of what to do with them